The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 102 - Call From Aunt

Chapter 102 Call From Aunt

After dinner, the three left the restaurant. The car was driven so fast that they were back in the Lin’s Villa within one hour.

He was eager to go to bed while arriving, but the little fellow was so excited for the position she had won today. She was jumping nad playing around in the living room and seemed not tired at all.

At last, he could no longer bear the tiredness, so he said, “Tang Tang, time to sleep. Just go to bed.”

“Papa, Tang Tang was so happy today. I’m not tired at all, can you play with me?”

Qin Haodong actually couldn’t wait to “play” with the girl’s mom. He said, “Well, it’s too late. We’ll disturb our neighbors.”

The little fellow blinked and looked at him. Then she said, “We live in a separate villa. We don’t have neighbors.”

“Well…” That was when Qin Haodong realized that the Lin’s Villa was a single house without any neighbor.

“Well, Tang Tang, Papa has been busy for a whole day long. Now he’s tired, let’s go to sleep.”

“OK. Papa can go to sleep because he’s tired.” Qin Haodong felt joyful to see the little fellow was finally persuaded, but then she said, “Go to bed, Papa. I’ll play with Mama.”

“Emm…” Qin Haodong looked quite disappointed. He wanted the little fellow to sleep so that he could play with her mom.

He seated himself in the sofa and looked at Tang Tang in despair. He wondered why the girl couldn’t share her daddy’s feelings. Just go to sleep!

An intriguing smile emerged on Lin Momo’s cool face after she saw Qin Haodong’s upset face.

The little fellow didn’t stop playing and go to bed until mid-night. She held Lin Momo’s and Qin Haodong’s hand, falling asleep with a happy face.

Feeling the little fellow’s rhythmical breath, Qin Haodong held Lin Momo’s hand and whispered, “Tang Tang fell asleep.”

Lin Momo flushed because she seemed to have felt Qin Haodong’s intention. She whispered, “I know, let’s go to sleep.”

Qin Haodong said with an evil grin, “Sleep? The night is too good to sleep over. Don’t you know that ‘every minute of the wedding night is priceless’?”

He said that and reached out to hold the little fellow. He put the little fellow on his side, then he turned over and lay beside Lin Momo.

“What are you doing?” Lin Momo seemed to be nervous, her voice was trembling, making her more attractive.

“Why do you ask? You’ve already known it.” Qin Haodong quickly held Lin Momo in his arms and kissed her hard.

“No! Tang Tang’s still here.” Lin Momo tried to push Qin Haodong away on his chest, but she was not strong enough.

“It doesn’t matter, the bed is so enough, and we won’t touch her. She’s too tired and wouldn’t wake up with a while.”

After he said that, his two hands started to invade Lin Momo’s good-shaped body.

“No… I just can’t.” Lin Momo continued.

“Why not? Don’t you like me?” Qin Haodong asked.

“Yes… I like you… but…” Lin Momo stammered. The bossy president was now acting like a little girl falling in her first love. Before she could finish, Qin Haodong pressed his wide lips on hers. He turned dominating and passionate, like he had been fully turned on.

However, when his big hand reached the certain part, he was suddenly frozen and stopped immediately.

Lin Momo was getting shier and shier. She whispered, “I said I can’t.”

Qin Haodong lay on the bed in disappointment and asked with disappointment, “When did she arrive?”

Lin Momo laughed and said, “Just now.”

Qin Haodong was complaining to himself that God must be fooling him around. It had taken him so much work to persuade her, and now Aunt Flo was coming. Can this be any sadder?

Despite that he failed to realize his ultimate dream, he could finally share the bed with the woman he loved. It was better than to sleep alone with such a beauty in his arms.

After a while, Qin Haodong fell asleep with Qin Haodong in his arms. Lin Momo was shy at first, but later she got used to Qin Haodong’s hug. She felt safe more than ever, so she slept very well.

Early the next morning, the two were hugging each other and sleeping soundly. They were woken up by the little fellow’s scream.

“Papa, Mama, what are you doing?”

It turned out that the two were sleeping soundly that the sun was now hanging high in the sky. Tang Tang had already woke up. She sat there and watched the two with her curious and beautiful eyes.

Lin Momo opened his eyes and she was holding Qin Haodong’s neck. They were so close that she could feel his breath. Qin Haodong’s hands were in her pajamas.

She came clear immediately when seeing the little fellow. She flushed and pushed Qin Haodong away, getting both of his hands out of her pajamas.

Qin Haodong looked back at the fellow. He felt sorry because he had taken her place. He said, “Papa and Mama are sleep.”

“Then why are you hugging each other?” The little fellow asked again.

“Well, that’s because… your mommy’s a restless sleeper, so I hugged her in case she fell on the floor.”

Even that bad excuse had taken Qin Haodong long to come up with it.

