The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 158 - Nalan Wuxia's Rampage

Chapter 158 Nalan Wuxia’s Rampage

Guo Xiaomei didn’t think Zhang Zhijie would choose to take Qin Haodong’s side. She said in anger, “You fatty! How dare you disobey me! I can have you fired by tomorrow!”

Since he had made his choice, Zhang Zhijie was now firm enough. He said, “I won’t go unless Doctor Qin asked me to.”

“Well, Fatty Zhang. Just wait for me and we’ll see.”

Guo Xiaomei was clenching her teeth but she couldn’t do anything to him, so she turned to Qin Haodong and said, “I don’t feel well, give me a massage.”

She had already made up her mind. As soon as Qin Haodong put his hands on her body, she would yell. Fatty Zhang might be the witness, but her cousin, the deputy captain of the crime squad, would definitely serve justice for her.

Qin Haodong seemed to have seen her through. He asked straightforwardly, “Who are you? Why do I have to do what you said?”

Guo Xiaomei was angry and stunned. She screamed, “You, you’re the healthcare doctor of our company. You’re an employee, shouldn’t you give me the massage?”

“I am the healthcare doctor, indeed, but I had the right to choose who to massage.” Qin Haodong checked Guo Xiaomei from head to toe and said disdainfully, “You cut your eyelids, opened your eye corner, humped your nose, tattooed your lips. Your breasts are large but filled with silicone, and you padded your hips.”

“How would I massage all those fake parts in your body? What if I break one of them and you let me pay for it? I’m not dumb.”

“Bastard, I’m gonna kill you!”

Seeing Qin Haodong exposed all her privacy, Guo Xiaomei could no longer hold emotions, she rushed to him like crazy.

Qin Haodong would never let the crazy woman touch him. He flicked a sunflower seed on Guo Xiaomei’s knee.

Guo Xiaomei felt her knee numbed and lost balance. After a flopping sound, she fell, face onto the ground. She fell hard because she rushed fast. As she stood up, her face was covered with blood, humped nose broken, two teeth knocked off. She looked like an evil ghost.

“Bastard, wait! You will pay for this.”

She had made her plan even though she hadn’t even touched a piece of Qin Haodong’s clothes. She grabbed the cellphone out of her purse and dialed fast.

“Cousin? You should come to Lin’s Group now, or I’ll be beaten to death by someone…”

Guo Xiaomei said it crying. She sounded like she had been treated wrongly. The tears streaming down and got her make-up blotchy. She looked even scarier as her tears mixed up with her nose blood.

After the call, she yelled at Qin Haodong with her twisted face, “Bastard, we’ll see how you’re gonna pay for this when my cousin arrives.”

At this moment, the door was opened and Nalan Wuxia walked in. She was in a tight white long skirt today instead of the uniform, which really accented her height. She looked very elegant with the light make-up she wore. Qin Haodong was stunned a little when he saw Qin Haodong.

Nalan Wuxia had been wearing uniforms since they met. She looked completely different in today’s clothes.

Nalan Wuxia looked Guo Xiaomei who was crying and yelling on the ground. She asked in surprise, “Haodong, what’s going on?”

Qin Haodong said, “The woman wanted me to massage and blackmail me. Lucky for me, I didn’t bite the lure. So she hurt herself like this.”

Nalan Wuxia looked at the miserable Guo Xiaomei and said, “You’re so badly injured. Go to the hospital now. Don’t waste your time staying here.”

“It’s none of your business. You’re with him. You slut, bi*ch, old woman…”

Guo Xiaomei could tell that the two were good friends. She was even crazier because of her jealousy to Nalan Wuxia’s beauty. She spat out the dirty words nonstop with her larva.

Nalan Wuxia never thought the woman would be so ungrateful. She was Lady Nalan who was famous for her quick temper. Even those rich guys in Jiangnan City wouldn’t dare to mess up with her. She would never tolerate a shrew-like Guo Xiaomei, so she rampaged immediately.

When Guo Xiaomei was spitting every word of hers when she heard the slapping on her face. Nalan Wuxia slapped heavily on her face. Before she could react, punches and kicking rained on her. She screamed and yelled, rolling on the ground.

Qin Haodong was laughing to himself inside. The woman really messed up with the wrong person. No one dared to mess up with Nalan Wuxia unless they wanted to get themselves killed.

Zhang Zhijie dropped his jaw out of surprise. He was looking up to Nalan Wuxia like a goddess but soon the goddess turned into such a violent one, beating the hell out of Guo Xiaomei.

At the moment the door was opened again. Several policemen in uniforms stormed in. The leading one yelled, “Who had the guts to bully my sister?”

The young policeman was called Li Hongjun. He used to work in other branches. After Nalan Wuxia was promoted, her position was vacant. Li Hongjun tried his best and used all his connections to get the position of the deputy captain of the crime squad.

His relationship with Guo Xiaomei was established in bed. He answered Guo Xiaomei’s call saying she was being bullied, and he immediately ran over and help. He had never thought he would run into a situation like this before he arrived.

Nalan Wuxia was also tired. She stood up and washed her hands in the basin.

