The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 172 - Lots of Fish

Chapter 172 Lots of Fish

“Did you find it?” Lin Momo asked with shock. “Who, who wants to kill me?”

“It is Lin Pingchao.”

After Qin Haodong repeated what Yao Xianxian said to Lin Momo, she fell on the sofa and muttered, “How could this be? How could this be! Why is he being so fierce to me? I’m his cousin after all!”

“In some people’s eyes, there’s no family, but interests.” Qin Haoodong said murderously, “Those who wants to go after my woman must die.”

“Haodong, what do you want to do?” Lin Momo asked nervously.

“Forget about it. I’ll take care of it.”

At Feng’s Group, the butler rushed to Feng Tianda’s office. After he entered, he said, “Young master, our people just saw Qin Haodong and Lin Momo drive away from the Lin’s Villa and go out of town.”

“What are they going out of the city for in the middle of the night?” Feng Tianda said.

“We don’t know that, but they looked excited. They didn’t take any guards, so they might be going out for a ride, or they just wanted to celebrate their winning today.”

“Celebrate? Taking a ride? Looks like God prefers to help those lucky ones.” Feng Tianda laughed proudly. Today was such a good day because Jade Gang had sent their killers and Lin Pingchao was giving away his 3% share. Now that Qin Haodong and Lin Momo were going out of town, the only thing he had to do was to wait for the profits.

“If you want to take a ride, why don’t you do it in hell?” Feng Tianda’s face turned fierce and he said to the butler, “Get Mr. Lucas here for me now. Tell him the time has come and we need to move now.”

Out of Jiangnan City, the night was clear and the moon shone. Everything looked so beautiful. On the road, a red Ferrari convertible was driving forward.

Lin Momo was sitting in the co-pilot while enjoying the cool night wind. She said to Qin Haodong, “Where are we going? It’s so late.”

Qin Haodong smiled and said, “Let’s go fishing.”

Lin Momo looked confused and asked, “Fishing? Where? We don’t even have any fishing gear.”

“The ancient wise man, Jiang Taigong, once used a straight hook for fishing, and we don’t even need any hooks.” Qin Haodong smiled and said, “The big fish will come to us later.”

Lin Momo seemed to have understood. She said, “Do you mean Lin Pingchao?”

“He is just one of them, we’re talking about a lot.”

After Qin Haodong said that, he had seen faintly in the rearview mirror that several black cars was driving fast to them.

“Here comes the fish!”

He said and turned the steering wheel. Then the sports car went off the road and was driven to a remote path.

Lucas took more than ten of his fellows and rushed out of Feng’s Group, and they found the car soon under the guidance of Feng Tianda.

But the sports car seemed to have found them, too. It turned to a narrow path.

“How stupid he is! We’ll have difficult catching him up if he’s on the express way, but now that they’re on a narrow path, the advantage of the sports car would be wasted. They’re putting themselves to death.”

Lucas said and waved to his driver, “Catch up with him now! This is the suburb with few people. It’s a freaking nice place to kill!”

They’ve intruded in Huaxia, but they still felt afraid the police here. Huaxia had a very strict gun control policy. Acting in the city would catch the attention of the police easily, bringing big troubles.

Now that Qin Haodong and Lin Momo had gone to the wild together. That was a chance for them to move.

After getting the command, all the drivers slammed the gases. In the roaring sound of the engine, the sedans rushed forward fast.

A short distance later, they found that the sports car pulled over at the hillside. Qin Haodong and Lin Momo standing back at the car, hand in hand. Under the bright moonlight, the two looked like a perfect couple in the legends.

Lucas seemed to have told the difference, but he didn’t care because all of his fellows had guns in his hands; thus, there would never be afraid of the unarmed young man.

He took his men off the car and surrounded Qin Haodong and Lin Momo. For the sake of safety, they kept ten meters away from the two.

Lucas pointed Qin Haodong with the AK in his hand and yelled, “You have to die, today! Give the woman to us; we can spare her life.”

Qin Haodong looked at Lucas and smiled. He said, “I told Meng Tie last time that this was Huaxia. It’s no place for you clowns acting wildly. But he wouldn’t listen. So he ended up miserably.”

“The same words go to you now. Kneel down with you people and beg us to spare your lives, or you will die together.”

“Young man, you sick of living?” Lucas said that as he waved to his people, “Shoot them into sleeves.”

As he said that, and before his people raised the guns in their hands. Six or seven shadows rushed out like ghosts. Within a blink, all of them had been knocked down on the ground.

These people were the Divine Mercenaries hiding in the dark. Those people, including Saber, had all reached eighth level of Overt Power and were all experienced. Those ordinary people were no more than a piece of cake for them. Lucas and his fellows had been knocked out before they could see it clearly.

Lucas was startled, it had never occurred to him that Qin Haodong had so many powerful people lurk around. He raised his gun and pointed to Qin Haodong. Then he yelled to Saber and others, “Freeze! Or I’ll shoot him right now!”

