The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 166 - Just a Chess Piece

Chapter 166 Just a Chess Piece

Lin Pingchao told Feng Tianda the whole thing about the competition between Lin Momo and him, and said, “Just in case, I need some money to make the final preparation, and as long as I won, I’ll be the president of Lin’s Group.”

Feng Tianda replied, “It sounds good, but I have prepared so many raw jade gemstones for you. You shouldn’t ask me for money now, should you?”

Lin Pingchao yelled. “You help me become the president, and I help you get Lin Momo. Haven’t we agreed with that?

“And this money is just a shot in the locker, unlikely to be used.”

Feng Tianda hesitated for a while and said, “I’ll give you the money then. I’m so deep in love with Lin Momo. How much money do you need?”

“Three hundred million yuan.”

“Do you really need so much? That’s a big number. What if you lose the money in the end? Who should I ask to get my money back then?”

Lin Pingchao yelled. “I will win, as long as I have the money. Lin Momo can’t accomplish sales of three hundred million in a day, so, I’m gonna be the winner.”

“I am a businessman. I don’t fight for unsure things. How about you give me an IOU and I lend you the money? A week later, no matter you win or lose, you must return the money to me, and if you fail to do that, you must pay me with 3% of your shares of the group.”

Lin Pingchao yelled. “3% of the shares? No way! 1% of our shares are worth three hundred million. How can I use 3% of them as a pledge?”

Feng Tianda replied, “Haven’t you said that you would win? It’s not about how much you pledge; it’s just a guarantee. You know, it’s not up to me. I have to get the permission from those old men in my family to lend you the money, and a pledge can help us get their permission.”

Lin Zhigao and his family totally held 10% of the shares of the group, so, 3% indeed meant something to them. However, desire prevailed reason. Lin Pingchao finally compromised after hesitation. “Well, it’s a deal. Get the money ready. I’ll use them three days later.”

“Rest assured. Give me the IOU, and you’ll get the money in three days.”

After saying this, Feng Tianda hung up the phone with a smirk.

The housekeeper, whom Feng Tianda trusted the most, didn’t leave the room just now and heard the conversations clearly.

When Feng Tianda hung up the phone, the housekeeper said, “Are you going to lend so much money to Lin Pingchao, young master?”

Feng Tianda answered with a smirk, “Why not? As long as Lin Pingchao is willing to pledge 3% of shares of the Lin family, whether he wins or loses, we’ll be the winners.”

The housekeeper continued to say, “But young master, I don’t understand why you agreed to join hands with Lin Pingchao? If it’s just for a woman, it seems not worth it.”

Feng Tianda said with a proud face, “You are too short-sighted. Lin Momo is just a screen. I do want to get her into my bed, but it’s just for fun. She is nothing compared to the interest of our family.

“Our reputation has taken a dive since the drug case last time, and our sales decrease every day. Lin Momo is really a tough bitch. She took the chance and frustrated us really hard.

“I wanted to help Lin Pingchao because he is a good-for-nothing. He is good at tricks but knows nothing about running a business in a large group, and no match for Lin Momo.

“If he becomes the president of Lin’s Group, we can rise up again, and even are able to swallow Lin’s Group. That’s my purpose.”

“Impressive! Young master, you’re so brilliant!” The housekeeper said with a flattering face with his thumb up.

Feng Tianda continued, “If Lin Pingchao wins this time, he will become the president of Lin’s Group, and basically, we’ll also achieve our goal. If he loses to Lin Momo, he won’t be able to pay us the debt. By then, we’ll own 3% of shares of Lin’s Group.

“And we’ll become its shareholders, striking a nail into the group. After that, it’ll be easier to deal with Lin Momo.”

It turned out that Feng Tianda did not cease all his activities after the drug case last time. Instead, he secretly contacted Lin Pingchao and cut off the supply of jades to Lin’s Group with his power in Jade Gang in Myanmar. Thus, what happened before was not an accident but his latest scheme against the Lin family.

From beginning to end, Lin Pingchao was just a chess piece, but he didn’t know it, dreaming of becoming the president all the time.

On the fourth morning, in Su Haichuan’s home, 20 pieces of fine jadeites were placed in front of Qin Haodong after the four of them worked day and night. These jadeites were bracelets, pendants, Buddha statues, Guanyin statues, and Pixiu and so on.

After saying goodbye to the family, Qin Haodong went to the shop which Lin Xiaotian assigned for the competition with the jades.

At this point, the store had been renovated, and unlike other stores, the store had two signs on its roof. On the left antique sign, there were two words “Daqin Jewelry”.

Obviously, it was made by Lin Momo. “Qin” was Qin Haodong’s surname, and at the same time, “Daqin” sounded extremely magnificent. Compared to it, the words “Pingchao Jewelry” on the other sign sounded less powerful.

After seeing Qin Haodong, Lin Momo ran out to him and said, “Haodong, you came so late. It’s going to be eight, and we have nothing to sell yet.”

