The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 193 - Old Cow Eating Tender Grass

Chapter 193 Old Cow Eating Tender Grass

The staff around were already preparing for Li Donghai’s funeral. He just took the president as an escort girl; God knew how he would end up dead?

President Lin Momo was the most qualified one to fire Li Donghai among all people in the group.

Qin Haodong looked at the idiot who didn’t even know his career was ending. Qin Haodong didn’t like the guy, but he couldn’t just drive the guy out of the group for the sake of his grandpa, Li Qingshan.

Before he made the decision, Li Donghai tried his best to provoke Lin Momo. Qin Haodong wasn’t the one to blame, and he was not in the mood to help him.

“I had no right to fire you, but my girlfriend has.”

Qin Haodong said and walked aside. His intention was obvious. He was giving Lin Momo the right to make decisions.

Lin Momo knew what Qin Haodong meant. She considered no more and said to Li Donghai, “How did you get hired? Why are you working when everyone else is working?”

“It’s none of your business how I get hired and what am I doing,” Li Donghai said arrogantly, “And you, this is the sales department of Lin’s Group. You’d better get out of here now. Why are you yelling at me? You don’t even have an employee card.”

Other staff thought that the guy’s head must’ve been kicked by a donkey and that was why he had the guts to ask the president to go out.

Lin Momo looked back at the director of the sales department, Cao Yang. She asked, “Director Cao, who hired him?”

“It was… the deputy director of human resources, Guo Xiaomei. She came by and told us to take care of him by herself.”

Cao Yang didn’t want him, either, but Guo Xiaomei was the deputy director of human resources, and that was the department he couldn’t afford. What’s more, she was also the mistress of the big shareholder Zhao Zhongchen. So Cao Yang had to tolerate Li Donghai. He didn’t treat Li Donghai as strict as he did to other people. Li Donghai worked when he wanted to, and did whatever he liked.

It had never occurred to him that the idiot would run into Lin Momo and took her as an escort girl. He would fire the stupid pig even though that would offend Guo Xiaomei.

Li Donghai’s foolishness was beyond his imagination. Li Donghai was still speaking to Lin Momo arrogantly, “You see? I was backed up! Dump Qin Haodong and go with me, I can help you get into the group.”

Lin Momo ignored him and said to Cao Yang in a sullen face, “Tell Guo Xiaomei to come to the marketing department now, in running!”

Cao Yang answered and took out his phone to call Guo Xiaomei.

“Who are you? Do you even know who Guo Xiaomei is? In running? Who are you to say that? She’s the deputy director of the human resources of Lin’s Group. Everyone needs her consent to get in the group…”

Li Donghai couldn’t stop talking when Guo Xiaomei running in hurriedly. She was in such a hurry that she lost one of her high heels, so she picked the other one up in her hand, running into the marketing department with bare feet.

When she arrived in front of Lin Momo, she was gasping. Her silicon chest was going upside and down drastically. Cao Yang had informed her of what had happened, and she knew she was in big trouble today. That was why she ran here desperately, hoping that she could save it back.

“Guo Xiaomei, did you hired the guy?” Lin Momo asked coldly.

Before Guo Xiaomei could speak, Li Donghai said it first, “Mind your tongue while talking to my Xiaomei! I told you she was the deputy director of human resources. She had great power, and you have to be polite.”

The guy still hadn’t figured out what was going on.

Guo Xiaomei was panting, and she almost stopped breathing when she heard the idiot talking. She yelled, “You shut up!”

Qin Haodong nodded and thought to himself that the guy was hopelessly stupid, and he would die from it someday in the future. No one could save him.

Guo Xiaomei answered Lin Momo with great embarrassment, “Yes, yes president, I hired him.”

“Xiaomei, why are you so afraid of her? She was just…” Li Donghai suddenly realized it when he said that. He screamed out, “What? President?”

“Just a former escort girl, right?” Lin Momo said coldly.

Guo Xiaomei almost want to knock herself dead on the wall. She wondered what the idiot had said.

Her position in the group had fallen after Lin Zhigao and his son was fired. She might still have Zhao Zhongchen, but that wasn’t enough for him to go against Lin Momo. She was being afraid that Lin Momo would take the chance and wipe her out of the group, and now the idiot, Li Donghai, had dragged her into such big trouble.

She was brain-storming. Judging by the situation, she could be sure that Li Donghai would be fired by Lin’s Group. What she needed to do now was to draw a line between the idiot and her.

Li Donghai was totally dumbfounded then. He was no longer as arrogant as he was just now. he wondered why the woman was the president, and what Qin Haodong had done to date the president.

“Xiaomei, this must be a mistake. How could she be the president? She doesn’t have an employee card.”

“I said you shut up! When did you see a president with an employee card?”

Guo Xiaomei wished he could choke Li Donghai. She was busy drawing the line but he kept calling her “Xiaomei”. He was the worst partner ever.

