The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 173 - A Burning Girl

Chapter 173: A Burning Girl 

It was late at night and the noisy Jiangnan City slowly became quiet. Everything seemed to fall asleep.

At this time, there was a great disturbance on the Internet. Feng Tianda, the president of Jiangnan Feng’s Group, made a live streaming on an audio platform of the Internet to confess himself to the whole world.

Not only did he list all his bad practices of eating, drinking, gambling and playing with women over the years, but he also made clear many bad practices such as raw jade gemstones smuggling and tax evasion by Feng’s Group and the Myanmar Jade Gang. At the same time, he also showed evidence such as account books on the Internet.

“Is this beast mad?”

Feng Tianda’s father was playing with a beautiful woman in bed. When he heard the news, he kicked the woman out of bed. Then he hurried to dress and rushed to Feng’s Group.

This video was like a bomb. Not only him, but also all the important members of the board of directors of Feng’s Group woke up with a start. They knew that Feng Tianda’s self-repentance was tantamount to pushing Feng’s Group directly into the abyss of tens thousand feet, and there was no room for recovery at all.

Some people of the Feng Family simply ran away, and others went around looking for Feng Tianda. But even if these people dug deep, they could not find Feng Tianda’s trace.

The law-enforcing departments in Jiangnan City took measures immeadiately. The public security and taxation department immediately checked Feng’s Group and searched for evidence. Only a few hours later, Feng Family, which had been standing in Jiangnan City for many years, collapsed.

Of course, Qin Haodong did all this. Before killing Feng Tianda, he had not forgotten to help Lin Momo to eradicate an important competitor.

Feng Tianda, the young master of Feng’s Family who had been lordliest for many years, had become flying ash and been washed into dirty wells along the sewer.

With red eyes, Lin Pingchao sat on the sofa in the living room of Lin Zhigao’s home. He was anxiously waiting for Feng Tianda’s reply.

Looking at he, Zhang Xiuying advised, “Son, let’s forget it. Although the house has been mortgaged, we still have a 10% share of the Lin’s Group. We will not worry about eating and drinking all our lives.”

Lin Zhigao also said, “Yes, son. Momo is your cousin. Even if you lose, it’s not a big problem…”

“Shit!” Lin Pingchao sat up from the sofa and grabbed a cup and threw it on the ground violently, growling wildly, “Lin Momo is a bitch. I don’t have such a cousin. I want her to die!”

Zhang Xiuying said, “But you have acted so many times. You actions not only were ineffective but also ruined our property. With the help of Qin Haodong, We can’t beat her.”

“No! I am resourceful. How can’t I beat a woman and a young guy? They will soon die!”

Then Lin Pingchao widely laughed. After laughing, he got out his cell phone and began to dial Feng Tianda’s phone. However, no one answered his call.

“What’s the matter? Did you die? Why not answer the phone?”

Lin Pingchao was already in a semi-crazy state now, scolding Feng Tianda and pressing the button of his mobile phone desperately.

“Don’t call him anymore. He’s dead.”

With the cold voice coming, Qin Haodong’s figure suddenly appeared in the lobby of the Lin’s Villa.

“You… Why are you here?”

When Lin Zhigao saw Qin Haodong, he felt unexplained panic at Qin Haodong.

Zhang Xiuying screamed in a shrill voice, “You have helped that woman win my son. What else do you want?”

“Nothing, I just want to talk to your son.”

Qin Haodong raised his hand and tapped at Lin Zhigao’s and Zhang Xiuying’s chests, and both of them suddenly fainted.

Since Qin Haodong entered the gate, Lin Pingchao’s insanity faded rapidly, and his eyes showed his fear.

The more greedy and possessive one person was, the more fearful of death he was, and the more afraid he was of losing his life. Lin Pingchao was the most typical representative of this kind of people. He just wanted to tear up Qin Haodong and eat him. Now he saw Qin Haodong, but he was terrified.

“What are you going to do? What have you done to my parents?”

The fall of Lin Zhigao and Zhang Xiuying made Lin Pingchao more panic. From his heart, it was better for three people to face together than to face Qin Haodong alone.

“They’re not dead. I just don’t like too much noise. I want to have a good chat with you.” Qin Haodong spoke calmly, but still could not hide his hidden murderous look. He said to Lin Pingchao, “Did you arrange the driver who caused the accident and made Momo injured at the first time?”

Lin Pingchao’s face changed, and then denied, “It’s not me. Don’t talk nonsense without evidence.”

Qin Haodong didn’t need Lin Pingchao’s admission because he had found the answer from his expression. He went on to say, “The second time, you found killers in the traffic accident. The third time, you hired that bullshit Soldier King from Southeast Asia.”

Lin Pingchao said, “Qin Haodong, don’t try to cheat me. You must have a recording pen or a video camera on you. You want to get evidence and send me to the Public Security Bureau. Don’t think about it. I will not be fooled.”

Qin Haodong did not pay attention to him and said, “Why not just be a rich second generation honestly. You just want to be president but you are incapable. If you use normal means of competition, it’s alright. How can you do that in this abusive way, and harm your cousin?”

