The Devious First-Daughter

Chapter 43

Chapter 43 The Appreciation Comes from the Honored Consort Ya

“Our Young Lady is the Fifth Young Lady of Lord Protector’s Manor. She’s coming here to meet Madam Dowager.” Qingyu stepped forward, raised her head and answered. During this period of time, Qingyu had been trained to be no longer as timid as before. She was neither humble nor arrogant when she answered the eunuchs.

Someone came in to ask for permission. After a while, an older female servant came out and nodded while looking at Ning Xueyan who was blocked outside. Then the eunuch raised his hand and let go.

Qingyu was left in the corridor and Ning Xueyan went into alone. Although she didn’t look up, she had seen everything in the room as soon as she came in. In the spacious room, a beautiful woman in a piece of clothing embroidered phoenix was sitting at the top seat. She had an oval face and her eyebrows were slender, showing her gentleness while speaking and smiling.

It was hard to believe that such a pure and gentle woman was the favored Honored Consort Ya.

The Third Prince sat on her left hand while Madam Dowager was sitting on her right hand. Ning Yuling, who was supposed to be punished in the courtyard now was standing next to Madam Dowager with a charming and shy look. When Ning Xueyan came in, Ning Yuling looked at her with maliciousness but did nothing.

Sure enough, the Honored Consort Ya was here. She came to Madam Dowager’s courtyard at this time, which showed that she had a good personal relationship with Madam Dowager.

“You’re the Fifth Young Lady of the Lord Protector’s Manor? How old are you?” The Honored Consort Ya scrutinized Ning Xueyan for a while. Ning Xueyan looked pale at first glance, which gave people a feeling that she was not in good health. But when people looked at her carefully again, they would found her delicate face was really beautiful. Just because of her light lips, she looked less eye-catching.

But the more you looked at her, the more beautiful you felt she was. She was a young beauty.

“Her Royal Highness, I am the Fifth Young Lady of Lord Protector’s Manor. I’m fourteen years old.” Ning Xueyan went forward and saluted respectfully, then stood on the side and answered.

She was natural and graceful and didn’t show any surprise, panic or joy when she saw Honored Consort Ya.

Seeing Ning Xueyan behaved well, the Third Prince praised her in mind and his look became more gentle. He gave a look to Ning Xueyan with an unconscious smile. Ning Yuling, who stood opposite him, saw his smile clearly. Immediately, she became angry and almost tore her handkerchief into pieces.

“You’re a clever child. But I found that you’re not in good health. Have you ever gone to the doctor?” The Honored Consort Ya looked at her with a smile and asked, seemingly in a casual way.

“Mother, the imperial physician had seen Fifth Young Lady before, saying that there was nothing serious. Because of the neglect of nursing, she always falls ill.” The Third Prince answered first. When they were in the back mountain, Ning Yuling didn’t hit Ning Xueyan but hit Lanning. After checking Lanning, the imperial physician was asked by the Third Prince to see Ning Xueyan’s complexion.

Originally, the Third Prince wanted the imperial physician to feel the pulse for Ning Xueyan. But Ning Xueyan didn’t want to be close to the Third Prince, so the imperial physician only saw her complexion.

His word made Madam Dowager uncomfortable. A Young Lady of the Lord Protector’s Manor always fell ill because of the neglect of nursing. Did it make sense? It clearly meant that the Lord Protector’s Manor slighted Ning Xueyan. But it was the Third Prince who said that, so Madam Dowager couldn’t refute even though she wanted to.

“Not just because of that. I just lost my mother. I missed her very much day and night. So I’m weak now.” Ning Xueyan raised her head and explained in a soft voice. Her expression was gentle and the voice was clear. She ascribed her illness to her missing of mother in a few words.

Madam Dowager, sitting at one side, could not help smiling and satisfactorily looked at Ning Xueyan.

“The Fifth Young Lady is really filial. Madam Ming is dead, and she doesn’t want to see her only daughter fall ill because of her. You should be happier in the future and take care of yourself.” Listening to Ning Xueyan’s word, Honored Consort Ya soothed her with a smile. She waved to her with a kind look. “Come here, let me see, how come you are so weak!”

Hearing that, Ning Xueyan gently and obediently raised her head and stepped up to Honored Consort Ya, behaving appropriately. There was nothing wrong with her. It really made people feel that she was a true Young Lady of a noble family. Compared with the Second Young Lady of Lord Protector’s Manor who flattered Honored Consort Ya as soon as she met the Honored Consort Ya, Ning Xueyan was much better and more graceful.

“You’re really beautiful, looking like a fairy from the painting.” The Honored Consort Ya took Ning Xueyan’s hand and praised her with a gentle gaze.

Ning Xueyan was slightly uncomfortable, but she couldn’t pull her hand out of the Honored Consort Ya’s hands. She looked up and looked into the Third Prince’s eyes.

The Third Prince was scrutinizing Ning Xueyan. She was still in plain clothes. She couldn’t be too plain because she came here to see Honored Consort Ya. So she wore light white clothes embroidered a few light pink flowers on the edge of her skirt. It made her look more elegant.

Such a woman was not only beautiful but also indifferent. With her slightly childish face, her temperament was quite attracted and it was difficult for people to remove their gaze from her delicate face.

“Many thanks for your love.” Ning Xueyan lowered her head to avoid the deep gaze of the Third Prince.

