The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 165 - The Man Behind the Successful Woman

Chapter 165 The Man Behind the Successful Woman

Lin Momo answered, “Of course, I want to win. I’m not the type to surrender easily.”

“Lin Pingchao had to be fully prepared to propose the competition, so, we have to prepare well for it since we want to win,” said Qin Haodong.

“I’ve won dozens of commercial competitions after I took over the company. I will win this time as well,” said Lin Momo.

“You thought it too easy. It’s different from the ones you experienced. Lin Pingchao is a scheming man. He must have prepared many squalid plans against us.”

“Have he? But grandpa is watching us.”

“Alas!” Qin Haodong sighed, “You lose your wits when it’s about your family. How about this? You take charge of the layout, and leave other things to me.”

Lin Momo answered, “Okay, thank you.”

Qin Haodong smiled. “Not at all. This is what I should do. A great man once said that behind every successful woman, there was a man. I’ll let whoever wrong you pay!”

Having arranged the work, Qin Haodong left for Su Haichuan’s house. Although he had many jade materials of high quality, he needed a good carver to make more money in one day.

It took skill to make a masterwork, and a great carver could improve the quality of the jades and even double its price.

If it had not been masterly carved, the yellow jade chicken which was given to Lin Xiaotian as a gift would only worth two hundred million yuan, however, after Su Haichuan carved it, it was estimated by Qian Duoduo to worth four hundred million yuan, which showed how important the carving work to a jade.

When Qin Haodong arrived at Su Haichuan’s house, the family warmly welcomed him in.

“Doctor Qin, do you like that Jade Chicken I made for you?” asked Su Haichuan.

“Yes, very much.” Qin Haodong praised Su Haichuan for his skill and continued to say, “Master Su, I came here to ask you for a favor today.”

Su Haichuan answered, “You saved our life, Doctor Qin, I’ll do whatever you ask me to.”

Qin Haodong told him the whole thing about the competition between Lin Pingchao and Lin Momo and said, “We can’t seek help from the Lin family this time, so, I need your help, Master Su, to make the jade materials I have into goods.”

“No problem. It’s easy.” Speaking of carving jades, Su Haichuan promised Qin Haodong immediately.

Qin Haodong was not surprised Su Haichuan would help him. “Is three days too short for you? Do you need assistants? We need more than one or two products to do the business.”

“No, the three of my family are enough.” Seeing that Qin Haodong was puzzled by his words, Su Haichuan explained, “My son, Su Xiaolong, has learned all my skills. He is as good as me, and more energetic than me.

“In fact, my son has done half of the work of the yellow jade chicken. I worked on it in the daytime, and he worked at night. Others couldn’t find any difference between them if I don’t tell them.

“And my wife has been with me for so many years; she could carry some assistant job though not good at carving.”

Qin Haodong replied, “Good. But it has taken you three days to make the jade chicken. I can’t only have one good stuff in my shop three days later no matter how precious it is.”

Su Haichuan shook his head and answered, “It’s totally a different story. The Jade Chicken was the most brilliant thing I’ve ever made, the best of the best, so, I spent a lot of time on it. Give me several hours, I can make you a normally good jade product.

“And with Xiaolong’s help, I can make about a dozen in three days.”

“Quality matters more than quantity. Jades are high-end goods, a dozen should be enough.” Thinking of this, he nodded and said, “Thank you so much, Master Su.”

To improve their working efficiency, Qin Haodong gave them three Physique-Improving Pills and told them to take one each.

Aftering taking the pill, Su Haichuan and his families were extremly energetic. Without sleeping, they almost spent all their time on carving the jades except for eating some foods.

Meanwhile, Qin Haodong was busy with drawing spells, such as Mind-clearing Spell, Exorcising Spell, Spirit-nourishing Spell on the finished products. Though those spells are of the lowest magic in the Cultivation World, they were helpful to the normal human beings.

If Su Haichuan’s work were to double the value of the jades, Qin Haodong’s spells would increase the value by ten times.

In Lin Zhigao’s family, he sitted with Zhang Xiuying and Lin Pingchao.

“My son, wasn’t it reckless for you to propose the competition to Lin Momo today?” said Zhang Xiuying.

“Reckless?” Lin Pingchao sneered and continued, “Not at all. It was part of my plan. If I haven’t forced grandpa to corner, he would never have given me the chance.

“Now, every family member has heard his words. So, as long as I defeat Lin Momo three days later, grandpa will have to keep his words. I’ll be the president of the group by then.”

