The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 157 - Hello, Lady

Chapter 157: Hello, Lady

Lin Pingchao looked scarily sullen. He had planned all out on Lin Momo, but Qin Haodong just popped out of nowhere and destroyed his plan.

While full of resentment, he didn’t totally lose it. He asked, “Did you get in touch with Xue Anbang?”

Taking Xue Anbang’s personality into consideration, the Xues in the capital had enough power to go after Lin Momo, even without his family’s help; however, after the thing happened, Xue Anbang disappeared like he had been evaporated in the air, without any clue, which was curious to him.

“I’ve reached him, but he simply told me not to bother him anymore, then he hung up.” Zhang Xiuying scolded as he said that, “He’s such an ungrateful bastard. He denied our old friendship. It’s not like the days when he had to beg us for help.”

Lin Pingchao paced around for two circles and was totally confused. Xue Anbang’s reaction was absolutely abnormal, but he was at the end of his wits to figure out what had happened.

However, he had a hunch that all the matters had something to do with Qin Haodong.

Qin Haodong was the obstruction which had to be moved if he wanted to go after Lin Momo.

Zhang Xiuying said, “You’re so smart, son. You have to get back to him for me, your mom, and teach that guy a lesson.”

“Do not worry, Mom, I will figure it out,” said Lin Pingchao.

Lin Zhigao was silent but then he said, “Your grandpa’s 80th birthday is coming three days later. You have to get rid of Qin Haodong before that, in case he’ll stir things up.”

Lin Pingchao said viciously, “I know. I’ll let him suffer.”

The next morning, Lin’s Group was opened as usual. Lin Pingchao strode to the department of human resources and entered the office of the deputy director, Guo Xiaomei.

“Hey, Brother Pingchao, what brings you here?”

A coquettish woman stuck to him as soon as he walked in. She held Lin Pingchao’s arms and fully exposed her deep cleavage to him.

This woman was Guo Xiaomei. She was over 30 years old but she loved to act young. She called Lin Pingchao brother every time they met.

She was rather good-looking and was good at pleasing men. So she was one of Zhao Zhongchen’s mistress.

The old man had been fascinated by this woman. He tried his hardest and asked Lin Zhigao and his son for help, and finally, Guo Xiaomei could sit on the position of the deputy director of the human resource department of the group.

“It’s fine, I’m just having a look here”

Lin Pingchao got rid of Guo Xiaomei’s arm in a subtle way. He was lascivious, but the woman was too slutty even for him.

He sat on the sofa and asked, “Xiaomei, how’s work lately? Everything goes well?”

Guo Xiaomei sat close to Lin Pingchao, again and said coquettishly, “Thanks for your concern, Brother Pingchao. I’m fine.”

Lin Pingchao said, “With your capacity, I think you can be more than the director of the department.”

Guo Xiaomei’s eyes shone. She rubbed her chest on Lin Pingchao’s arms and said, “Brother Pingchao, do you really mean it? When are you going to make me the director?”

The deputy director was just a nominal title, and she had no actual power. She had wanted the position of director for long.

Lin Pingchao checked on her and said, “I can help you sit on the position days later, only if you can do me a favor. You know that I am the only grandson of my grandpa, and the presidency would definitely be mine in the future.”

“Of course. Everyone knows that Brother Pingchao is way too capable than Lin Momo, and you’ll become president of the group sooner or later.”

Said Guo Xiaomei with a flattering face. Then she asked, “Brother Pingchao, what do you want me to do? I’ll do whatever you want me to do at any cost, as long as you tell me what it is.”

Lin Pingchao said, “You’re one of my fellows, so I don’t want to hide things away from you. The group hired a healthcare doctor named Qin Haodong recently. The guy was a pain in the neck and we had a history. The director position of the Department of Human Resources will be yours if you can put him in jail for days.”

“That would be easy. He’s just a young doctor, and I’m so at this. My cousin has been promoted to the deputy captain of the crime squad recently. A word of mine to him will put the lad in jail for half a year or so.”

Guo Xiaomei was excited, but then she realized something when on her halfway to finish the sentence. She asked, “Brother Pingchao, are you talking about the boyfriend of the president?”

After the last board meeting, the relationship between Lin Momo and Qin Haodong had been exposed to the public by the media. Now it was no more a secret and everybody in the group knew it.

“That’s right.”

“That, that can’t be good,” said Guo Xiaomei, and she looked a little scared.”

“What? Are you still waiting for Lin Momo to promote you to the director?” Lin Pingchao said, “Don’t forget you’re with me and Director Zhao. No matter how you flatter Lin Momo, she would always take you as a pain in the neck. It won’t be long before I claim the presidency, why are you still caring about her?”

Guo Xiaomei hesitated and found what he said was true. Now she had no choice but to be tied on the ship of Lin Pingchao, because she couldn’t possibly count on Lin Momo.

Thinking of that, she said, “Fine, I’ll do it, but remember to keep your promise.”

“Do not worry, I am a man of my words. Accomplish this mission and I’ll set the director position for you.”

Lin Pingchao didn’t stay long after he finished talking. He left the office of Guo Xiaomei with sneer. He knew the woman well. She had climbed the beds of numerous men and had earned herself deep connections with both the police and the gangs.