“Madam Dowager, your granddaughters are both beautiful and graceful. How come the Lord Protector’s Manor fosters such outstanding Young Ladies.” The Honored Consort Ya let go of Ning Xueyan’s hands, turned to Madam Dowager, and said to her with a smile.

Seeing that the Honored Consort Ya also praised Ning Yuling, Madam Dowager smiled more greatly. “Thanks for your praise. They’re just little girls and don’t dare to speak in front of you, so they look quiet. Usually, the two sisters like playing in the courtyard. It’s quite annoying. They’re so childish.”

She openly talked about the event that happened in the Cold Mountain Temple before. At that time, the Third Prince was there and watched the whole process. He even took the initiative to help Ning Xueyan in the end. Madam Dowager thought that Honored Consort Ya must know this matter too. So she claimed that this matter just was the quarrel and fight among children.

Ning Xueyan, with a smile on the face, retreated a few steps and then stood behind Madam Dowager. “The quarrel and fight among children? How dare you said that. Your lovely granddaughter’s quarrel will cause death.” Ning Xueyan thought in mind with a cold smile on the face.

“They are still young and sisters. It’s normal for them to have fun. When they get married, they will have no possibility to play together.” The Honored Consort Ya sighed, seeming to recall the past that happened when she was a little girl. She turned to Ning Yuling and Ning Xueyan and smiled more softly.

“Madam Dowager, have your two granddaughters been betrothed to anyone?”

Ning Xueyan suddenly became excited and haze flashed through her eyes, thinking in mind, “I know that the coming of Honored Consort Ya to the Cold Mountain Temple this time is bound to have something to do with the Third Prince’s marriage, but why did she mentioned me? I have nothing to do with the Third Prince’s marriage, why did they ask me to come here?”

“Their mother loves them very much and don’t want them to marry early, so they stay in the manor all the time and haven’t been betrothed. Too much spoiling is harmful to children. Look, their marriage have been delayed.”

Madam Dowager answered with worry. She blamed Madam Ling for spoiling daughters too much so that they couldn’t get married early.

“It’s normal that parents love their children. They’re afraid that their daughters will be wronged after getting married. So they want them to stay at home longer. But it can’t be too long. Look at your two granddaughters. They look like a pair of beautiful flowers. I really like them very much. It will be a good thing if they are still together and follow the example of Ehuang and Nvying!”

With a smile on the face, Honored Consort Ya turned her gaze from Ning Yuling’s face to Ning Xueyan’s and put them together.

Ehuang and Nvying?

Ning Xueyan finally understood what that weirdness was. No wonder the Honored Consort Ya asked her to come at night. She didn’t mention what happened to Ning Yuling before and even praised her. She wanted Ning Xueyan and Ning Yuling to marry the Third Prince together.

Honored Consort Ya wanted the two daughters of Lord Protector’s Manor to marry the Third Prince together. Ning Yuling would be the Consort of Prince and Ning Xueyan would be the Co-consort of Prince. She really had a good intention. Ning Xueyan gave a look at the Third Prince who was looking at her gently, a trace of disgust flashing in her eyes. She didn’t want Ning Yuling to marry the Third Prince. At the same time, she also didn’t want to marry him, let along being a Co-consort of Prince.

Co-consort of Prince namely was the consort, just like the co-wife namely was the wife. In fact, Co-consort of Prince was a concubine.

What’s more, she didn’t want to be hated by other women because of this man. This man was rich and powerful, but actually, he had too many scruples. He didn’t like Ning Yuling, but he had to marry her. If Ning Xueyan married him, she was bound to be murdered.

People of the Lord Protector’s Manor in the room changed their looks because of the words of Honored Consort Ya. Ning Yuling almost couldn’t stand up. If she hadn’t been helped by the older female servant beside her, she would have fallen down. She couldn’t believe it. She looked at the Honored Consort Ya, and then looked at the Third Prince who was looking at Ning Xueyan. In the end, she looked at Ning Xueyan with jealousy and hatred.

“This little bitch dares ogle the Third Prince and seduce him in front of me. She’s so cheap and shameless!” Ning Yuling thought in mind with angry.

“Your Highness, they are all the Young Ladies of the Lord Protector’s Manor. Zu’an said a few days ago that we should choose a good husband for them. Their marriage shouldn’t ruin the reputation of the Lord Protector’s Manor. Although the Fifth Young Lady is weak and the daughter of the co-wife, fortunately, she’s smart and gentle.” Madam Dowager was shocked. Although she didn’t expect the Honored Consort Ya to have this idea, she responded quickly and said with a smile.

When Ning Xueyan was in Bright Frost Garden, Madam Dowager didn’t care about her. At most, the Lord Protector’s Manor supported one more person. In Madam Dowager’s mind, the ‘support’ meant feeding her. Ning Xueyan’s safety was not in Madam Dowager’s consideration.

But now things had changed. Ning Xueyan was quite different now and she was beautiful. Madam Dowager hadn’t figured out how to arrange the future of Ning Xueyan, so she subconsciously refused Honored Consort Ya’s suggestion.

Ning Xueyan relaxed at one and looked at the ground.

“Oh, that’s a pity. I really like these two girls.” Honored Consort Ya didn’t show any unhappiness on her face, as if Madam Dowager didn’t refuse her just now. She continued with a smile. “Here, reward the two Young Ladies a set of ruby headwear and ten pieces of brocade separately. Besides, reward the Second Young Lady a golden Phoenix Hairpin.”

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