The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 139 - The Scary Long Legs

Chapter 139 The Scary Long Legs

Even Kukok felt too ashamed to face front when he heard Saburo Sato’s choice. He knew Sato was famous for being despicable, and today he really saw it.

He just praised Saburo Sato as a real warrior, but it turned out that the guy already had his own plan to take advantage of the loophole in Qin Haodong’s words. Even his teammates felt ashamed and lowered their heads when seeing him challenging a woman.

But the staff of Daddy Security Company was all watching Saburo Sato with irony and gloat expression. There were two Ultra Guards in the company, one was the boss, and the other was the woman who had deprived all men’s dignity in here.

Qi Waner’s cultivation level was high above Qin Haodong, and her fighting skills were much mature than Ma Wenzhuo. If anyone should be the most powerful one in the company, that must be this woman.

Now the despicable Japanese man was going to take the advantage, but his choice went right on the most powerful person here. That was very unlucky of him.

Qin Haodong asked with an intriguing smile, “Are you really going to choose her? I suggest you get another one.”

“That’s unnecessary, I am going to challenge the woman. I don’t want to switch to anyone else, no matter how powerful she is.”

Saburo Sato said it in such a righteous and decisive way. It was not easy to find Qin Haodong’s loophole. He was not a strong man after all, and there would be no hope for him to win; he switched to someone else.

After that, he said to Qin Haodong, “Don’t regret then. Let’s make it a deal, and you should keep your words.”

“Why would I regret? You can go to he*l if you want it so much.” Qin Haodong turned back and walked Qi Waner, “The Japanese friend want to challenge you.”

“Why did he pick up a woman to challenge out of so many men?”

Qi Waner didn’t have much good impression of Japanese, so she didn’t want to start with Saburo Sato.

“Mr. Sato chose you because you’re a woman. Maybe he thought women in this country are all push-overs.”

Said Qin Haodong with a bitter smile. Sato was seeking for death, and he wouldn’t mind letting Qi Waner hate Sato more.

Qi Waner’s expression turned cold and said to Saburo Sato, “Come over here.”

After that, she swang her sexy body and walked to the center of the training court.

Seeing the woman’s sexy body, Saburo Sato couldn’t help swallowing. He even imagined if he knocked the woman off, there might be a chance that he could take the woman into his bed for another fight.

Qi Waner seemed to have noticed Saburo Sato’s crazy eye looks. She said in a cold voice, “Are you ready? Then I’ll get started.”

“I’m ready, and can you give me your phone number if you lose?”

Till now, Saburo Sato had been looking down upon Qin Waner. He stood a casual posture and asked the question wit smirk.

“Go to hell!”

Qi Waner raised her long leg after she spat out three words. Then her leg axe-kicked on the top of Saburo Sato’s head.

In Saburo Sato’s eyes, no matter how strong a woman was, she could never be stronger than a man. So he looked down upon on the long and fair leg and reached out to grab her shank.

He thought he could grab Qi Waner’s ankle and pull her directly into his arms. He could win the fight and hug the beauty at the same time, getting two birds with one stone.

But when his hands touched Qi Waner’s thigh. He felt like a mountain crushing on him. The strength was horribly heavy that he had too used up all his strength to lift it up; however, he still couldn’t resist Qi Waner’s legs cutting down kicking.

Saburo Sato was kicked down and kneeled on the ground. After two cracking sound, the kneecaps of his both legs were all broken.

The pain coming from his lower body almost made him passed out, but he didn’t give up hanging on. He was trying hard to resist the cut-down kick with his two arms.

Cracking, cracking. There came another two crackings after his two arms were snapped by Qi Waner. After another flopping sound, Saburo Sato lied down, with face down to the ground, and he passed out without making any sound.

After the move was finished, the big training court of Daddy Security Company went silent. When those men saw Qi Waner’s long legs for the first time, they thought them sexy; however, the only thing they could feel now was horror.

The woman was so horrible. She put Saburo Sato in a coma within one kick. It seemed that she had even shown mercy, or she might’ve sent the guy straightly into hell.

Gao Song had been standing aside and watching. He was going to let Kukok’s fellows teach Qin Haodong a lesson, but he didn’t see this coming. He had no idea why Qin Haodong’s fellows were all so freaky.

Seeing the unconscious Saburo Sato and Cruyff puking blood, he suddenly felt that Qin Haodong’s slapping on his face was so light, and so gentle compared to these two.

Kukok was totally dumbfounded. He had heard about it that Huaxia was a magical land, but he didn’t care about that much. He thought M Country was the most powerful country in the world, which was the reason he thought he could kidnap Qin Haodong to Jiangnan Hospital with the assistance of his bodyguards.

Everything that happened today in front of him had given him a real lesson. A security company that looked no more than ordinary had crushed those proud bodyguards of his.

“Mr. Kukok. Please take away your fellows, we don’t treat them here.”

