The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 138 - To Challenge That Woman

Chapter 138: To Challenge That Woman

Back then, Zhang Tieniu had not only knocked down Cassano’s body, but also his spirit. Cassano had been striving to promote himself all these years, but he was still unsure if he could take the earth-shattering punch in that day, in his memory.

Fortunately, he had finally made his way out of the failure because Zhang Tieniu had never been heard of ever since then. Now that he saw the man again, the great fear swallowed him, and he had little courage to face Zhang Tieniu.

Zhang Tieniu knocked Cassano within one punch so easily that he could barely recall the man from M Country. So he gave up recalling it because that didn’t matter to him.

“Let’s get started, young man.” He yelled to Cassano.

Kukok had felt something wrong. Zhang Tieniu looked extremely strong, but relatively small compared to Cassano. He was confused about why the captain of his bodyguards lost his courage and showed great fear.

He yelled behind him, “Cassano, now move! Show the Huaxia guy what you’ve got!”

Sweat dripped down along Cassano’s forehead. He clenched his teeth and fists. He thought he could strive to fight Zhang Tieniu once again, then he unclenched after consideration. He barely had any courage to do it.

The man was not an ordinary one at all. He was the Niu God, the shadow of the whole Red Beret, and the one he couldn’t resist at all.

Everyone was confused, Cassano said in a dejected and despondent voice, “Yield.”

“What? What did you say?” Kukok could barely believe his ears. He screamed wildly, “Cassano, a real man would never yield like this!”

Cassano turned back. He felt so relieved when he didn’t need to face Zhang Tieniu. He said, “Sorry, Mr. Kukok, I am so not his match, but I’ll fulfill my promises.”

After that, he started barking like a Dog, “Woof… woof… woof.”

Kukok was completely dumbfounded this time. He had no idea who this Qin Haodong’s strong friend was, and he could never imagine that his captain was scared to bark like a dog.

Other people in the Red Beret had no idea who Zhang Tieniu was, too. They didn’t know he was the legendary Niu God, so they were totally shocked by Cassano’s performance.

Daddy Security Company burst into laughter at first, then all of them applaud. Cheering for Zhang Tieniu.

Ma Wenzhuo exclaimed in surprise. “What the heck? The M Country guy was so funny. Why was he so scared? Is Niu really that horrible? He failed to take the ten moves of mine in our morning practice.”

Qin Haodong glared at the guy. Ma Wenzhuo was in the Foundation Realm. He challenged Zhang Tieniu, who was in the eighth level of Overt Power and talked like that was reasonable. The Foundation Realm was the bottleneck between Overt Power and Covert Power. They might seem close, but the gap in between was significant. If Ma Wenzhuo went familiar with the martial arts moves, Zhang Tieniu wouldn’t even be able to take three of his moves.

Kukok finally realized it and roared to Cassano madly, “Shame! What a shame! You don’t even have the courage to make the first move! From today on, you’re no longer the captain, or the member of the bodyguard team. A coward like you doesn’t deserve to be Old Maldini’s bodyguard.”

“I am sorry!”

Cassano didn’t say more. He bowed to Kukok, then turned back to leave Daddy Security Company. From then on, he had been wandering in Europe and America, and he had never been back to Huaxia ever since.

Qin Haodong looked at Kukok. He smiled and asked, “Mr. Butler, shall we continue?”

Kukok answered in anger, “Of course! That was just an accident. We haven’t made out move yet!”

He turned to and said to other bodyguards, “Whoever knocks down a Huaxia man will be the captain of the team, with one million dollars bonus.”

Those bodyguards were afraid of Zhang Tieniu because Cassano just quitted. But “generous rewards always bring out the bravest of men”, a big black guy stood out after Kukok said that. His name was Cruyff. His skill was a little worse than Cassano, but he was also a leader in the team.

Although Cruyff looked big and tall, he was quite a subtle man. He was now fighting on behalf of the Red Beret. He asked Qin Haodong, “Sir, I can choose any one of your as my opponent. Right?”

Kokuk was disappointed when he heard that, but he had to admit that Cruyff’s move was smart. The big guy, who just scared Cassano away, was not an easy target to deal with. It was wise of him to try to avoid the guy.

Qin Haodong nodded with a smile and answered, “Yes, pick anyone you at your will, including me.”

“You are the boss, I’m not going to choose you.” Cruyff thought to himself that given the power of his staff, it was hard to imagine how powerful the boss could be. He would be a fool to choose Qin Haodong.

He checked around in the team of Daddy Security Company. As an experienced soldier, he could tell the heavy evil spirit given out by those people. They were by no means push-overs.

His eyes turned and stopped on Ma Wenzhuo. He found the young man looking pale and tender, without any obvious muscles or tough aura. That had to be his best option.

