The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 192 - Jealousy Is the Devil

Chapter 192 Jealousy Is the Devil

Zhang Hao chased him and asked, “Rubing, are you not going to tell me who he is?”

Wang Rubing answered with a cold face, “Who he is has nothing to do with you.”

After that, she pushed Zhang Hao away and went into the parking lot with Qin Haodong.

Qin Haodong smiled and said, “Bean Sprout. I’m surprised you have so many pursuers.”

“Nonsense, I’m no longer Bean Sprout!”

Qin Haodong said, “Who is that? Does he have a family, too?”

“No, he didn’t. His name is Zhang Hao, and his family runs a hospital. Days ago the Sanitary Bureau went to the hospital to check up the work. He saw me then and has been going after me ever since. He sends me flowers every morning; I am so annoyed!”

Qin Haodong said, “He was not as good-looking as me, but was still handsome enough. Plus, his family is rich. He’s a typical ‘tall-rich-handsome’, why don’t you give him a try? Aunt will be happy seeing you bringing him home.”

Wang Rubing sighed and said, “I’m fine with him. He’s honest, and treats me nicely, but he measures everything and takes care of everything with money. I can’t accept that, that’s too vulgar.”

Qin Haodong said, “That’s not his fault. Many girls nowadays would rather cry at the back seat of a BMW than to laugh at the back seat of a bike. It’s understandable he thinks in that way.”

Wang Rubing snorted and said, “I can’t accept it anyway.”

At the moment, Zhang Hao caught up with them again. He blocked Wang Rubing’s way and asked with rage, “Rubing, why did you turn me down? Was it because of this guy? What’s good in him? Was he more handsome than me? Or richer than me?”

Wang Rubing answered in anger, “Money! Money! Money! Can’t you just stop talking about money every day?”

“Rubing, those who love you would spend money on you every day, and those who did nothing but talk sweetly to you every day are all gigolo boys, don’t get frauded by him!”

Zhang Hao tossed the roses in his hand in the trash can by the roadside. Then he took out a new BMW key out of his pocket in his hand and said, “You see? Rubing? This is the new BMW I bought for you. It cost me 700,000. Are you still suspecting my love for you?”

As he said that, he pressed the button on the key. The light of a red BMW flashed. And by coincidence, the car was parked just next to Qin Haodong’s Porsche 911.

Wang Rubing was just trying to say something when Qin Haodong pulled her aside. Qin Haodong then took out the key of the Porsche 911 and started the car. He said to Zhang Hao, “Dude, the car was affordable, only three or four times the price of yours.”

“What do you mean? Are you showing off to me?” Zhang Hao asked as his face and neck turned red.

“I’m telling you that this is my gift to my sister. And you should show more sincerity if you want to date her. There’re many gold-diggers in this world, but my sister isn’t one of them.”

Qin Haodong patted on Zhang Hao’s shoulder and got in his Porsche 11. Then they drove away.

Zhang Hao was dumbfounded at first and then he woke up. He felt bliss when he realized that the young man was Wang Rubing’s brother, not his rival.

Then he recalled what Qin Haodong just said and realized he had been striving in the wrong way.

Qin Haodong took a cab to Lin’s Group after he helped Wang Rubing deal with all her stuff. Soon after he got in the elevator, the door was opened and Lin Momo walked in.

“Where are you heading to? Why are you alone? Where’s Saber and the others?” asked Qin Haodong.

While Lin Pingchao had been dealt with, it was still possible that another killer would show up at any time; therefore, Qin Haodong was worried about Lin Momo.

“It’s okay, I am just hanging out in the group. I’m not going outside,” said Lin Momo, “Major changes have taken part in the group. I need to check some of our apartments and see if there’s anyone who needs a change.”

Qin Haodong immediately understood it. Lin Zhigao and his son, Lin Pingchao had placed many of their relatives and friends in the group. Those people weren’t working hard enough and what was worse, they were impacting the development of the group. After Lin Pingchao’s death and Lin Zhigao’s retirement and became a fool, Lin Momo would certainly eliminate those held down a job without doing a stroke of work.

Lin Momo was wearing a ponytail today, with a common black dress. She looked like a fresh college graduate. She was still charming, but her bossy aura had been gone. It was obvious that she was going on a secret visit.

Qin Haodong said, “I’ll go with you.”

“OK! That would be nice.”

Now that relationship had been exposed to the whole group, they don’t have to hide from anything. They went out of the elevator together and walked to the marketing department, hand in hand.

Lin Momo said, “I’ve read the report of the marketing department recently, and mostly looked good, except that there were some people who had done nothing and had no content on the sale at all! I wonder what they were doing!”

During the talk, the two entered the department of marketing. There were many busy workers in there and they all stopped to greet their boss. Then they picked up their work again.

They checked around and saw the whole situation went on well. Lin Momo was satisfied.

At the moment, they heard music coming out of the corner. The two traced the sound and saw a guy in the uniform sitting on his desk and put both his legs on the desk across. He was watching a short video APP on his desk, in which a seductive woman was singing.

