The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 103 - A Secret Dose to Bear a Son

Chapter 103: A Secret Dose to Bear a Son

Lin Momo was born rich, and she had never experienced the suffering of ordinary people. She asked in confusion, “Your grandpa is a Chinese medicine practitioner, isn’t he? I heard them make lots of money now. Then why was your life so hard?”

Qin Haodong explained, “It’s true he is a Chinese medicine practitioner, but he cared little about money. He never charges his patient for diagnosing, and the price of medicine could barely cover the cost. He even gave medicine to the poor for free. So he doesn’t made much money.”

“He had also paid for the expenses for his two son’s wedding and housing, so his life was quite straitened these days. That’s why his two sons think traditional Chinese medicine is not profitable, and nobody wants to learn his medical skills. My aunt once wanted to learn from him, but grandpa was such a feudal person. He said the skills could only be passed to sons, not daughters. So he didn’t teach my aunt. But I was interested in it when I was young, so I’ve learned a lot from him.”

Lin Momo nodded and said, “You were a lucky and unlucky one. You were unlucky being abandoned by your parents, but you were lucky to have a nice family full of kind people.”

Qin Haodong said, “No exactly. My grandparents were kind and nice people, so are my uncle and my aunt, however; their two sons, my two uncles, they didn’t inherit my grandpa’s medical skills. They fool around the streets all day and don’t work at all. They tried every day to steal my grandpa’s money.”

Lin Momo said, “It’s hard to say. Brothers born of the same parents can differ greatly from each other.”

Qin Haodong said, “I was going to earn my tuition fee by working in Jiangnan Hospital, so I didn’t go back. Now I’ve earned some money, I should go back and check.”

Lin Momo said, “That what you should do. Your grandparents and aunts are so nice to you, you should pay them back. Well, how about I skip the morning work today and let’s go buy some gifts for them.”

Qin Haodong looked at her and smiled. He said, “You’re fitting in the role as their granddaughter-in-law so fast. Why not go back with me, so that my grandmother won’t force me into some blind date.”

Lin Momo flushed and said, “Pah. I don’t care if you’re going for a blind date or not. Do as many as you want.”

Qin Haodong said, “Are you sure you don’t want to go back with me?”

“I…” Lin Momo lowered her head and muttered, “Is it really appropriate for me to go back with you? I am afraid that grandparents will look down on me.”

It turned out that she had always felt inferior to Qin Haodong because she was a woman with a kid, and he was a handsome and outstanding young man.

Qin Haodong said. “What’s the big deal? My grandparents and aunt are all nice person. They’ll be so happy when seeing you and Tang Tang.”

“Well then. I’ll think about it.” Lin Momo then asked, “So where’s the hometown we’ve being talking about.”

Qin Haodong said, “It’s not that far. It’s in Wufeng County of Jiangnan City, less than two hours’ ride.”

Jiangnan City had two counties and five districts. Wufeng County was one of the remotest one, about 150 kilometres from Jiangnan City.

“Wufeng County?” Lin Momo said, “You can go back first today. I’ll go to Wufeng County for a negotiation of a project a few days later. I’ll go visit your grandparents and your aunt then.”

The little fellow yelled, “Me, too! I want to see grandpa and grandma!”

Qin Haodong took her in his arms and said, “That’s my grandpa and grandma. You can’t call them in the same way, you should call them grand-grandpa and grand-grandma.”

He said to Lin Momo again, “And take Tang Tang with you. Show her the place where I grew up.”

“Great, great! Papa is the nicest!” The little fellow said as she held and kissed Qin Haodong’s neck.

Qin Haodong and Lin Momo dropped the little fellow off to school after breakfast, then they went shopping for the gift.

Lin Momo had bought so many things that their Lamborghini Centenario and Porsche 911 couldn’t carry. That was when the Honda could be used. The front passenger seat and the truck were all full.

When everything was dealt, Lin Momo went back to the company for work. Qin Haodong drove the car off Jiangnan City and went straight to Wufeng County.

His Dami phone rang as soon as he pulled in the express way. It was Nalan Wuxia’s number.

Qin Haodong slowed down and answered the phone with a smile, “Officer, need a free labor again today? I’m afraid it’s not going to work because I’m out of town.”

Nalan Wuxia said, “Well, then that’s a pity. I was going to buy you a meal. It looks like money has been saved.”

“Buy me a dinner, really? Why is that?”

“Let’s be straight. I’m promoted.” Nalan Wuxia sounded excited, “The case yesterdays was done well. We’ve captured nearly 1,000-kilogram drugs. After the case was reported to the bureau of the city, Liu Bingzhong was removed from the positon of Deputy Director because he interfered the case and nearly influenced the detection of this major case.”

“Captain Wang was promoted to the Deputy Director because his contribution in this case, and I took over his position as the capital of the criminal unit.”

“That’s a good thing. Congratulations! But I am really out of town now. I’ll go and celebrate it for you and Captain Wang as long as I am back.”

