The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 225 - Just a Fart

Chapter 225 Just a Fart

More than twenty Japan Ninjas had blocked the entrance of the cave. Their leader was the Japanese samurai called Yamamoto Kusakara.

A young ninja asked respectfully, “Lord Jonin, we’ve waited for five days. Is it possible that those sneaky Huaxia people have died in there?”

Yamamoto Kusakara answered, “I don’t think so. They’ve got powerhouses and that was why we were led here. People like them won’t die easily.”

“Is it possible that they have sneaked out of the cave after getting the treasures?”

Yamamoto Kusakara said, “That’s even more unlikely. Ancient cultivators in Huaxia were extremely powerful. They built no other exits to retreat except for the cave entrance. You don’t need to worry about whether they’ve already sneaked away.”

“But they’ve been in there for more than five days but nothing seems to happen. Does that seem normal to you?”

“Yes, it is. Huaxia people built very complicated caves, which contain all kinds of formations and defensive mechanisms. A person intruding without knowing of this would definitely end up dead. They may be trying to break the formations, or be trapped somewhere. In one word, no worries. They’ll get out sooner or later.”

Yamamoto Kusakara seemed proud when he said that, “That was why we drew those people from the Xuanyuan Pavilion here, to take the lead. We’ll be injured if we go in there directly, and then we wouldn’t be as safe as now.

“That’s how we can minimize losses and at the same time get the treasures. The Huaxia people could never imagine that they are doing all of this for us, the Japanese samurai. As the old saying in Huaxia goes, it’s called ‘sit idle and enjoy the fruits of others’ work’.”

“You’re truly a man of rare gifts and bold strategy.”

The young ninja clearly knew that this superior of his was a quite the pretentious one, so he couldn’t wait to flatter him.

At the same time, another ninja who had been watching at the entrance ran over and reported, “Your Lordship, we heard something happening in the cave.”

“Great! Finally, they’re coming out!”

Yamamoto Kusakara said excitedly, “Everybody, man your posts! Don’t let these Huaxia people get away. All their treasures shall be ours.”

When Qin Haodong and the others were getting out of the cave, they saw the Japanese people filling the entrance.

All the people’s expressions changed, including Hu Xiaoxian’s. They had met a lot of Japanese people as members of the special department, and they immediately recognized that these were the most powerful ninjas in Japan. They knew why those people were there. Apparently, they wanted to enjoy the fruits of others’ work.”

However, that didn’t seem to bother Qin Haodong at all. He checked Yamamoto Kusakara and said with satire, “What are you doing? Are you here to welcome us?”

A young ninja came forward and yelled, “You dumb Huaxia people. Soon you’ll be dead.”

Yamamoto Kusakara waved his hand to make the young ninja step back, and then he said proudly, “Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Yamamoto Kusakara, a Jonin from Japan. We’ve been waiting for you here for a long time.”

“Yamamoto Kusakara, he’s Yamamoto Kusakara!”

Lei Tianrui and the others jittered. They had done enough research to know more about their enemy. Yamamoto Kusakara was one of them. He was not on the top list of the powerhouses in Japan, but he had already reached the third level of Covert Power.

As for them, Lei Tianrui was at the first level of Covert Power; Hu Xiaoxian was more powerful than him, but she was at no higher than the second level. Qin Haodong might be the old man’s match, but there were so many threatening chunins watching them; all of them had reached the ninth level of Overt Power. The situation had turned bad for them.

Yamamoto Kusakara seemed even prouder when he saw the change in their expressions. He laughed out loud and said, “You must have heard about me. Then why don’t you hand out the treasures to us? Maybe I’ll spare you if I’m happy.”

“I’ll hold the old man for you. You go take Xiaoxian and the treasures. Remember, the treasures of Huaxia can never end up in the hands of the Japanese.”

After Lei Tianrui said that, he took his fellows and strode to Yamamoto Kusakara.

Qin Haodong was surprised because he had never expected the patriotic and upright side of the selfish and ungrateful man. He would never believe the man would sacrifice himself when facing the Japanese.

At the same time, Lei Tianrui yelled, “Yamamoto Kusakara, why have you come to Huaxia, so freely and easily?”

“Freely and easily?” Yamamoto Kusakara smiled arrogantly, and then he said, “It’s neither free nor easy at all. We’ve planned for long, or how did the intelligence department of Huaxia get the map? It was because we gave it to you on purpose!”

“What? You gave them the map?”

Le Tianrui was so surprised. While Qin Haodong had already seen that coming after he met the Devilish Five, but it had never occurred to him that the Japanese were backing them up.

“Of course, the piece of paper you’re holding is a copy, and I’ve got the real one now.” Yamamoto Kusakara said and looked as if he was sure to win. He didn’t start the fight, but instead, he took out a piece of old sheepskin map. Then he asked, “See?” “This is the map I got.”

Qin Haodong glanced at the sheepskin map in Yamamoto Kusakara’s hands. It looked old, but dating one to two hundred years old at most, which was not exactly when Situ Zhaixing passed away.

That might have come from an intruding cultivator or an adventurer, who entered after Situ Zhaixing’s death. He made the map because he had been blocked by the formations, and by coincidence, the map had been transported to Japan.

Yamamoto Kusakara continued, “Did it ever occur to you why would Japanese people give you the map after they got it?”