Therefore, she was the perfect one to deal with Qin Haodong and it wouldn’t influence Lin Pingchao much even if she failed. He was a vicious guy and held many grudges to Qin Haodong, but he would never face Qin Haodong front as long as there was an option.

After sending away Lin Pingchao, it occurred to Guo Xiaomei that the best way to send Qin Haodong into jail was to seduce him and ruin his reputation in the group. Then she would accuse him to her cousin, and that would be enough to put him in jail for two or three years.

Thinking of that, Guo Xiaomei walked out of the office and went to the infirmary.

Qin Haodong was sitting in the office, drinking tea and chatting with Zhang Zhijie at work.

No female staff dared to harass him after his relationship with Lin Momo had been exposed to the group, because nobody dared to steal the lover of the president. People drop by the see the doctor from time to time, but they left soon after that. Now the infirmary was suddenly vacant.

Zhang Zhijie couldn’t feel better after he took the Physique-Improving Pill Qin Haodong gave him. He was so grateful and respectful to Qin Haodong that he came to work early every morning just to set tea and fruit plate for Qin Haodong.

After they chatted for a while, Qin Haodong’s phone rang. He checked and found it was Nalan Wuxia’s number.

When he was connected, he asked, “Is this about another big case, officer?”

“Who said that? Why can’t I reach you without a case?” Nalan Wuxia sounded dissatisfied. She continued, “I’m off work today. I’ll buy you lunch, do you have time at noon?”

“It’s not usual for Captain Nalan to treat me, but it’s a bit early now. I can’t get off work because I just started, and the restaurants are not even opened yet.”

Nalan Wuxia said, “Then I’ll go to your place and let’s leave together at noon.”

“Fine, I am at the infirmary of Lin’s Group, you can get in here directly.”

Guo Xiaomei checked his plan once more at the door of the infirmary. Then she pushed the door open and entered when Qin Haodong just hung up the phone.

She became more arrogant in the group with Zhao Zhongchen, Lin Zhigao and Lin Pingchao backing her up. She strode to Qin Haodong and Zhang Zhijie. With her chin lifted high, she asked, “Who’s Qin Haodong?”

“I am.” Qin Haodong felt the hostile from this woman. He looked at him and said, “Big sister, what can I do for you?”

“What? Who are you calling ‘big sister'”?

Age was a sensitive issue to women, especially those live on their appearances like Guo Xiaomei; therefore, she had been deeply offended by the “big sister”, glaring and yelling.

“Sorry, I shouldn’t have called you that.” Qin Haodong looked at Guo Xiaomei greeted sincerely, “Morning, miss!”

“Puff.” Zhang Zhijie just sipped some jasmine tea and after he heard Qin Haodng said that, he could no longer hold it. He sprayed it all on Guo Xiaomei.

However, the spot was too awkward. It was right under Guo Xiaomei’s belly, which looked like she had wetted her pants. The funny part was there was a yellow jasmine flower embroidered there.

Guo Xiaomei immediately screamed, ” You jerk. The dress was designed by a French designer just for me. It costs more than 10,000 yuan! You have to pay for it!”

Zhang Zhijie was quite cautious when he worked in the company, and he dared to piss no one off. Moreover, Guo Xiaomei was the deputy director of human resources, and she had a connection with many of the leaders, so he had been flattering her.

He was scared when he heard the dress was worth more than 10,000 yuan because his salary was no more than several thousand yuan per month. He could only afford the dress if he quit eating and drinking for two or three months.

Qin Haodong said like he didn’t care, “10,000 for a dress? Are you blackmailing us? You can tell whoever you want, but we won’t pay for this.”


As angry as Guo Xiaomei was, she suddenly recalled her aim of being here today. She was going to set Qin Haodong up and accused him of sexual harassment, but she was interrupted by him within just a few words. Now everything went to a mess.

She took a long breath and calmed down, then she said to Zhang Zhijie, “You get out!”

“Didn’t you just ask me to pay for your dress? Why do I have to get out now?” Zhang Zhijie asked strangely.

“Get out and I won’t have you pay for it.”

Guo Xiaomei surely knew what was major now, what was more, the dress was a fake one she bought on, which cost her several hundred yuan. She lied to put it on the dog.

“Fine, I’ll go and let you talk.”

Zhang Zhijie said and turned away.

“Hang on!” Qin Haodong stopped him and said, “Doctor Zhang, please stay. My reputation will be ruined by gossips if there are just two of us.”

After he said that, Guo Xiaomei acted like a kitten stepped on its tail. She screamed, “What are you talking about? I am a woman! I’ll be the one suffering loss should anything happen!”

Qin Haodong shook his head and said disdainfully, “There are plenty kinds of women, and those of your kind will certainly ruin my reputation.”

He wasn’t just saying that. He had felt the aura of at least a dozen men on Guo Xiaomei’s body. He didn’t need to ask to know what a mess her private life was.


Guo Xiaomei’s eyes were glaring but she had no way to deal with Qin Haodong. She turned to Zhang Zhijie and said, “Get out or I’ll let you pay for my dress.”

“I’ll stay for Doctor Qin’s fair reputation.”

As scared of the compensation as he was, Zhang Zhijie chose to stand on the side of justice and stayed with Qin Haodong.

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