Guo Xiaomei was completely dumbfounded. Her face had been beaten black and blue, swollen like a pig’s. She raised her head and it took her forever to figure out that Li Hongjun was standing by the door. She jumped over and said, “Cousin! That crazy woman beat me! You have to serve justice for me! Arrest all of them and kill them all!”

Li Hongjun was shocked. He stepped back and asked, “Who are you?”

“Cousin, you don’t recognize me? I’m Guo Xiaomei. The woman beat me so hard into this, you have to give it back to her for me!”

Li Hongjun could barely recognize that the pig head in front of him was Guo Xiaomei. Seeing his lover be beaten so hard, he waved his hand and said to the two policemen behind him, “Arrest that woman.”

What irritated him most was the woman in white. She ignored the policeman after she beat her, and went slowly to wash her hands. That was too arrogant.

The two young policemen answered and walked to Nalan Wuxia with handcuffs. Nalan Wuxia had wiped her hands dry, she tidied her hair with her fingers, then turned back and said, “Who wants to arrest me?”

When the young policeman saw Nalan Wuxia, his hand shook and dropped the handcuff on the ground loudly. He was shocked because the one they were going to arrest was their captain.

“What happened? What are you doing? Didn’t you eat anything for breakfast?” Li Hongjun yelled at the two. Then he turned back and saw Nalan Wuxia, he almost dropped his jaw. He muttered, “Ca-captain, what are you doing here?”

No wonder he was so shocked. Nalan Wuxia was his direct supervisor, and the daughter of the Nalan’s. He could never be her match, neither in position nor in family background.

But Guo Xiaomei had no idea of Li Hongjun’s inner thoughts. She was yelling hysterically, “That’s the woman beating me, cousin! And that gigolo boy! Take them all!”

“You shut up.”

Li Hongjun slapped on Guo Xiaomei’s face. Now he had figured out Guo Xiaomei, the stupid woman, had irritated Nalan Wuxia. He was afraid that he would suffer the consequences, too. He might lose his fresh position as the deputy soon if Nalan Wuxia was unhappy with him.

“Cousin, why you slap me?”

Guo Xiaomei was totally dumbfounded. She had just been beaten the hell out by Nalan Wuxia. Now her help finally arrived, she never thought she would be slapped once again.

Li Hongjun shouted annoyedly, “Did you see it’s Captain Nalan of the crime squad? Apologize to her, now!”

“Ah?” Guo Xiaomei was so overwhelmed. Why would she have to apologize when she had been beaten so hard?

Li Hongjun slapped on her face again and said, “Do you hear me? Apologize, now!”

Till the Guo Xiaomei realized she had pissed off someone she couldn’t afford to offend. She yelled injuredly, “I’m sorry, Miss Nalan!”

Nalan Wuxia was watching without a word. Li Hongjun understood that she was unsatisfied, so he said in haste, “And this gentleman as well!”

Guo Xiaomei looked at Qin Haodong with complicated expression in her eyes. She was going to put the man in jail by slandering, and all of it had gone out of her plan. Now she couldn’t be guiltier and regretted that she shouldn’t have listened to Lin Pingchao.

But what was done was done, and it was now too late to regret. She had no choice but lowered down her head and apologized once again, “I am sorry! Doctor Qin.”

Qin Haodong smiled and said, “It’s fine, be careful in the future, try to find the right one to blackmail.”

Seeing Guo Xiaomei apologize, Nalan Wuxia said to Li Hongjun, “That’s your cousin?”

“Yes, she’s my cousin. I didn’t teach her well. I’m sorry you have seen this,” Li Hongjun squeezed a smiled and said.

“Your cousin’s language is too stinky. Tell her to watch out.”

Li Hongjun said, “Sure captain, I’m sure she won’t do it anymore.”

“Okay, take her away,” Nalan waved her hand and said.

“Thank you, Captain!”

Li Hongjun took Guo Xiaomei and left the infirmary. They went to the nearby hospital in a haste.

After they left, Nalan Wuxia said to Qin Haodong, “What is going on? Who is this woman?”

“A stupid woman. She must be someone’s cannon folder.”

“Cannon fodder? Is someone going after you?” Nalan Wuxia asked.

“That’s not your concern. I can handle it by myself,” Qin Haodong said, “Let’s go for dinner.”

“Your clothes are so dirty. How can you have lunch with that?”

Nalan Wuxia’s white dress was stained by blood and dirt when she was beating Guo Xiaomei, and now it looked so untidy.

“Then what to do?” Qin Haodong asked.

“I’ll go back to change and call you later.”

Nalan Wuxia left the infirmary after she said that.

Lin Pingchao was pacing around in his office, playing with the cellphone in his hand. He was expecting Guo Xiaomei’s call of success to him.

He waited for so long, but his phone didn’t ring. The door behind him finally opened, and Qin Haodong walked in.

Lin Pingchao looked back at Qin Haodong. He was stunned for a second, then he asked, “Why are you here?”

Qin Haodong closed the door and said, “Why can’t I be here? You really think you can use that stupid woman to get back to me?”

Lin Pingchao said, “What? I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Qin Haodong said, “Stop pretending. We all knew it. I don’t believe you didn’t send her to me no matter how you put it.”

Seeing his plan exposed, Lin Pingchao smiled coldly and stopped denying. He said, “So what? You don’t have any evidence.”

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