“Mr. Qin, can I choose this one?” Cruyff pointed to Ma Wenzhuo and asked.

After he said that. The Daddy Security Company went restless. It was really unwise of this black guy to choose Ma Wenzhuo, the most ruthless one. He might even be able to know how he would be killed.

Ma Wenzhuo had beat almost all the members in Daddy Security Company this morning, and he was definitely the most powerful guy here.

“Are you sure?”

Qin Haodong smiled and asked.

However, their words and expressions were all taken as weakness by Cruyff. He thought he had seen through the weakness of Daddy Security Company. So he answered quickly, “Of course, I hope that Mr. Qin can keep your words and do not regret.”

“OK, I won’t regret it, I hope you won’t, either.” He said as he looked back at Ma Wenzhuo, “Brother Ma, you’ve been looked down upon.”

Ma Wenzhuo was quite upset. He was the owner of the Kylin Genius, but the black guy was taking him as the weakest one.

He strode to the center of the field and said to Zhang Tieniu, “You go back, Niu. I’ll teach the guy a lesson.”

Zhang Tieniu looked at Cruyff with pity. The guy had irritated Brother Ma; may God bless him.

Cruyff didn’t know how stupid he was, and he was still complacent about his choice. He stood in the preparing posture of wrestling and yelled at Ma Wenzhuo, “Huaxia man. I can let you move three steps before me.”

There was an intriguing smile on Ma Wenzhuo’s mouth, “You just said that, then don’t blame me for being ruthless later.”


Cruyff still wanted to say something; however, before he opened his mouth, he saw Ma Wenzhuo’s figure went faint in front of him. Soon he felt like a car running into his chest, and he was shot away like a cannonball.

Before anyone could react, Cruyff had already been kicked away by Ma Wenzhuo. He kicked so hard, and the man was flying so fast that the red beret on his head remained in the spot, falling on the ground later.

At the same time, Cruyff flew away like a ball kicked by a golden shoe, flying in a banana arc and shooting in the football gate far away.

Everybody was silent. No one had imagined that the outstanding team member of the Red Beret, Cruyff, was so vulnerable in when facing the young man. He could barely act before he was kicked. His failure was so complete and spectacular.

Kukok could barely close his eyes and mouth. He pushed the golden-frame glasses on his face, and found it hard to believe that just happened.

The Red Beret impressed him for being the elite of the elite. Every one of them was extraordinary, but today, they failed in succession in a small security company in Huxia. Their captain was scared away at first, and Cruyff was kicked away now. That was a lot for him to process.

Looking back at Qin Haodong who still looked relaxed, he finally realized it. He thought the young man was bragging, but now it seemed that that was because he was confident enough. Everyone in the company was power enough to kill his fellows in a second.

At the same time, Cruyff climbed out of the football gate and spit much blood. He then walked back with depression. He should feel lucky that he was here today, not yesterday when Ma Wenzhuo wasn’t able to control his strength. One kick would send him to God then.

He walked over to Kukok and said with guilt, “Sorry for having embarrassed you.”

“Just go back.” Kukok waved his hand helplessly, then he said to others in the team, “Anyone who still wants to try? I’ll pay him two million dollars if he could beat one of them.”

This time after he said that, the team remained silent. No one stood out. Although generous rewards always brought out the bravest of men, that only happened when there was still hope. Ma Wenzhuo’s kick just now was so astonishing that everyone had been freaked out.

They are very familiar with each other and they knew Cruyff was definitely the strongest among them all. If he wasn’t able to take that kick, other people would be hopeless.

“Now what? Aren’t you all the elite of M Country? Aren’t you the Red Beret? At least have some courage to fight!”

Kukok asked the series of questions. On the one hand, he couldn’t live with the shame, on the other hand, he had no idea how he would face Old Maldini that was coming here soon.

A yellow guy stood out of the team; he was Saburo Sato from Japan. He spoke it out loud, “Mr. Kukok, I want to challenge the Huaxia guy.”

Kukok was happy to hear that, but he was confused because Saburo Sato ranked only in the middle of even below average among the 20 bodyguards of his. He wondered why the guy had the guts.

“Great, Sato, you’re the real warrior,” Kukoc said as he patted Saburo Sato’s shoulder.

“Mr. Kukoc, I will not let you down.” Saburo Sato said righteously, then he strode to Qin Haodong and asked again, “Mr. Qin, you sure I can challenge anyone in this yard, right?”

Qin Haodong nodded and confirmed it. “Beat anyone of us, and you will be the winner.”

Saburo Sato smiled impudently. He raised his hand, pointing someone far-away and saying, “I want to challenge the woman.”

Everyone looked at the direction he pointed at, only to see Nalan Wushuang and Qi Waner bringing the little fellow out of the bathroom. Saburo Sato was pointing at Qi Waner.

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