Lin Zhigao chimed in, “But you also offended your grandpa with that.”

Lin Pingchao’s expression changed, and he said almost crazily, “He forced me to! He only had himself to blame.

“He is old and doltish. I’m the only man among the third generation, I’m powerful as well. Why did he let Lin Momo, the damn woman, take charge of the business? If I missed this chance, I would never be able to catch it again.”

“Son, you’re right. Mom is on your side.” After saying this, Zhang Xiuying continued with worries, “But, if you lose to Lin Momo this time, you’ll lose the chance forever.”

“I had to do so. Running out of patience, I had to take a risk,” said Lin Pingchao, “I was fully prepared back then. I bribed those old guys to stand out for me on the party.”

“Though your grandpa has agreed the two of you to compete, can you win Lin Momo in the end? She has been in charge of the group for so many years.”

Lin Pingchao answered with a proud face, “Of couse, I can. I’m as good as her. What’s more, I’ve been long-prepared for this day. She isn’t my match.”

Zhang Xiuying asked him, “What have you done for it? Tell mom, so I can rest assured.”

Lin Pingchao replied, “For the competition, I’ve done three things. First of all, I’ve bought a large batch of jade materials from the Jade Gang in Myanmar and had them processed by some excellent carvers. Since both of us won’t get any help from the group, I will win Lin Momo regardless of the quality or quantity of the goods.”

Zhang Xiuying nodded. “Great advantage indeed. It’s too late for Lin Momo to prepare everything in three days before the competition. What’s worse, Jade Gang has cut off the supply of materials for them, I’m afraid she couldn’t get any piece of jade now.”

Lin Pingchao looked complacent after hearing the words. He continued to say, “Second, I’ve thought of some good methods fot the selling. By then, she can’t sell anything.

“Last, also the most important thing. I will prepare abundant money for it, just in case. If she earns more money than me that day, we can use our own money to win her.”

“Are you crazy, son?” Lin Zhigao was shocked by the words. “Haven’t you heard your grandpa say all the money you earn in the competition will be hand in to the group? We’ll lose all our money for it.”

“Dad, we can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs. Just take it as an investment; when I become the president, we can take it back with a wave of my hand.”

“Pingchao was right. When he becomes the president, all the money of the group will be ours,” Zhang Xiuying said to Lin Zhigao, “Take out all your private savings for son.”

Lin Pingchao also persuaded. “Dad, lend your savings to me, please. I’ll get you a doubled amount back when I become the president.”

Lin Zhigao took out a bank card. “Son, my money is also yours. But I only have ten million yuan in total.”

Zhang Xiuying got angry when hearing the words. “What? It’s too few! Where did you spend your money? Did you give them to those sluts?”

Lin Zhigao was embarrassed. “So many social engagements have cost me much. What’s more, several days ago, I spent ten million yuan in buying the pill from Qin Haodong. This is all I have now.”

Although he could get a bonus from Lin’s Group yearly, he spent his money like water in entertainments, thus, ten million was much for what he could save.

Zhang Xiuying cursed. “You, old bastard. Were you crazy to spend ten million on a pill?”

“Stop arguing, mom. What’s done is done.” Lin Pingchao comforted Zhang Xiuying. “How much money do you have, mom?”

“Not… not much either.” Zhang Xiuying seemed embarrassed. She took out a bank card and said, “About fifteen million yuan in it.”

As the wife of the second master of the Lin family, she was extravagant, spending all her time in ladies’ clubs and all her money on moneyboy. As a result, she did not have much savings either.

Lin Pingchao was annoyed looking at the bank cards. He did not save money all the same, so, he only had about twenty million yuan. Adding all the money together, it was barely fifty million.

For a normal man, it was a great number, but for Lin Pingchao, it was far from enough to defeat Lin Momo.

“These money aren’t enough, right?” Lin Zhigao asked Lin Pingchao in a guilty tone.

“Allright, leave the matter to me. I’ll think of a way to solve it.”

Lin Pingchao waved his hand in upset and returned his room.

He circled around his room, hands behind his back, and finally he dialed a phone number. “Hello, Mr. Ma, I’m only one step from success. I need more money.”

The man he called was no other than Feng Tianda, who had disappeared for many days. At the time, Feng Tianda was discussing some matter with a man who looked like a housekeeper.

On hearing Lin Pingchao’s words, he said with interest, “How much do you need?”

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