The Devil’s Cage

Chapter 1449 - Take Advantage Of Every Opportunity To Benefit Oneself

Chapter 1449: Take Advantage Of Every Opportunity To Benefit Oneself

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People always have a somewhat fixed title.

That title will change according to their identity, position and other factors, but no matter how drastic the changes, some titles weren’t affected by the ‘mundane’ changes, like His Majesty.

This title was only used to address a certain kind of being in the dungeon world: them, the Gods!

Atrina and Nelson’s eyes widened, their jaws dropping at the sight of the elderly priest before them. Their gazes then wandered towards others in the convoy, who followed the person with their heart.

The duo saw respect and a little bit of frenzy in their eyes.

They were very familiar with the fanatical gaze because in all the temples, the most devoted believers shared a similar gaze.

It was the power of beliefs!

“R-Ryan, have you ascended to Godship?”

Even Atrina, who was good with her words, stuttered badly at the moment.

A lot was going through her mind at the moment.

If Ryan had ascended to Godship, then… what about her?

What would become of her?

Would the contract still be valid? If it was, where would it lead her, from here onwards?

She thought about Ryan’s goal. He may really have been after a Godship, just like what happened 300 years ago, but she never thought it would be so soon, to the point that she wasn’t prepared for this.

“I won’t forget what I promised you,” Kieran walked over to Atrina.

The light was strong from his back, preventing Atrina from having a clear look at Kieran’s face, but when she heard his promise, her heart felt relieved.

Kieran might be cold-blooded and merciless, but he never went back on promises he made.

Therefore, without a second thought, she nodded.

Kieran smiled when he saw Atrina nodding tamely.

He admired how Atrina never overestimated herself and how her attitude kept her in one place.

As for her ambitions? He wasn’t worried.

Her ambitions would never hurt him. Rather, it would drive her further and harder to realize it. For example: the negotiations with the lords of Yort Fields.

Kieran really had to praised her, “Nicely done.”

With the thieves and assassins as eyes, Kieran already knew what happened the day before, and he had to admit, he could not have achieved a better result if he was in Atrina’s position.

Tackling a specialized matter with a specialist.

He wasn’t a qualified negotiator most of the time, so he was forced to adapt to the situation.

Atrina? She was skilled in this and very at ease with the situation.

Once he thought about the upcoming plan and how her identity and position would come into play, Kieran raised his arm and Atrina automatically reached out, clinging onto it. They walked away side by side, like a real couple, at least it seemed like that in other people’s eyes.

“Using Arya Outpost as a wall, we will build new walls towards Yort Fields. If everything goes well, we will be able to see the birth of the new city in 6 months. Of course, if you want a temple, we can change the direction a bit,” Atrina reported honestly.

Despite knowing the man beside her already knew everything, she didn’t stop reporting from her own mouth. She understood what her current identity represented: danger!

From here onwards, enemies of the man beside her would have her under their radar. But with danger comes opportunity!

When the enemies she lured out were killed, the man beside her would reward her—it was the promise stated in the contract.

As for reaping rewards safely at home?

Atrina had removed such a fantasy from her mind at age ten.

She knew she had to give to take.

“No need, just proceed with your plan, I don’t know anything about buildings. As for the temple, it’s not time yet,” Kieran replied with a smile.

Kieran had to figure out the truth behind the ‘Gods’ in this dungeon world before he could suddenly build himself a temple, despite the fact that it may make the fire in his mind more active.

Kieran was still very careful against danger.

Atrina wouldn’t be a busybody, even though she really wanted to know what level Kieran had reached.

A fresh step into the Godly territory? Or a demigod?

She was curious, but as long as her mind was clear, she wouldn’t ask.

Everyone had their own secrets. The more people knew about the secret, the more dangerous it would be, especially for someone like Kieran.

“I want to rest, call me when it’s time for lunch. Pelder might need your help to settle in and there’s a special guest in the wagon. I want you to look after him carefully. If he does anything fishy, do whatever you want to him,” said Kieran.

“Understood,” Atrina nodded tamely.

She walked Kieran into the temporary house and came back out a few minutes later, quickly going back to the convoy. She had to carry out Kieran’s orders perfectly and with her best effort.

She had done it before and would continue to do it in the future.

After Atrina left, Kieran turned to the shadow in the room.

The shadow wriggled and Pride walked out with a proud look. Although walking out from the shadow, Pride didn’t feel gloomy at all, acting as if he was a king and the shadow was his subject.

However, when Pride walked over to Kieran, his arrogant presence toned down a bit, even showing a rare smile.

“Anything new?” Kieran asked.

“Yes. This way of talking is a little bit strange but it’s your choice.”

Pride nodded, not used to telling Kieran things with words, preferring a more direct approach, but likewise, the things lurking in this dungeon world had determined Pride’s options.

More over, he couldn’t ignore Kieran’s orders because they were one.

“I’ve found some traces and some following, I’ve located a temple deep in the south forest—a Hunter Temple,” Pride reported honestly.

“The Follower Anxico and Hunter Temple? Not surprising but… I didn’t know that the two of them could get along so well until now. Did the Hunter surrender to the Devourer? Will he be willing to?”

Kieran lightly tapped on the table with his fingers.

From how Kieran viewed it, if the Hunter had become a traitor, there must be a huge benefit behind the switch.

Could it just be a simple following, a God becoming a follower of the Devourer?

What a joke.

Even a mortal like Anxico followed the Devourer purely for the benefits, let alone a God.

Pride didn’t answer, not wanting to affect Kieran’s thinking.

He then vanished on the spot, Kieran still stuck in his thoughts for a while.

In the end, unable to verify anything, he placed the matters out of his mind for the time being.

Then, he took out the golden ear of wheat tainted black from [Wealth’s Keep]

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