The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 226 - Almost Perfect

Chapter 226 Almost Perfect

Yamamoto Kusakara’s injury that time was much worse than the one before. He started to puke blood.

He struggled to climb off the ground, and he could barely believe what had just happened. He had been cultivating for more than thirty years, but he had failed to block the strike of a twenty-year-old man right then.

But what was done was done. He had been beaten like a dog by the young man, twice.

“You bastard! All of you! Kill him for me, now!”

As Yamamoto Kusakara commanded, more than twenty of his ninjas rushed to Qin Haodong with swords in their hands.

“You crickets and ants!”

Qin Haodong would never be afraid of those low-level ninjas because he had already reached the fifth level of the Covert Power. He rushed into the crowd with the little fellow in his arms. Soon, those guys couldn’t stop screaming, and some of them were knocked into the air.

Hu Xiaoxian screamed and fought together with Qin Haodong with the Purple Flash Sword in her hand. The two powerhouses were now fighting together against the low-level ninjas in the ninth level of the Overt Power. It turned out to be a slaughter; the fight was now one-sided.

Lei Tianrui, Zhao Yukun, and the others were going to help, but the fight had ended before they started to move. More than twenty ninjas, who had been so fierce moments before, were all knocked down on the ground.

Qin Haodong and Hu Xiaoxian were not to be pushed around. They showed no mercy to those people who made a mess in Huaxia and wanted to kill and rob. They spared none of them.

“How impressive!”

Lei Tianrui was so surprised that his jaw almost dropped to the ground. He realized how ridiculous he had been trying to rob the two, whose cultivation levels were so high. He had been like a mouse trying to escort a cat, exchanging his life for money.

Yamamoto Kusakara was even more shocked than Lei Tianrui. That trip to Huaxia was all planned by him. He thought one jonin and twenty genins would have been enough to complete the mission; it had never occurred to him that they would end up so miserably.

As he had failed the mission, he would be faced with severe punishment even if he could go back alive. He yelled to Qin Haodong, “Who are you? Why do you have to go against us? Aren’t you afraid of being killed?”

Qin Haodong disdainfully smiled and said, “You’re the one that will be killed.”

“You Huaxia people. You just pushed me! I’ll perish together with you!”

Yamamoto Kusakara roared like crazy. He puked blood and took out a black remote control. Then he put his thumb on the red button.

“Huaxia people, Japanese ninjas are no push-overs. The land you’re standing on has been filled with explosives. No one gets to live as long as I hit the button.”

Qin Haodong was shocked, but his facial expression remained still. He said lightly, “So why don’t you do it?”

Yamamoto Kusakara said, “Hand me the treasures you’ve got. I can spare your lives.”

The treasures were now his only hope to live. As long as he could take the Huaxia treasure back to Japan, the death of more than twenty ninjas could be canceled off, or he would have to cut his own belly open.

Hu Xiaoxian said, “Yamamoto Kusakara. You’re a ‘jonin’, an upper ninja anyway. Do you really have to do it in such a despicable way?”

Yamamoto Kusakara hesitated for a moment, because it was actually very embarrassing if word got out that a jonin threatened warriors with explosives; however, it was now too late for him to consider that much. There was no other way for him to beat them other than with using that.

He yelled, “Save it. Hand me the treasures or die. Your call.”

Qin Haodong said, “How can we trust you? What if you hit the button after we give the treasures to you? Then we’ll lose both our money and our lives.”

Yamamoto Kusakara said, “You can rest assured. We, the Japanese ninjas, are men of our word. We’ll let you go if we say so.”

“Bullsh*t!” Hu Xiaoxian swore angrily. Then she continued, “You’ve been such a despicable warrior, and now you want us to trust you? We all know that you and your men are not trustworthy.”

Yamamoto Kusakara said with a scary face, “You Huaxia people are in no place to bargain now. You have to trust me, or you’ll die.”

Qin Haodong turned back to Hu Xiaoxian and said, “Give him a chance and hand him the stuff. Our lives matter more than anything else.”

Before Hu Xiaoxian could talk, Lei Tianrui and the others yelled excitedly, “Qin Haodong, you coward. They are our national treasures! We’d rather blast them into pieces than to hand them to the Japanese!”

“They belong to me. Why are you so irritated?” Qin Haodong asked as he took the backpack off his back.

Hu Xiaoxian said in haste, “You can’t give the treasures to them, Haodong. He’ll definitely blow us up. He and his people are not trustworthy.”

“Then what do we do? Do we have any other options? My daughter is still so young. I won’t allow for her to die with us.” Qin Haodong turned back and talked to Yamamoto Kusakara, “I’ve got everything in here. Just take it and keep your promise.”

“You’re the smart one. You’ve made the right decision.”

Yamamoto Kusakara’s pale face blushed out of excitement.

“Save that crap. Now take things away and let us go.”

Qin Haodong said as he raised the backpack in his hand to Yamamoto Kusakara.

Other people had a flash of wit when seeing what he was doing. They wondered if Qin Haodong was trying to use the treasures as bait, and subdue the guy in one stroke. When Lei Tianrui and the others thought about that, all of them stopped talking, watching and waiting aside.

Now that they had figured it out, so had the sneaky Yamamoto Kusakara. He said, “No. You’re too powerful. I can’t go out there.”