Qin Haodong smiled and said, “Don’t worry. Good dinner is worthy of waiting. I’ve brought everything here.”

After saying that, he went into the shop with a bag in hand. Nalan Wushuang and Qi Waner, who were invited there as salesgirls, were waiting for him in the shop.

Only Qin Haodong could have the daughters of the Nalan family and Qi family serve as salesgirls. In other words, Nalan Wushuang and Qi Waner would only do it for Qin Haodong.

That day, both of the two girls wore white cheongsams with porcelain patterns and high side vents, revealing their long and fair legs. Besides, their inborn, graceful manner made them stand out among all the females on the spot.

Lin Pingchao had also hired four beautiful salesgirls, but they were cast into the shade by Qi Waner and Nalan Wushuang.

“The two of you look gorgeous today. No model can be your match,” Qin Haodong said with a smile to the two girls.

Nalan Wushuang said, “That’s true. We’re no ordinary people after all. Don’t forget to pay us.”

Qi Waner whispered in Qin Haodong’s ear, “Where have you been over the last three days? Hurry up to treat me a meal; otherwise, my period is gonna over.”

“Emm…” Qin Haodong looked embarrassed. He was too busy to think of this during these days. “When the business is over tonight, we’ll have a party for you.”

“No! Do you want to tell everybody that I didn’t have my period before? Just you and me, no one else at the celebration.”

“Emm… well, okay. Let’s have lunch together tomorrow.”

Qin Haodong could only make an appointment tomorrow as he could not go out with Qi Waner alone with so many people there.

At this time, Lin Momo said eagerly, “Where are the things you brought? Take them out quickly.”

“Here they are.” Qin Haodong opened the bag while speaking and put the jades on the counter one by one.

“Are these all we got?” Lin Momo asked in shock.

Qin Haodong said, “Yes, they are enough. There are good twenty pieces of them.”

Lin Momo was almost choked by anger. The shop was about one hundred squares, and half of the space was given to Daqin Jewelry. It would be ridiculous to have only twenty pieces of goods in such a large space.

Compared to the counters on Lin Pingchao’s side, which were filled with tens of hundreds of goods, Qin Haodong’s counter seemed a litter shabby.

Seeing this, Lin Momo cried angrily, “Qin Haodong, are you kidding me? Even if we sell each of these twenty pieces of jades at 100 thousand, we can only get 2 million in total. We’ll lose!”

Qin Haodong replied, “2 million? No way! 2 million can only buy a glance at them. The cheapest one costs 10 million. At least!”

Nalan Wushuang spat out the water in her mouth in shock after hearing the words. “What! 10 million at least! Why don’t you just go to rob a bank?”

“Take your time to get one, girl, or they will be sold out soon.”

With that, Qin Haodong opened the boxes, took the jades out, and placed them inside the counter. After that, he started to tag each of them, and only one of them was with a price of 10 million while the others all had a higher price than that. Among them, the most expensive one, a Jade Guanyin, was priced at 200 million.

As a specialist in the jade industry, Lin Momo was shocked by the price. She said, hand covering her forehead, “Are you sure your memory serves you right? We’re competing with sales, not the sum of the marked price. No matter how expensive we mark them, it’s in vain if we can’t sell them. And we will lose in the end.”

Large as Lin’s Group was, only a few of its products would be priced at more than 10 million. Thus, no one would buy the jades Qin from Haodong at such a sky-high price if a bracelet would cost them tens of millions.

However, Qin Haodong replied, “Our goods worth their price. They are not expensive at all. Rest assured, they will be sold out before we get off work.”

Among the jades Qin Haodong had brought, even the ones of the lowest quality were waxy jades. Plus Su Haichuan’s excellent skill and the spells Qin Haodong engraved on them, the selling price of those jades were very low in fact.

“Well, have it your own way. If the worst comes to the worst, I’ll just quit from the group.”

At the point, Lin Momo had no other choice. Without the support of Lin’s Group, she could not get herself any other jades at the moment.

Soon, it was eight in the morning. Lin Zhiyuan and Lin Pingchao arrived at the shop; they were responsible for supervising the cashier.

After everything was ready, the shop opened for business and received customers in droves.

Because Qi Waner and Nalan Wushuang looked so beautiful and attractive here, many people entered the shop to see them and the jades. However, when they saw the price tags on the jades, they left without hesitation. On the contrary, Lin Pingchao had already sold several pieces of jades.

Lin Momo asked, “Haodong, are you sure that we don’t need to lower the price?”

“Yes. We’re selling at a loss, so, no cut of the price.” He continued with a smile, “Don’t worry. It’s just the beginning. With me here, you won’t lose even if you want.”

While they were talking, a man who seemed to be over 200 pounds walked in and looked at Qi Waner and Nalan Wushuang up and down with coveting eyes. He pointed at a bracelet and said to them, “Please show me this.”

Standing closest to the man, Qi Waner took the bracelet out of the counter and handed it to him.

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