The Devious First-Daughter

Chapter 44

Chapter 44 An Extra Phoenix Hairpin

Ning Yuling was unsatisfied when she first heard that she was had the same reward as Ning Xueyan’s. But when she heard that she could still get a Phoenix Hairpin, she looked up at Honored Consort Ya in surprise. Her eyes were widened and she was very happy. Then she turned to Ning Xueyan and glared at her with satisfaction.

The Phoenix Hairpin was not something that ordinary people could have!

Only the consort of the royal family could be called the Phoenix. “Since Honored Consort Ya noble rewards me with such a Phoenix Hairpin, she must be satisfied with me and wants me to marry the Third Prince.” Ning Yuling thought in mind.

Madam Dowager also was very happy and relaxed. Unexpectedly, Honored Consort Ya didn’t ask about the trouble Ning Yuling made before, which pleased Madam Dowager. She deliberately asked Ning Yuling to dress up and then come here in order to Ning Yuling could leave a good impression to Honored Consort Ya.

The jewelry and brocade were put on the table by the palace maids one by one, beautiful and noble!

“Why does she also have a Phoenix Hairpin?” Ning Yuling was smugly looking at her own reward. Suddenly, she turned around and saw that there also was a gold Phoenix Hairpin in Ning Xueyan’s ornamental box. Although it was not as beautiful as her, it still was not a common product, so Ning Yuling could not help crying out at once.

She was so angry because she thought Ning Xueyan didn’t deserve the Phoenix Hairpin.

“Maybe the palace maids brought an extra Phoenix Hairpin. Fine, give it to Fifth Young Lady!” Honored Consort Ya waved her hand at will and said as if she didn’t care much about it.

How could the palace maids bring an extra Phoenix Hairpin that couldn’t be sent at will? Ning Xueyan sneered in his mind but didn’t show it on her face. She stepped backward, bowed respectfully and saluted. “Your Highness, thank you for your rewards. But I’m not qualified to own this Phoenix Hair. I don’t dare to accept it.”

She didn’t want to be Third Prince’s Co-consort, so she couldn’t receive this Phoenix Hairpin. This one was lower than Ning Yuling’s. And the two Phoenix Hairpins represented the Consort and Co-consort. Unexpectedly, the Honored Consort Ya didn’t say anything on the surface, but rewarded her with this Phoenix Hairpin. If Ning Xueyan accepted it, she wouldn’t make it clear!

“She dares to refuse my mother’s Phoenix Hairpin!” The Third Prince was slightly unhappy, thinking in mind.

Although he had heard before that she didn’t want to marry into the Royal family, he didn’t expect her to give up the opportunity when it was there. This made the Third Prince who was loved by countless Young Ladies stricken. He lowered his head and play with the folding fan in his hands without saying a word.

Madam Dowager also reacted at this time and hastily explained. “Honored Consort Ya, you really think highly of her. How dare she accept such a valuable Phoenix Hairpin.”

Hearing that, Honored Consort Ya looked at the gold Phoenix Hairpin for a while and pretended she suddenly recalled something, then said, “Oh, it’s my negligence. Change a gold hairpin for the Fifth Young Lady.”

The palace maid immediately took away the Phoenix Hairpin and replaced it with an ordinary one.

This matter seemed to be just a misunderstanding.

Ning Xueyan knew that the Honored Consort Ya really wanted her to marry Third Prince. Ning Xueyan knew herself well. She always was in bad health. It was possible that she might die quickly after the marriage. So no one wanted to marry her.

The Co-consort of the Third Prince was also noble.

Why did the Honored Consort Ya feel satisfied with her and repeatedly hinted to Madam Dowager? Because she was the daughter of the Madam Ming? Honored Consort Ya had met Madam Ming secretly, did they have a good personal relationship? If so, why didn’t she send someone to worship Madam Ming since she died? Did Honored Consort Ya have other intentions…

After rebirth, Ning Xueyan habitually considered things in a comprehensive way. The tragedy of her Last Life told her that things could be traced!