Instead of working, he was watching live shows in public during working hours. Lin Momo’s face turned cold immediately. She and Qin Haodong went to the desk at the same time.

Many people had seen him, while few went to notice him; some of these people even looked happy for what was happening. It looked like that guy wasn’t very popular here.

Qin Haodong was slightly surprised when he walked to the man. The man watching short video was his grandpa’s grandson and also Li Cai’s son, Li Donghai. Last time Qin Haodong went back home, he was told by Li Cai that Li Donghai found a job in Jiangnan City after graduation. Qin Haodong had no idea that the guy was in Lin’s Group.

Li Donghai had seen Qin Haodong, too. His relaxed expression changed suddenly. He asked in a cold face, “What are you doing here?”

LI Donghai had been bullying Qin Haodong, calling Qin Haodong a b*stard when they were young, because Li Cai and his wife favored him. Qin Haodong didn’t like him at all, he sneered and said, “Why can’t I be here if you can?”

“You? How can you be my match? Who am I and who are you? I’m a registered employee of Lin’s Group.”

Li Donghai said as he pointed to the employee card on his chest. He looked extremely proud. He had been feeling superior to Qin Haodong since they were young and felt the same way now.

Suddenly, his pupils shrank when he saw Lin Momo because he had never seen such a beautiful woman throughout his entire life. Even those stars on TV wasn’t her match.

The guy wasn’t here for long, and he had been fooling around all day. So he didn’t know who Lin Momo was.

He took back his legs from the desk and said to Qin Haodong, “Father told me that you went back to cheat my grandpa of his house again days ago. Now you’ve deceived such a beautiful woman. You’re sure good at it. How can you deceive so many people?”

Lin Momo didn’t rush to talk seeing Li Donghai knew Qin Haodong. Now that the guy was insulting Qin Haodong so much, she said with dissatisfaction, “Can you not be so rude? I’m his girlfriend, what are you talking about ‘deceiving’?”

“His girlfriend?”

Extreme jealousy flashed in Li Donghai’s eyes. He despised Qin Haodong when he was a kid because he was an orphan. He had to feel superior all the time. When he saw Qin Haodong had such a beautiful girlfriend, and thinking about that he was living on an aged woman, he felt so uncomfortable with the gap.

He looked at Lin Momo and satirized. “Girlfriend? She must be an escort in the ball who had been through enough with her guests and wants to live a normal life. That’s why she chose you, a poor young man!”

The whole hall of the marketing department went in total silence after he said that. Nobody talked and nobody moved. Someone even slowed down his breath. It was so quiet that you could even hear a pin drop, if there was one.

However, Li Donghai never realized the changes. Jealousy was terrible because it drove people out of control. That was what was going on with Li Donghai now.”

He instinctively believed that Qin Haodong and Lin Momo didn’t work in the group because both of them weren’t wearing employee cards. Now that they were not employees of the group, then it didn’t matter if he was being mean to them.

He had been careful enough, but he didn’t know that there were two people in this company who didn’t need to wear employee cards; one was Lin Momo, and the other one was Qin Haodong.

Lin Momo was the president of the group and it was fine if she didn’t wear. Qin Haodong was known as Lin Momo’s boyfriend, he didn’t need that, either. They belonged to the privileged classes of this company, and nobody dared to check their employee cards.

Li Donghai felt nothing while other employees were completely shocked. The guy was ruining himself. He had been arrogant because he was backed up by someone in the group. Too often when others were working, he was playing games and watching live shows.

That wasn’t all of it. He called the president of the company an “escort girl” wanting to live a normal life. That was him killing himself.

Qin Haodong nearly laughed out. He knew Li Donghai was an idiot, but he never knew the guy was that stupid. He was the foolest idiot ever.

Lin Momo quickly become sullen, and looked at Li Donghai with cold eyes. “What did you say? Say it again.”

Cao Yang, the director of the department of marketing went here in a haste as soon as he received the news. He happened to hear all the things Li Donghai just said. After he saw the whole situation, he was now standing aside, being afraid to speak.

Lin Momo was known for being bossy and cold. He had no idea what the guy should do to keep himself working here.

When all the people were mourning for Li Donghai. He continued to say as if the situation hadn’t been terrible enough, “What? I’ve seen enough of your kind. I can tell even if you’ve quit your job. Don’t try to pretend.”

Lin Donghai was a college graduate, and usually, he was smarter than he was now. He was drunk with jealousy when he saw that Qin Haodong had such a beautiful girlfriend. That was why he speaking ill of Lin Momo.

Cao Yang had already covered his eyes. This was the first time he saw a man trying so hard to ruin himself.

Qin Haodong looked at Li Donghai and said pitifully, “Just leave now. Don’t get yourself killed here.”

“What do you mean.” Li Donghai pulled the card on his chest and said arrogantly, “I am a registered employee of Lin’s Group. So what are you going to do? Firing me?”

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