Li Donghai finally knew that he had brought trouble, a huge one. He hated his workmates around so much for they hadn’t noticed him that the president was here. He didn’t know that he had offended all of them for he was being too arrogant before.

Qin Haodong laughed and said, “Deputy Director Guo, it’s really nice of you to have recruited such an excellent talent for our company.”

Qin Haodong was obviously hit Guo Xiaomei when she was already down, and Guo Xiaomei couldn’t do anything to him. She deserved it because she listened to Lin Pingchao and went to provoke Qin Haodong days ago.

Lin Momo said coldly, “Guo Xiaomei, you have to give me an explanation for this.”

Her voice contained anger now.

Guo Xiaomei explained in haste, “President, I am not that familiar with Li Donghai. I hired him because his resume looked nice and he had a nice performance at school. I thought he was a talent and would make a big difference in the future. That was why I hired him.”

Her forehead was leaking sweats after she made up the whole story.

Qin Haodong sneered and said, “Is that so?”

“Yes… it is.”

She thought Lin Momo would never check Li Donghai’s profile by herself, but she didn’t know that Qin Haodong knew Li Donghai’s profile better than anyone.

Qin Haodong said, “As far as I know. He failed six courses during college and nearly dropped out of school because he harassed a girl. I don’t see any nice performance you mentioned, and how is he talent in that way?”

“Well… that was not included in his resume, he must’ve lied about that.”

Guo Xiaomei said, “I wanted to hire more talents for the group, and I had no idea he had such a bad quality. He was so shiftless, and even insulted our president. He disgraced the reputation of the company.”

“It’s my fault that I didn’t see him through and inspect him carefully. I’ll fire him now, and self-exam.”

Guo Xiaomei was so good at playing. She spoke with a heart-wrenching look, as if she had really realized her mistake.

She thought that Li Donghai would have to leave the company, and she had to save herself first.

Li Donghai was suddenly dissatisfied with her idea. He said, “Guo Xiaomei, you liar.”

Guo Xiaomei was so afraid that the stupid partner would speak out any other harmful things. She yelled in haste, “You’re in no position to talk here. Shut up.”

Li Donghai yelled, “You b*tch, are you kick me off? We made the deal that you would hire me as long as I slept with you!” “Now I’ve served you so well, you’re telling me to leave? Grow some conscience!”

“That’s bullsh*t! ”

Guo Xiaomei was red from head to neck. She had no idea that Li Donghai would say that in public.

She had been sleeping with aged men, so she wanted to have a taste of a young man. She met Li Donghai at a bar and the two made the deal quickly. Guo Xiaomei would help Li Donghai to enter the Lin’s Group and Li Donghai would sleep with her in return.

Qin Haodong felt Li Donghai so funny. The guy was tall and handsome. He was a nice piece of material to be a gigolo boy.

Li Donghai insisted and yelled, “Why is that bullsh*t? Why would I sleep with an old woman if you didn’t promise me to get me into the group? I saw your fake chest! You’re a fake from head to toe! You’re a cow eating tender grass! Now you’re satisfied and want to kick me off? That’s not going to happen!”

Seeing everyone was watching her. Guo Xiaomei yelled in haste, “Don’t slender me! It’s not like what he said.”

She said to Lin Momo, “President, I don’t know him much. Don’t be mislead by him.”

Seeing Guo Xiaomei wouldn’t admit it, Li Donghai was worried. He took out his phone and yelled, “Since you’re being so ruthless, then you don’t blame me for this.”

He opened an audio file, from which a woman’s voice came out, saying “No worries. I am the deputy director of the human resources of Lin’s Group. I can get you in as long as you serve me well. There wouldn’t be any problem. The monthly salary per month will be above 8000…”

Everyone could tell the speaker was Guo Xiaomei.

Li Donghai yelled, “How is that? Are you going to admit it or not? I have many pictures of you, naked, in my cellphone. How about I show it to everyone?”

Guo Xiaomei didn’t know Li Donghai had prepared so well. She was shameful and angry. Then she cried out, “You b*stard, you set me up!”

After that she rushed to Li Donghai, scratching and biting. Her sharp nails left a bloody trace on Li Donghai’s face. Li Donghai wasn’t being kind, either, he pulled Guo Xiaomei’s hair, kicking and punching. The former partner with benefits suddenly turned into enemies.

“Enough, stop it!”

Lin Momo yelled angrily. The security guards rushed forward and pulled the two people away from each other.


Guo Xiaomei’s hair was totally messy, and she was still trying to say something, but she failed to find any excuse for herself now. Because nothing would work as long as Li Donghai’s audio was there.

Qin Haodong said, “What else are you going to say? This is Lin’s Group, not a place for you to keep gigolo boys.”

Lin Momo said coldly, “Tell the human resources to fire the two. Investigate and affix her responsibility according to the regulations of the group.”

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