“Although you have enough ideas and are cruel, unfortunately you met me. Maybe Momo would be killed by you without me, but as long as I am here, you can’t even touch a hair of her.”

Thinking of his failures, Lin Pingchao showed a rancorous expression and said, “So what? Although I failed now, it doesn’t mean that I can’t succeed in the future.”

“In the future?” Qin Haodong scornfully said, “You have done so many harmful things, do you think you have future? You must die today.”

Lin Pingchao’s face flashed a trace of panic, but he still pretended to be calm and said, “Although you said a lot, but you have no evidence. Police can’t arrest me without evdience, and you can’t do anything to me.”

“You idiot. You really don’t have a long memory. I tell you that I’m not a policeman and I don’t need proof. Although all your immoral deeds have been wiped clean, it’s useless. As long as I want you to die, nobody can save you!”

Feeling Qin Haodong’s murderous look, Lin Pingchao was completely panicked. As he stepped back, he said, “Qin Haodong, I warn you that murder is against the law.”

“Aginst the law? You can go to the hell and sue me.”

Then Qin Haodong clapped his hand on Lin Pingchao’s chest, and the Green Wood Genuine Qi broke Lin Pingchao’s arterial directly.

When Qin Haodong returned to the Lin’s Villa, it was already two o’clock in the middle of the night. Qin Haodong opened the bedroom door gently, only to see the little fellow sleeping soundly. Lin Momo was sitting near the bed, not even changing her clothes.

“Momo. Why you haven’t slept yet!” Qin Haodong sat down next to Lin Momo, took her shoulder and whispered.

“How can I sleep without you coming back?” Lin Momo said, “How is Lin Pingchao?”

“Are you worried about him or about me?” Qin Haodong said.

“Of course I’m worried about you. Lin Pingchao has successively harmed me and my daughter. It has nothing to do with me whether he die or not.”

“There’s no need to worry about me. You see, I’m good.” Qin Haodong changed his face and said in a cold voice, “You and the little fellow are my bottom line. Anyone who dares to harm you must die, no matter who he is.”

“You really killed him? Is that alright?” Lin Momo said nervously. Although she had seen many things recently, she was an ordinary person after all.

“Don’t worry. Trust me, nothing will happen.” Qin Haodong said, holding Lin Momo tightly in his arms, “I will not let my go wrong, I will guard you and Tang Tang well, and protect you from being harmed all your life.”

“Haodong. Thank you for doing so much for me.” Lin Momo said affectionately.

“How can you ever thank me? Give you to me?” Qin Haodong laughed.

Lin Momo raised her head and hugged Qin Haodong, then slowly kissed him. Apparently she was answering the question with practical action.

Qin Haodong naturally won’t shrink back when he met such a good thing. He held Lin Momo tightly in his arms and began to fondle her. They were like firewood. With a spark, the fire broke out irremediably.

At this time, Qin Haodong sniffed and asked, “What’s the smell?”

Lin Momo also sobered up a little and said, “I can smell it too. It is like something is on fire.”

She turned her head and saw smoke and flames coming from Tang Tang’s room. She quickly cried, “Damn it! Tang Tang’s room is on fire.”

The little fellow was sleeping, how could her room catch fire?

But at this time, Qin Haodong could not take so much into account. He quickly left Lin Momo and hugged the little fellow in his arms.

Only then did he realize that Tang Tang was the source of the fire. Not only were the clothes on her body on fire, but her mouth and nose. The strangest thing was that she was still asleep and seemed to be sleeping soundly.

“Damn it. What’s going on? Did I have a burning daughter?”

Just as he was thinking about it, his clothes began to fire.

“Call people to put out the fire.”

Qin Haodong told Lin Momo and then rushed to the bathroom with the little fellow in his arms. Now there was no other way but to use water to put out the fire.

After rushing into the bathroom, Qin Haodong turned on the shower head, and then he stood with his daughter. Under the fierce wash of the current, the flames on them finally extinguished, and the little fellow waked up.

“Papa, what are you doing? Why do you take a bath with me?” The little fellow asked confusedly.

Qin Haodong turned down the shower head. “Don’t talk about it. If I hadn’t reacted quickly, you would burn our home.”

Just then, Saber and several people helped Lin Momo extinguish the fire in the bedroom and rushed to the bathroom.

Qin Haodong said to them, “It’s all right. You can go back.”

“Haodong, what the hell is going on? Why did she suddenly catch fire?” Lin Momo asked with a worried expression.

“It seems that Tang Tang has some problems.” Qin Haodong said, with one hand holding Tang Tang, one hand checking her pulse.

It took Qin Haodong five minutes to check before he withdrew his right hand.

“Papa, what are you doing with Tang Tang’s wrist?”

The little fellow didn’t understand what just happened. She asked with a curious expression.

“Haodong, do you see any problems?”

Hearing of her daughter’s health problems, Lin Momo was worried about the little fellow.

Qin Haodong was shocked and muttered, “Oh my God, our daughter is the Suzaku Genius!”

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