Honored Consort Ya and Third Prince for a short time and left. Ning Yuling was also asked to leave by Madam Dowager while Ning Xueyan was left behind. Under the light, Madam Dowager’s face couldn’t be seen clearly and her look was cold. Ning Xueyan stood there, bowing her head and saying nothing.

“Would you like to marry the Third Prince?” Madam Dowager asked slowly while staring at Ning Xueyan closely.

“I don’t want to!” Ning Xueyan firmly said, looking up at Madam Dowager respectfully. “Grandmother, I knew the meaning of Honored Consort Ya. But I really don’t want to marry the Third Prince.”

“Why? Since ancient times, marrying into the Royal family means wealth and rank. Marrying Third Prince, you’ll get more wealth and rank. Even though you’ll be the co-consort, it’s possible that you’ll have great wealth in the future. You really don’t want to?” Madam Dowager didn’t express her meaning clearly, but Ning Xueyan understood.

If the Third Prince became the next emperor in the future, things would change greatly. Those women who married him before, including consort, co-consort, and concubines, all would be exalted and enjoy countless wealth.

Ning Xueyan respectfully and gently replied, “Grandmother, as a Young Lady, I shouldn’t have said that. But since grandmother asked me to stay, I don’t want to conceal. The marriage of Third Prince and second sister is secretly agreed by you and Honored Consort Ya. Second sister likes the Third Prince. I would not like to get involved with them. Both second sister and I are the Young Ladies of Lord Protector’s Manor and are exalted. If we marry the Third Prince together, it will only weaken the reputation of the Lord Protector’s Manor. What’s more, if the Third Prince failed in the future… We shouldn’t put all the eggs in one basket!”

After saying that, Ning Xueyan looked at Madam Dowager sincerely. Her words showed her concern for others. And she didn’t speak out her meaning completely in the end, but Madam Dowager could understand. If the Third Prince failed in competing for the throne, the whole Lord Protector’s Manor might get into trouble too. It would be much difficult for them to get rid of the trouble if one of their Young Lady married the Third Prince, let alone two Young Ladies married him.

Nobody dared say that he would win before the result came out. What’s more, it was the ruthless and cold-blooded Prince Yi who controlled the court. It was difficult to get along with him.

Madam Dowager was shocked and stared at Ning Xueyan in silence. She didn’t expect the most insignificant Fifth Young Lady to have such insights. It shocked her greatly. Both she and Ning Xueyan didn’t speak out their meaning clearly, but they understood each other clearly.

“It’s hard for you, a young girl, to have such an idea.” After a long time, Madam Dowager sighed, and her look became mild. What Ning Xueyan scrupled was what Madam Dowager scrupled. She would never let her son support Third Prince with the whole Lord Protector’s Manor before things were clear.

“Grandmother!” Ning Xueyan said in a soft voice and didn’t show any fickleness. She was totally unlike those Young Ladies who blushed when they saw Third Prince. She was graceful while indifferent. When the Honored Consort Ya rewarded her with the Phoenix Hairpin, she refused politely. It seemed that she really didn’t want to marry Third Prince with Ning Yuling.

“Well, go back and rest! Today you are tired. Your second sister is impatient. Although her some words are harsh, she isn’t unintentional. Forgive her, after all, she is your sister.” This time, Madam Dowager’s smile was sincere. She waved her hand, and specifically asked servants to send Ning Xueyan’s rewards to her place.

Although the quality of the cloth was good, they were plain. Maybe because the Honored Consort Ya thought of that Ning Xueyan’s mother had died.

The Honored Consort Ya and her servants occupied three courtyards. It seemed that the Cold Mountain Temple already knew she was coming, so the temple had left these three middle courtyards to her. The Third Prince didn’t come back to his own courtyard and followed Honored Consort Ya to her courtyard. When they entered the house and sat down, the Third Prince was depressed.