“But Papa, I was the one in the middle, why are you in my place?”

“Well… I don’t know that, either. Maybe you’re a restless sleeper, too. You moved yourself there.”

“Oh! Then I’ll behave myself during sleep, or I may fall on the floor!”

The little fellow muttered to herself.

Seeing Qin Haodong fooling her daughter around, Lin Momo reached out and pinched Qin Haodong on his waist. Then pain made Qin Haodong grin, but he never screamed out.

At the same time, Qin Haodong’s phone rang by the bedside.

“Papa, it’s your phone.” The little guy ran over and fetched Qin Haodong’s broken Dami phone.

Lin Momo said, “Why are you still using that phone? You should change for a new one.”

“You’re the boss who hasn’t paid me yet, how can I afford that?” Qin Haodong said with a cheeky smile, “It doesn’t matter as long as it still works. My phone may look old and broken, but it has got all I need and is of nice quality.”

After that, he checked the number on the phone. His expression turned serious immediately, and pressed the answer button quickly.

“Dong, did you get up?” The one on the other side of the phone was greeting nicely. The voice might not sound that sweet, but it felt warm.

“Aunt, I just got up.” Qin Haodong replied.

Lin Momo looked quite surprised as she was watching this. Qin Haodong was too often a cheeky and carefree guy, and she had never seen him talking so seriously.

The woman on the other side of the phone said, “Dong, why don’t you pay a visit to us? It’s already summer vacation. Your grandparents miss you so much because you didn’t even come back during the Chinese New Year. It’s been almost a year since last time our family had a reunion lunch.”

Qin Haodong said: “Aunt, I was working in Jiangnan, so I didn’t go back.”

“You’re a tough kid. Just tell us if you need money. I’ll transfer it to your bank account. Your uncle and I might be low paid, but we don’t use much, either. Moreover, your sister is graduating this year, so you don’t have to worry about tuition fee next year. I’ve already prepared it for you.”

“I understand, aunt.”

Qin Haodong could feel their care on the other side of the phone, and his eyes turned steamy.

“So just quit the job and come back. Your grandma has been missing you for days. He wanted to come back and find a wife.”

Qin Haodong said, “Understood, I’ll be back today.”

“Okay then, just hurry up. Your sister is already back. I’ll make your favorite braised pork when we get together.”

She said a little more to Qin Haodong, and then hung up.

Qin Haodong put away his phone and said, “Sorry, I can’t go to work today. I want to go back to my hometown and have to take a week off.”

“A week off and find a wife?” Lin Momo looked at Qin Haodong with an intriguing expression.

She just heard everything in the phone just now because the phone was too old, and everything in the room was so quiet, including the little fellow.

“Okay, okay, Papa’s going to find a wife, Tang Tang will have a new Mama!” The little fellow jumped on the bed out of joy when she heard the news.

Qin Haodong looked embarrassed and he said, “That’s a joke. Why would I go find a wife?”

Lin Momo seemed not to believe this at all. He added and explained, “My grandma is getting older, so she wants me to get married all these years, and I have nothing to do with that. She didn’t know I have a girlfriend. And if she knew I have a beauty like you, she would never ask me to do that.”

“Well then, I’ll trust you this time.” Lin Momo said, “The one calling you was your aunt, and she mentioned your grandparents. How about your parents?”

Qin Haodong looked depressed and said, “I don’t even know who they are, how could she mention that?”

Lin Momo looked surprised and asked, “What happened?”

Qin Haodong sighed and said, “I was an orphan abandoned by my parents on the road side. I was so lucky to meet an old Chinese medicine practitioner passing by and taking me home. He adopted me. I take the Chinese medicine practitioner and his wife as grandparents, and the aunt just calling me just now is their young daughter.”

“OK.” Lin Momo didn’t know the story of Qin Haodong’s family background before. She said, “The family must be nice to you. Your aunt really cared about you in the phone.”

Qin Haodong said, “Grandparents were nice to me, even nicer than their real grandchildren. My aunt was even better, she was like my real mom though we don’t share the same blood. It was the third day after aunt gave birth to her daughter when I was taken to the family, so she raised me and my sister together.”

“My sister was often hungry because I ate too much. Now every time we meet, she would complain that I stole her meals and stunted her.”

Qin Haodong smiled when he thought of the story. It seemed that he enjoyed the days with his family so much.

He paused and added, “My aunt was a primary school teacher and they didn’t pay her well. My uncle worked in a company but was later fired. He earned money by doing part-time jobs outside. We were doing just fine at first, but we could barely make ends meet when my sister and I were admitted to the university at the same time. My aunt was so provident that she had never bought any new clothes for years. She save the money for our tuition fee.”

“That was also part of the reason why I didn’t go back home at during Chinese New Year, neither did my sister. We were all working outside, hoping to ease the economic burden of the family.”

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