He was going to hold a hostage, but before he could finish yelling, his body shivered and a silver needle emerged on his chest. Now all parts of his body had been frozen except for his mouth. He had lost control of his body.

“What have you done to me, bastard?”

Lucas completely panicked out. Finally, he understood why Meng Tie and Meng Gang had been wiped out without a sound. He had never seen creepy things like this before.

Qin Haodong stepped forward to Lucas. He picked up the AK and threw it to Saber on the other side. Then he kicked him onto the ground and asked, “Tell me, who are you? Why are you here in Huaxia?”

Lucas was quite fierce, and he shouted, “Of course I’m here to kill you! Nobody could piss the Jade Gang off and survive!”

“Jade Gang? I’ll wipe it out sooner or later.” Qin Haodong ignored Lucas and tunred to Saber. He said, “Take away all these guns and put them in our storage in case we can use in in the future.”

“Yes, boss!” Saber answered excitedly.

They had special feelings for guns as mercenaries. Those ordinary AKs were enough to turn on all the members of the Divine Mercenaries.

“Boss, how do we deal with those people?” Saber asked before he took away all the guns.

“Thier hands were covered with blood, and they’ll continue to damege the world if we spare their lives. So send them to hell.” Qin Haodong said as he threw out a bottle, “This is the Body Melting Powder. Try to make it clueless.”

“Yes, boss.”

Answered Saber as he took over the bottles. They were the top three mercenary groups in the world, which meant that they were familiar with this stuff.

Seeing Qin Haodong sentence them to death, Lucas pleaded in haste. “Please, let go of us! I’ll never be back in Huaxia ever again!”

Qin Haodong said coldly, “It’s too late to regret now. You should have seen this when you were killing someone else.”

“Young man, the Jade Gang would never spare you if you kill me…”

Before Lucas finished yelling, Saber grabbed his neck and ended his life.

Soon Sword and others had taken care of all those fellows of Lucas. Those people had done all the evil things and now they finally paid their price.

After they deal with all those people. Saber opened the small bottle in which there was light yellow powder. He dumped the powder on Lucas’s body. Surprisesly, he found the body began to melt quickly. Within three minutes, Lucas melted to a small amount of black powder. As the mountain wind rose, it disappeared like it had never existed.

“Boss. This is really nice stuff!”

As mercenaries, they couldn’t avoid killing, and they always found dealing with the corpse troubling. Now everthing became easy with the help of the Body Melting Powder.

Soon, Saber dealt with ten more bodies.

Qin Haodong said to Lin Momo, “You can go back with Saber. I still have things to deal with.”

Lin Momo knew he was going to find Lin Pingchao, and wanted to say something, but she held it back after hesitation. Lin Pingchao deserved for what he had done, and even death couldn’t expiate all his crimes.

Feng Tianda was pacing around in his large office, with his face full of excitement.

He paced while picturing Qin Haodong being shot into sleeves, and Lin Momo being raped by him on his large bed. He was imaging the 3% share of Lin’s Group added into his pocket. All of that turned him on.

At the moment the door creaked, and was opened by someone.

“Who is that? I said don’t come in and bother me without…”

His daydream had been interrupted and he was pissed off. He turned to look at the door, then his eyes opened widely out of shock. He asked in a shivering voice, “How… how could you be here?”

It had never occurred to him that the one breaking in was Qin Haodong, the guy who had been shot into sleeves in his imagination.

“Mr. Feng, didn’t you send people around to look for me? Why don’t you welcome me when I present myself here?”

Qin Haodong said as he walked straight into the office and sat on the sofa next to Feng Tianda, looking at him with an intriguing look.

Feng Tianda was swearing Lucas silently and wondered why the guy was no better than trash to have let Qin Haodong escape and come to him, especially with that many people and guns.

But matter what was in his mind, he wouldn’t say it out. He pretended to be calm and said, “Qin Haodong, I don’t know what you are talking about.”

Qin Haodong ignored him and said to himself, “Feng Tianda, you could’ve lived a comfortable life like all other rich people, but you chose to piss me off. How dumb you are!”

Feng Tianda threatened cowardly, “I’m warning you, Qin Haodong. Don’t cross the line. You’re in Feng’s Group. Now get out of here or I’ll call the police.”

Qin Haodong was tired of talking trash to him, so he applied Mind-bewitching and asked, “Tell me, what’s the relationship between you and Jade Gang in Burma, and how do you and Lin Pingchao gang up with each other?”

Ten minutes later, Qin Haodong had already made it clear, including how he colluded with the Jade Gang to stop supplying Lin’s Group, and how he colluded with Lin Pingchao to go after Lin Momo.

Qin Haodong’s eye expression turned cold after he heard all of it. He said, “Since you’re seeking death, I can help you with it.”

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