“You really want her?” Honored Consort Ya looked at her unhappy son and laughed suddenly. Then she asked servants to serve them tea and leave.

“Mother, Ning Yuling is arrogant and domineering. She’s a shrew. I don’t want her. You didn’t see what she had done in the temple before. She scolded and beat her bloody sister. How could such a woman be my consort?”

The Third Prince unhappily said and took a sip of tea, remembering Ning Xueyan. She wore plain clothes and was still calm when she was bullied. She must be graceful and was much better than Ning Yuling. She was the right person to be his consort.

“I’ve heard before that she’s very unpopular in the Lord Protector’s Manor. Maybe she refused my mother’s suggestion just because the Lord Protector’s Manor doesn’t want her to marry me.” Thinking of this, the Third Prince became happy again. Then he began to worry about her because she was innocent and weak.

“Mother, how about Ning Xueyan being my consort?” He turned to the Honored Consort Ya and said.

“No way!” The Honored Consort Ya’s face darkened and she refused directly.

“Why?” The Third Prince could not help but ask.

“Need I say the reason? Do you really like her? She’s so weak. I think she won’t live for a long time. Maybe she’ll die before marrying him. How can such a woman give birth to a child for you? Besides, she has nothing, what’s the advantage of marrying her?”

Honored Consort Ya said coldly.

In fact, the Third Prince understood all that his mother said. He also knew that it was impossible for Ning Xueyan to be his consort. A daughter of co-wife could only be his co-consort. He married Ning Yuling, not only because she was the daughter of the Official Wife, but also because of the forces behind her.

One was the beloved daughter, and the other was the unfavored daughter. In addition, Ning Zu’an’s attitude also mattered. How could the Third Prince not be clear about the reason behind?

“The news that the assassination failed again came just now. But you are immersed in love now! I promise, Ning Xueyan will be your co-consort if possible. The Lord Protector’s Manor doesn’t want Ning Xueyan and Ning Yuling to marry you together. But if no one wants to marry Ning Xueyan, they won’t refuse to our suggestion.”

The Honored Consort Ya said with an unhappy look. The Madam Dowager repeatedly refused her just now, which had already made her angry. Now there were no other people, Honored Consort Ya didn’t need to cover her anger. She clearly knew what Madam Dowager was thinking. Ning Xueyan was beautiful, so she should have had a good marriage. Unfortunately, she was in bad health and her mother had died. It was hard to say that if anyone wanted to marry her.

Today she deliberately asked Ning Xueyan to come over and said those words. She also knew that Madam Dowager would not agree, but she did so. What she wanted was to provoke the vixenish Second Young Lady of Lord Protector’s Manor. The Second Young Lady wasn’t easy-going. She was certain to make trouble for Ning Xueyan. So Honored Consort Ya only needed to watch on one side.

“Maybe I can help Ning Xueyan when she is in danger…” Honored Consort Ya thought.

Of course, these were not her main goals. How could these two Young Ladies be her daughter-in-law? Just because the situation now was not clear, she needed to do something to help her son.

“Mother, you decide this matter. I’ll go to deal with the affair.” On hearing the failure of assassination, the Third Prince rubbed his eyebrows and stood up, putting the matter of Ning Xueyan aside. This was the fifth time that he sent people to assassinate Ao Chenyi. But no one hurt him. If this went on, he would use up his killer that he trained secretly.

“See if there are any traces left. If any, clean them up!” The Honored Consort Ya said coldly.

“I know.” The Third Prince turned and strode away. The house became quiet. Only the Honored Consort Ya sat quietly under the lamp, her eyebrows wrinkling slightly.

“Your Highness, are you going to have a bath and rest?” A 30-year-old woman knocked at the door, came in, and asked.

“Yes.” The Honored Consort Ya nodded. It was late and there would be madams to visit her early tomorrow morning.

A group of palace maids came in with towels for bathing. They followed Honored Consort Ya into the inner room where everything had been prepared well. Honored Consort Ya took off her clothes and went into the bathtub.

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