Qin Haodong could cure Saburo Sato easily, but he was no saint, and he would never treat this despicable guy.

Kukok woke up and waved his hand. The two bodyguards behind carried unconscious Saburo Sato into the car.

“Mr. Qin, I am sorry for my bad manner just now.”

Now Kukok realized that the young man was by no means ordinary, and he couldn’t afford to offend him, so he lowered his proud head.

Qin Haodong waved his hand and said, “Get out of here with you men. You’re just a servant in no position to talk to me.”

“Well…” Kukoc’s face blushed. He was the butler of the Old Maldini. As the saying went, “Even the door man of the prime minister is a high official.” He might be a servant, but all the governors and high officials used to treat him politely. No one got to offend him like this.”

But he had no idea to resist the young man before him. He bowed to Qin Haodong and then went out of Daddy Security Company with his fellows.

Old Maldini was just about to arrive at Jiangnan Hospital, but he had screwed all things up. He failed to invite Qin Haodong and what was worse, he offended the guy. That made him quite annoyed.

“Mr. Kukok, please wait for me.”

At this moment, Gao Song ran up to him from behind.

Kukok got even angrier when seeing his big oily face because he would’ve never offended Qin Haodong if this guy didn’t babble at the first place. Maybe he had already taken the guy to the hospital now.

“Mr. Gao, you can go by yourself.”

Said Kukok as he closed the door and left without turning back.

Gao Song was choked in the dust and exhaust gas behind the car, but he didn’t care. He called a taxi and went to Jiangnan Hospital.

After Kukok left, Qin Haodong waved his hand at Zhang Tieniu, asking him to continue the training with others.

“Papa! Hug!”

The little fellow opened her arms to Qin Haodong.

Qin Haodong was lightened up when seeing his daughter. He took over the little fellow from Nalan Wushuang.

“Tang Tang, did you wash it clean?” Qin Haodong tried to joke with the little fellow.

“Of course. Second Mama helped me with it.” The little fellow giggled and said, “Papa, can I ask you a question?”

“Well, what is it?”

“Do you know whose boobs are bigger, Mama’s or Second Mama’s?”

“Well…” Qin Haodong almost choked by water. He didn’t expect such a sharp question coming from his daughter. One had to make an investigation before he gave the conclusion. He had studied on neither of the two, so there was no way he could answer the question.

Thinking of that, he couldn’t help glancing at Nalan Wushuang’s chest.

Nalan Wushuang heard clearly the dialogue between the father and the daughter. She blushed, but she didn’t know how to deal with the little fellow. Seeing Qin Haodong was staring at his chest, she yelled immediately, “What are you looking at?”

This was also out of Ma Wenzhuo and Qi Waner’s expectation. They were laughing and bending forward and backward.

“Answer my question, Papa.” The little fellow giggled and said.

Qin Haodong dared not to answer the question because he saw Nalan Wushuang’s killing eyes. He would be devastated no matter he answered it was big or small. So he answered, “I don’t know that…”

“Papa’s so stupid. I’ll tell you.” The little fellow pointed with her finger and said, “I saw it during the bath. Auntie Wan’er’s are the biggest.”

“Hey…” Qi Waner was watching this, and she didn’t know she would be involved in. Now Nalan Wushuang was the one laughing herself out.

Qin Haodong looked at Nalan Wushuang and then looked at Qi Waner. He felt the two should be an even, but maybe the little fellow was more precise because she had seen them closely.

“Let’s go eat something, I’m starving.”

Qi Waner turned back and walked to the dining hall in a hurry to conceal her embarrassment. Qin Haodong, the little fellow and other people followed.

In the VIP guest room of Jiangnan Hospital, the director of the Sanity Bureau, Pan Gaofeng and the director of the hospital, Wen Changjiang, were sitting with some people. There were two white men sitting across them, one of them was Qin Haodong’s registered disciple from the World Medical Association, the medical expert, James.

The other one was an old white man in his 80s, he was bald and chubby, kind like a grandpa. He was no one but the world famous financial giant Old Maldini.

A Huaxia man was sitting next to Old Maldini. He was the head of the Department of Sanity of Jiangnan Province, Hou Weiguo. He was here to accompany Old Maldini for the doctor.

Hou Weiguo said to Pan Gaofeng, “Did you get in touch with Qin Haodong, Director Pan. Why am I not seeing him?”

Pan Gaofeng answered with awkwardness, “Sorry, head. I screwed it up. The Deputy Director of the Sanity Bureau went to fetch Mr. Qin, but there must be some misunderstandings between them. So he didn’t bring Mr. Qin to the hospital.”

Hou Weiguo frowned and said, “How could this happen?”

Pan Gaofeng said, “I haven’t heard about the exact situation, but Mr. Maldini’s butler has already gone to invite Mr. Qin, now it’s about time to get back.”

After he said that, the door of the guest room was opened. Kukok entered the room, with frustrated Gao Song following behind.

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