The Devious First-Daughter

Chapter 10

Chapter 10 The Maid Who Took Advantage of Her Power

Ning Xueyan looked out and saw that Qingrui was back.

She was another first maid of Ning Xueyan, but in fact, she was one of Madam Ling’s people. She usually relied on Madam Ling’s influence and had bullied Ning Xueyan much.

Whatever happened in Bright Frost Garden was always known by Madam Ling’s side first, and that was all because Qingrui was trying to curry favor with her.

It could be said that this Qingrui was put in Bright Frost Garden by Madam Ling to monitor Ning Xueyan. She likely also had something to do with Madam Ming’s death.

There was something odd about Madam Ming’s death.

“Of course I have something to do. The first miss gets married, it’s an important issue. I have to help her. Unlike you, you can also rely on the Second Madam to be lazy.” Qingrui, dressed in a beautiful new satin dress, looked disdainfully and sneered at Mother Han, who was covered in coarse linen and white cloth.

“Qingrui, how dare you say that!” Mother Han was trembling with anger as she cursed in rage.

“Give your fire a rest, Madam, you’re also so old. What kind of temper do you have so early in the morning? The Fifth Young Lady needs to get up, and you should go serve her now!”

Qingrui lifted up her head. With Madam Ling backing her, she was not afraid of Mother Han, so she twisted her waist to walk toward her room. She did not want to come if the First Madam urged her.

She was just a dying thing that kept consuming medicine. What was so important about it?

Ning Xueyan stood silently at the window, watching Qingrui’s brilliant red skirt disappear around the corner. Only then did she raise her voice and call out, “Mother Han.”

Hearing Ning Xueyan’s call, Mother Han, not caring her anger toward Qingrui, hurriedly put down her things and went in. “Young lady, do you want to have breakfast? Please wait for a moment. Qingrui is not here today. Qingyu went to fetch it. She’s a little late.”

Ning Xueyan’s food had always been taken from the kitchen by Qingrui, but this food was often replaced by her. Madam Ming was ill and Ning Xueyan was cowardly. How could she argue with Qingrui because of this?

“Madam, have Qingrui get the noon meal.” With her thoughts turning, Ning Xueyan had come up with a countermeasure, and a cold smile appeared on her pale face.

This issue could perhaps break Madam Ling’s reach into Bright Frost Garden. If Madam Ling suffered losses this time, she would never let it go. So, she should start at a faster pace and take advantage of Madam Ling’s business…

White flags fluttered, and cries were heard in the mourning hall of the Lord Protector’s Manor.

Ning Xueyan knelt in front of the coffin, burned paper offerings and incense. She was clad in white and looked gaunt. She was exhausted after having knelt for a morning, and her eyes had turned red because of constant crying, which made people feel sorry for her! The guests who came to pay their respects sighed for her when they learned that her biological mother had lost her life and had been treated unfairly. Everyone felt that Madam Ling had done too much.

She finally had time after launch. Then, she greeted the guests who last came to the hall.

Except for her, the other one knelt in front of the coffin was the Fourth Young Lady, Ning Lingyun. She was the daughter of the aunt, so she naturally had to kneel in front of the coffin with Ning Xueyan as an act of filial piety. Although she was just a common woman, she kept flattering Madam Ling’s daughter, and she also very much despised Ning Xueyan, thinking that Ning Xueyan simply could not compare with her.

At this point, seeing that no one was coming, she stopped pretending to mourn and let her old maid take some food. She also ignored Ning Xueyan and ate on the small table at the side.

At this time, it was unlikely that anyone would come, so people attending the coffin had slackened off.

“Young lady, why hasn’t Qingrui brought the food yet?”

Qingyu went to the door, looked outside, and then looked at Ning Lingyun who was eating. She then walked to Ning Xueyan and asked anxiously.

The Fourth Young Lady had eaten almost all her food. Why didn’t Qingrui bring the food over? This girl was in poor health and had been busy all morning. If she was hungry, she could even faint.

“Don’t worry, I’m not hungry, Qingyu. First, go to Madam Dowager and ask Mother Qin if she has the Frigid Pill for Madam Dowager. Just say that my chest is congested and I want some Frigid Pills to lift my spirits. Then, go back to Bright Frost Garden and get some of my clothes. I’m a little cold.”

Ning Xueyan picked up the paper offerings nearby and watched the fire in the stove burn slowly while speaking softly.

An elderly lady like Madam Dowager would have these refreshing Frigid Pills at hand, which could lift her spirits and relieve slight symptoms such as chest tightness and asthma when she felt uncomfortable.

“Yes, I will go right away,” Qingyu hurriedly replied when she heard that Ning Xueyan was having trouble breathing. She did not dare to be slow, so she stood up and hurried to Madam Dowager’s auspicious courtyard.

Not long after she left, the maid Qingrui walked in with a teapot, followed by a woman carrying a basket of food. This time, she looked quite normal outside as she had on a plain white dress. Ning Xueyan, kneeling on the ground, saw a small piece of red under the white dress with her sharp eyes, which appeared from time to time when she was walking.

Ning Xueyan quietly withdrew her eyes and sneered in her heart.

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