Qin Haodong was actually impressed by Wang Jianfeng after the several times they’ve met. He surely was more impressed by Nalan Wuxia, and the two’s promotion was really a great thing to celebrate.

Nalan Wuxia hanged up the phone after they chatted for a while. Qin Haodong sped up and entered Wufeng County an hour later.

Qin Haodong grew up in this small county, so he was familiar with the place. Soon he reached a narrow street in the west of the small town.

His grandpa was named Li Qingshan who ran a clinic in the street. The clinic was named Jishi (In Chinese “济世”, saving the world) because he always stressed that a doctor needed to save all people in the world, that was how the clinic got its name.

The clinic was small, right in the small yard where Li Qingshan lived. The three principal rooms were for the family and one of them was where Qin Haodong lived. The other three rooms by the gate were used for the clinic.

Qin Haodong found four more cars parked at the gate of the clinic when he entered the narrow street, and there were lots of onlookers. Most of them were leaning on the gate and trying to peek. It looked like they were trying to watch what was happening, but they dared not to go inside.

Qin Haodong wondered if anything had happened to his family, but that’s hardly possible because Li Qingshan always smiled at those patients who could not pay, and he never argued with anyone.

As the car approaching, Qin Haodong heard the quarrel in the yard. He pulled over the car and walked to the gate fast.

A man in his forties was sitting on a couch in the Jishi Clinic and yelling arrogantly, “Smash everything here! We’ll see if he still insists not to give me the dose.”

After he said that, ten more ruffians in the room waved the steel pipes and machete in their hands. They smashed the place, everything including the bottles and instruments into pieces. The whole room was clattering.

“Bai Wenjie, the bastard, how dare you smash my clinic. I’m going to kill you!”

An old man in his seventies in a long robe was yelling. He rushed over and tried to fight the bald man but he was too old and too angry. After a sudden dizzy, his body leaned aside and collapsed backwards.

Fortunately, a dmiddle-aged woman and a girl in her 20s came forward and supported the old man.

The girl pulled over a chair and seated the old man on it. The middle-aged woman said, “Dad. There’s no need to be angry with the bastard. Evil people like him will be punished someday.”

The old man was Qin Haodong’s grandfather, Li Qingshan. The middle-aged woman was his aunt Li Shulan, and the young girl was the sister who grew up with him, Wang Rubing.

“You beast. You’ll suffer from your karma someday.”

Seeing his life-long work had been destroyed by those ruffians, Li Qingshan trembled in anger, but he had no way to deal with these people.

“Bai Wenjie, you’ve crossed the line. I’ve already called the police.”

“Police? That’s rich.” Bai Wenjie laughed out loud like he had heard the most ridiculous thing. After that he said, “Little girl, the whole Wufeng County is my place, the director of the Public Security Bureau if my brother-in-law. What if you call the police? You can hold and see if there will be anyone who dares to interfere my business.”

At the same time, the ruffians had already smashed almost everything in the clinic. A yellow hair ruffian came over. He bowed and said, “Brother, we’ve smashed all of it. The only thing left was the old man’s bones.”

Bai Wenjie said, “What are you implying? I have a reputation here for being reasonable, and I just promised I would just smash the clinic. Maybe next time we can break those old bones.”

After that, he smirked at LinLi Qingshan and said, “You see? Old man? We’re bad tempered brothers, and write me the prescription now! Or your old bones will be cracked by our anger, that’s going to be ugly.”

Wang Rubing said, “We don’t have the prescription to bear a son or a daughter, how can I write that?”

Bai Wenjie sneered and said, “Little girl, you’re too young to fool me around. I’ve heard it from someone else clearly that the old man has the secret dose. One will bear a son as long as she take the dose.”

Li Qingshan was furious. He said, “In your dreams! I have my own principle as a doctor. It’s against nature’s will to decide the gender of babies. There will be karma, and I’ll never give the prescription to a evil man like you even if I have it.”

Bai Wenjie turned sullen. He walked to Li Qingshan and said, “Old man, I’m telling you once more. I’m rich. I have three daughters yet no son. Who will inherit the billions inheritance of mine? I’ll leave as long as you give me the prescription. You can be a doctor as you like and I’ll have a son. Everybody will be happy then.”

“If you don’t do what I say. I’ll turn over your clinic first and then broke your old bones. We’ll see which is tougher, your tongue or your bone?”

Li Qingshan was trembling out of anger, he said angrily, “I dare you to go against the law! Just kill me if you can!”

Bai Wenjie said, “Old man! You’re such a dotard! It’s just a prescription! Are you going to take it into your coffin?” “I tell you what! Don’t try to take the advantage of your old age, or you have no idea how you’ll die!”

Li Shulan pointed at him and swore, “You can’t have a son because you’ve done too many bad things. Last year, seven people died on your mine field. You didn’t pay the compensation and beat their family. You earned enough last year but you held the worker’s wages. How could an evil man like you have a son?”

Bai Wenjie’s face turned gloomy. He said with a twisted face, “I have to teach you a lesson, or you’ll think I am a push-over.”

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