Qin Haodong said, “How about I put things on the ground and we’ll back off. You can come and take them away.”

“That won’t work. You need to stay there.”

Yamamoto Kusakara turned down Qin Haodong’s suggestion immediately. He only buried explosives around the cave entrance area. If Qin Haodong and his fellows took the opportunity and backed into the cave, then what Yamamoto had done would end up in vain.

Qin Haodong said, “No this, and not that. What do you want us to do then? Do you want me to throw this to you? The treasures inside the backpack may not be tough enough to be tossed around.”

That idea was actually in Yamamoto Kusakara’s mind moments ago, but it was immediately changed after Qin Haodong said that.

He wondered how he could have the bag delivered. Later the idea flashed in his mind; he pointed to the little fellow in Qin Haodong’s arms and said, “Let the kid send it to me.”

As far as he was concerned, the little fellow was the least threatening one among all. There was no way that a little girl could be a kung fu master.

Qin Haodong hesitated and said, “But she’s too young. She’ll get scared.”

“Don’t be afraid, I am a very kind person. I like kids. Just let her come here. You have no other option now. She’ll die in a much more miserable way if I hit this button.”

Yamamoto Kusakara looked so proud because he thought he had found out the way to restrain Qin Haodong.

“Fine, I’ll try.” Qin Haodong seemed reluctant and said to the little fellow, “Tang Tang, go give the bag to him, will you?”

“OK, I’ll do what papa says.” The little fellow nodded.

“Then go ahead.”

Qin Haodong dropped the little fellow on the ground and gave her the backpack. The big item seemed light; the little fellow carried it and walked to Yamamoto Kusakara slowly.

“No way! That’s our national treasure! You can’t hand it to others!”

Lei Tianrui and the other five yelled. They jumped toward the little fellow and tried to grab the backpack.

Qin Haodong’s body moved. He turned into a shadow and blocked the five people. All of the five men fell hard on the ground in a blink.

Hu Xiaoxian could tell that they had just fainted. Her face twitched for a bit, but without saying any more words.

“That’s a smart move. You’ll be our good friend.”

Yamamoto Kusakara burst into laughter. Now that he had been injured, it would be hard if Lei Tianrui and his fellows had indeed attacked. He would never hit the button as long as there was a flash of hope to survive.

Qin Haodong said, “I am trying to trade with you. I don’t want to be your friend.”

Yamamoto Kusakara shook his head. It seemed that he didn’t care at all. All his attention had been caught by the backpack in the little fellow’s hands.

“Here it is, bad man.”

The little fellow stood in front of Yamamoto Kusakara. She put the bag on the ground angrily.

Yamamoto Kusakara felt pure bliss. He reached out for the backpack, but at the same time, his sanity told him to hold the remote in his hand tightly. His thumb was right on the red button, which could blow that cave with a light click.

He thought he was being cautious enough, but he had ignored the burning flames in Tang Tang’s eyes. Before his left hand could touch the backpack, two flaming rays shot out of the little fellow’s eyes, burning the black remote in his hand immediately.

“Ah!” Yamamoto Kusakara screamed out miserably. The Eyes of Phoenix; they burned down the remote into ashes and fire spread to his hand.

The Purple Flash Sword in Hu Xiaoxian’s hand lunged out like a purple flash, pushing directly into the old man’s throat. His life was ended.

“Papa, am I doing great?”

Soon after Yamamoto Kusakara’s death, the little fellow picked up the backpack and jumped back into Qin Haodong’s arms. She had the Suzaku Sacred Body, and was almost as strong as adults. She had been acting.

“Great. You’ve done such a perfect job. You will grow into a star someday!” said Qin Haodong as he turned back to Hu Xiaoxian. He continued, “You’re acting well, too. It’s said that women are born to be actors, and now I believe it.”

Hu Xiaoxian laughed and said, “You were being a perfect director.”

Qin Haodong had been setting things up. He knew Yamamoto Kusakara would definitely ask the little fellow to send him the backpack. So he telepathically told the little fellow and Hu Xiaoxian the plan. He told Tang Tang to approach and burn the remote with Phoenix Flame, and asked Hu Xiaoxian to kill Yamamoto Kusakara in one stroke.

The only disadvantage of the plan was that the little fellow’s Eyes of Phoenix would be exposed, but Qin Haodong had so much more to care about rather than that; he had to kill those Japanese.

It was out of his plan that Lei Tianrui and his fellows would rush over and try to take away the backpack. Qin Haodong seized the opportunity and knocked all of them out. Then the only flaw wouldn’t happen, making the plan perfect.

Hu Xiaoxian walked over and woke up the five men after they killed all the other enemies.

“Qin Haodong, you traitor. I’ll perish with you!”

Lei Tianrui climbed off the ground and tried to fight desperately with Qin Haodong, only to see a backpack in front of him. He calmed down soon after he saw the treasures were still there. Then he turned back and saw Yamamoto Kusakara’s body on the ground.

“How did you do that?” He asked in amazement.

Ideas had flashed over his mind when Yamamoto Kusakara threatened them with the explosives, but none of the ideas seemed to work except to perish together.

Now it turned out that they had saved the treasure and killed the old snicker.

“You don’t need to know.”

Qin Haodong said lightly. His attitude towards the five had changed much after what they had been through, but they would never be friends. He didn’t feel like explaining it to them.

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