The Devil’s Cage

Chapter 1450 - Phantasmal

Chapter 1450: Phantasmal

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The tainted ear of golden wheat was shaking in Kieran’s palm. The faint golden radiance was like specks of golden dust, floating in the air.

Suddenly, the speckles of golden dust emitted a colorful shine. Kieran squinted his eyes.

When he finally regained his vision, the scene before him had drastically changed.

The little wooden house was long gone, what replaced his surroundings was a large field filled with crops.

The endless green was a scene that was pleasant to the eyes and mind, one couldn’t help but take a deep breath and be welcomed by the rich smell of the soil.

Kieran stood on the edge of the large field, he was looking at people, alone or in groups, walking around with an occasional intoxicated look, happily dancing as they walked.

The people also seemed to have noticed Kieran. They walked over and invited Kieran to join them.

“Come with us.”

A beautiful young lady who was in a sarong and leather slippers, showing off her fair ankles, extended her hand to Kieran.

Kieran raised a brow and landed a kick on her face.


It felt like the kick had hit something real.

The young lady’s head was crushed, and the body was sent flying backward, landing on the field of crops. It tumbled before it was drowned by the tall, green crops.

The people who gathered around Kieran then ran in a panic.

Soon, everyone went out of sight, leaving a field of brilliant green crops.

Time flew. Seconds turned into minutes, minutes to hours.

A full day later, another group of people appeared, they were also praising the magnificent scene of a great harvest.

Likewise, they also saw Kieran.

“Come, join us.”

A mature lady walked over. The sarong on her body was waving as she walked over with elegant steps. Her arms were fair as milk and slender as a woman could be, but none of those could compare to her looks, it was hard for anyone to reject after an inviting smile.


Kieran, however, once again launched a kick, and it landed square on her face, similar to the first young lady.

The mature woman’s head was crushed, and she was sent flying backward, just like the young lady before her.

The people around him were frightened and scattered like panicking birds.

Kieran was still standing on the edge of the fields, looking.

This time, a week had passed.

A group of mercenaries came.

They were fully armed, and arrogance was smeared all over their faces, but when they saw the fields, they couldn’t hold back their praises.

A valiant-looking maiden with armor on her upper body and skirt on her lower half walked over with her longsword at her waist.


Before she even spoke, Kieran welcomed her with a kick. Her body flew out, but unlike the previous times, the group of mercenaries didn’t flee; instead, they charged towards Kieran with weapons drawn.

A pile of bodies was added to the fields.

Like the first, the bodies tumbled a few times before the brilliant green crops drowned them.

Kieran’s gaze toward the crops grew colder and sharper. He was searching for his target.

Trying to locate his target in the lush crops was hard; it was time-consuming as well.

Two weeks later, a group of nobles appeared, a lass walked over to Kieran, Bang!

Three weeks later, a group of riders appeared, the female rider rode over to Kieran, Bang!

Four weeks later, a queen with subjects appeared, she walked over with curiosity, Bang!

Five weeks later, a devoted priestess appeared, she walked over to Kieran with a merciful face, Bang!

A long time had passed since the first body.

The bodies were piling up gradually. In the end, the lush green crops could hardly cover the bodies anymore. Instead, the sea of bodies overpowered the crops.

As time went by, there were no more people appearing before Kieran.

The bodies in the fields became the best fertilizer.

The lush green turned golden. The crops were ready for harvest.

Then, many groups of people came from every direction. They were dancing and cheering in joy as they harvested the crops. Each time they arrived, they’d greet Kieran at a distance devotedly.

Everyone greeted Kieran, there wasn’t a single exception.

Ten, one hundred, one thousand, ten thousand, and counting…

The numbers were increasing, and when it reached a certain limit, a palace suddenly appeared on the edge of the fields.

It was grand and extravagant, shining brilliantly.

The people were kneeling on both sides of the road, the road that connected the two ends.

One end was the palace, the other end of where Kieran was standing.

A cold smile appeared on his face, Kieran then strolled into the palace.

With each step he took, he was welcomed with cheers…

With each step he took, he was greeted with praise.

With each step he took, he was blessed with respect.

When he walked up the stairs of the palace and arrived at the interior, a hymn was heard.

A throne made up of gold appeared in Kieran’s sight, it should be for him, but there was a person on the throne right now.

He was a stern-looking man whose divine presence was inviolable. He was tall and robust, he was already taller than most of the people by just sitting down. The golden armor on his body even boosted his valiant appearance. His left and right hand were holding a scepter and longsword, respectively, and was looking down at Kieran in a pressuring and prestigious manner.

“Are you willing to inherit my throne?” the man asked in a solemn voice.

Kieran turned a deaf ear, he then started to walk along the walls of the palace and circulated the interior.

“Are you willing to inherit my throne?” the man asked again, with increased anger.

“Are you willing to inherit my throne?”

Infuriated, the man asked a third time. He then stood up from his golden throne.

He was taller and stronger than most people just by sitting down, and when he stood up, his height was over 3 meters.

Dak, Dak Dak.

The man spread his legs and walked over to Kieran. Each time he moved, the palace would tremble, as if it was buffeted by the fury of a king.

The longsword in his hand was raised up high and swung down as though it was imbued with tremendous power, trying to crush Kieran with a single blow.


The giant longsword wasn’t swung down, though, or rather, precisely, before it could swing down, a loud noise came.

The tall and powerful man was stunned, he quickly looked up at his sword, and he saw the scene that he would never forget for the rest of his life.

A hungry-looking Kieran was biting his sword, forcing his motion to a pause.

The most incredible thing was the iron longsword imbued with divine power shattered under a single bite from hungry Kieran’s teeth.

The cracks spread throughout the blade as the hungry Kieran kept on biting the edges.

One bite, two bites, three bites…

Kak, kak, kak.

Soon, the longsword was left with only the hilt.

The man with the kingly manner threw the hilt away, but the hungry Kieran seemed to realize the other tasty food in his eyes.

The hungry Kieran’s mouth opened wide to the point that it could no longer be considered human, or more precisely, he transformed himself into a giant mouth!

The teeth inside the giant mouth were sharper than a blade, they were spinning non-stop like an electric saw.


The giant lost half of his body with a single chomp from the mouth.

The palace then started to crumble.

Voices of panic were heard almost immediately.

Kieran, however, walked over to the shaking throne as if nothing big was going on.

Then, he toppled the throne with a kick.

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