“The reason was simple. I tried a few times but failed to break the formations at the entrance. The formations set by the Huaxia people could only be broken by the Huaxia people. So I thought about it, and made a trick to entice you to work for me here.”

“We had been following you along your way here, while you were clueless about it. As the old saying of Huaxia goes, you’re the mantis stalking the cicada, without noticing the oriole behind.”

He laughed out loud after he said that; he seemed to be so satisfied with what he had done.

Lei Tianrui said, “I don’t think you’ve figured out who’s the mantis and who’s the oriole. Huaxia is our place, and it’s no place for you people to make a mess.”

Yamamoto Kusakara said, “I’ve got another quote from Huaxia, that is ‘a wise man submits to fate’. Can you tell that you’ve been surrounded now? You’re no match of us in power.”

“Listen to me; you’ve completed your mission. Now hand over the treasures to us, I can spare your life.”

Lei Tianrui said, “Yamamoto Kusakara, you’ve been fooled. The map is a fake. The cave did belong to a cultivator, but it has nothing in it now. There’s no treasure as you would have expected.”

“Are you taking me as a fool?”

Yamamoto Kusakara’s facial expression changed drastically after the big laugh. He said fiercely, “Hand me the treasures now and I’ll spare your life. Or we’ll have to search for them on your dead body.”

Lei Tianrui yelled. “Stop that crap. I’m here in front of you, just kill me if you can.”

He drew out his long sword and turned back; he whispered to Qin Haodong and Hu Xiaoxian, “I’ll stall the old Japanese. You go now.”

He waved his sword and rushed to Yamamoto Kusakara. At the same time, Zhao Qiankun, Xie Zidan and the others roared and jumped to face those Japanese ninjas.

Yamamoto Kusakara drew out his sword and laughed. He said, “You stupid Huaxia people. It’s no use risking your lives sometimes. Strength matters more than anything else.”

“Go to hell!”

After Lei scolded, the sword in his hand made a sharp and graceful cut, aiming at Yamamoto Kusakara’s throat.

“You sick man of East Asia. Is that all you’ve got?”

Yamamoto Kusakara’s sword hacked. His strike was more overwhelming and powerful than that of Lei Tianrui’s. When the two swords clashed, Lei Tianrui’s sword had been hacked up from the middle.

“Huaxia man, you’re no match of me.”

When Lei Tianrui was hesitating, Yamamoto Kusakara jumped up and kicked heavily on his belly. Because of this, Lei Tianrui flew backwards.

The kick was extremely hard and Lei Tianrui rolled over several times in the air. Before he fell on the ground head over heels, a big hand reached out and grabbed his waist. Then he was gently dropped on the ground.

Lei Tianrui looked up and saw the man. It was Qin Haodong.

He asked angrily, “Why are you still here? The man was a pain in the neck!”

Qin Haodong said, “Why should we leave? It is just a couple of Japanese ninjas. They’re in our place, our country. They should be the ones to leave!”

While they were talking, Zhao Qiankun and the others had also been defeated. All of them were injured. Those guys at the ninth level of Overt Power could barely defeat chunins one-to-one, and they would definitely lose it if they were faced with two at once. Not to mention that the ninjas now were four or five times more than them.

Seeing that he was winning, Yamamoto Kusakara laughed out loud and said, “How’s that? You’re all so weak. Hand me the treasures now. You don’t deserve that good stuff.”

Just as he was laughing happily, he heard a silvery voice saying, “Papa, that guy is so ugly. He looks disgusting.”

Yamamoto Kusakara’s face changed. He looked at Qin Haodong and the daughter, and then he asked with anger, “What did you just say, little girl?”

“Didn’t you hear me? My daughter said that you are ugly!” Qin Haodong stepped forward and said to Yamamoto with sarcasm, “You might’ve stolen our culture, but you didn’t learn it very well. How could your parents give you such a ridiculous name?”

“Do you even know what ‘Kusakara’ means in our Huaxia language?” “It means nothing, nothing at all, like weightless. In one word, it’s like a fart.”

“Boy, you sick of living?”

Yamamoto Kusakara roared and raised the samurai sword in his hand; however, before he could slash down, he heard Qin Haodong said coldly, “Stop yelling. You’re so annoying.”

Soon Qin Haodong slapped heavily on Yamamoto Kusakara’s face. He was still keeping the slashing posture while he was flying backward. He had even knocked down the other four or five ninjas.

“What? How is this possible?”

Lei Tianrui and his fellows were all stunned. They had just learned how powerful those ninjas were on their own, but they were like kids when being slapped by Qin Haodong. He slapped them away with one hand, because the other hand was holding his daughter.

Yamamoto Kusakara climbed off the ground and couldn’t believe everything that had happened. The proud jonin was slapped on his face by a young man from Huaxia; he couldn’t possibly put up with it. He raised his sword and yelled crazily, “You Huaxia people! I’ll perish with you!”

“I think you just said it’s no use to risk lives. That it was power what mattered more.”

Qin Haodong dodged Yamamoto Kusakara’s slashing; he lifted his foot and kicked on his belly. The kick was almost on the same spot Yamamoto had just kicked on Lei Tianrui. Yamamoto was kicked away for ten more meters.

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