The Devious First-Daughter

Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Mother Yun Escapes to Her Sister’s Home

Ning Zu’an stood up, glanced at Madam Ling, and left quickly, disregarding her screaming.

“Was Ning Ziyan innocent?” Ning Xueyan sneered in her mind. Ning Ziyan framed her for having adultery, stole her fiance, and asked others to drown her. How could Ning Ziyan be innocent!

“Madam Ling, this is just beginning, you’ll take on the responsibility you deserve.”

The next day, the scandal of the Lord Protector’s Manor shocked the court!

Many officials impeached Ning Zu’an in court. They said that Ning Zu’an had hidden the news of his co-wife’s death and dared to hold a wedding ceremony regardless of rituals and principles. Such a vicious act was abhorrent!

In the end, it was proved that it was Madam Ling’s fault and she should be the one to blame. But Ning Zu’an was the Marquis and should be responsible for it as well. If he had valued his co-wife, he should have known about her death and this scandal would not have happened.

Such a big scandal happened in the Lord Protector’s Manor. His Majesty was so angry that he threw the memorial to the throne to Ning Zu’an and asked him to read it while kneeling. And as for Madam Ling, if not for Ning Zu’an’s entreaty and that she was the mother of Ning Zu’an’s only son, she would have been killed directly.

“Young Lady, Madam Ling has been taken to the palace by the people sent by the empress. I heard that her title of First-class Marchioness will be stripped and she will be beaten 20 times!” Mother Han had pried the information in the morning. When she came into Ning Xueyan’s room, she could not help screaming with happiness.

Ning Xueyan just got up and had not cleaned up yet, sitting at the window. Listening to Mother Han’s words, she showed a slight smile.

The punishment from the empress would not only punish Madam Ling’s body, but also destroy her dignity as the Marchioness.

Madam Ling was Ning Zu’an’s Official Wife, but she was no longer the First-class Marchioness. It meant that she could not stop Ning Zu’an from marrying someone else as the Marchioness. At that time, she would become the co-wife.

This totally humiliated Madam Ling!

“Is she back?” The Imperial Morning Conference had been over for a while.

“Not yet. But the doctors are ready there, just waiting for Madam Ling to come back for treatment. I heard that the punishment in the palace is more severe than that of the manor. 20 floggings would disable someone!” Mother Han said in a low voice, “It’s better to…”

“Mother Han, this can’t be talked about!” Ning Xueyan became serious at once and reminded Mother Han.

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell others.” Mother Han immediately nodded, looked around carefully, and left.

When Ning Zu’an came back from the palace, the bloody Madam Ling had been sent back.

The doctors who had been waiting hurried to treat her. The people in the manor were all flustered.

No one expected Mother Yun, who had been locked in the firewood room, to escape.

Of course, Ning Xueyan knew that!

Qingyu, who monitored Mother Yun secretly, returned and was called to dress up Ning Xueyan.

Today, she would keep vigil for her mother in the main hall, accepting the condolences of the guests. The Lord Protector’s Manor would hold a funeral for Madam Ming with the standard of Official Wife to show that they did not maltreat Madam Ming to cover up the scandal.

“Young Lady, Mother Yun didn’t return to her home, but went to her sister’s on East Street early in the morning. Do I need to monitor her?”

Qingyu asked while dressing up Ning Xueyan.

Qingyu’s eyes were bright and her face was full admiration for Ning Xueyan. But for the same face as before, she could not believe that her weak and cowardly master would become so smart and powerful, and even predicted that Mother Yun would not escape to her own home.

Such a Young Lady made her unconsciously convinced, and also made her happy. Her mistress was no longer the obedient Fifth Young Lady!

“Don’t worry about her. You needn’t monitor her for the time being. Did you bring the powder I wanted?” Ning Xueyan stood up and asked. It was not the best time to expose Mother Yun’s escape.

“Yes. Everyone was in chaos in the morning. So I went to the pharmacy at that time and found the powder you mentioned. Here you are. Is it what you wanted?” Qingyu took out the powder hidden in her arms and put it on the table.

Ning Xueyan looked at it. It was exactly what she needed. She nodded and said, “Go to the garden and take a few pots of malus halliana koehne for me.”

Malus halliana koehne was one of Madam Ling’s favorite flowers, and it was fully blooming at this time.

“Qingrui, why are you just coming back now? Where were you last night?” Mother Han’s voice in the yard came in with dissatisfaction.

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