The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss

Chapter 2295: Auction (7)

Chapter 2295: Auction (7)

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The head guard: "…"

He silently looked at Lin Hongyi, then silently looked at Li Luoming, not knowing which side of the team to stand on.

At this time, Su Luo glanced at Li Luoming with a smile. "The Fifth Elder’s disciple. So majestic. If you have the ability, then why don’t you call your Master to come here in person?"

Leaving him with these words and a cold smile, Su Luo walked away freely.

Li Luoming was so angry that he almost crushed the bones in his hand!

Compared to Su Luo's calmness just now, he had behaved like a clown jumping up and down! Li Luoming felt all of those gazes from the hall on him, as if each and every one of them was laughing at him.

"Su Luo! I won't let you off for this!" As he watched Su Luo enter the sixth VIP compartment, Li Luoming secretly raged in his heart.

Hadn’t she come here just to bid on something? A sneer burst out in Li Luoming’s heart, and he decided to follow along with whatever Su Luo wanted to buy today!

Soon after Su Luo entered the box, the auction officially began.

The auction was hosted by the Chief Appraiser himself.

This was his biggest pastime. No one could take this right away from him.

The first item sent up was a Blast Cap.

"Blast Cap. Function: Within ten minutes, speed will be increased by ten percent, which is very useful in the magical beast area or when being chased. Three thousand points to start the auction, with a minimum increase of five hundred points. Now let’s start bidding!"

After these few simple words of introduction, the bidding began.

Because it was the first item, the price would not be very high. After all, its purpose was just to gather people and build up an intense and dramatic atmosphere. So to start off, the starting bid would be deliberately set very low.

"Three thousand five hundred points!"

"Four thousand points!"

"Four thousand five hundred points!"

"Five thousand points!"


Within a short period, the price climbed.

After all, it was a treasure that could save one's life at a critical moment, so the starting bid of three thousand points was really too low.

The Chief Appraiser held the auction gavel in one hand and stroked his beard with a smile, expressing his satisfaction with the atmosphere in front of him.

It didn't take long for the starting bid of three thousand for the Blast Cap to skyrocket to fifty thousand points.

Finally, when it reached 60,000 points, the Blast Cap was finally auctioned off.

After that, there were a few more bonus items.

They were either for additional strength, additional physical strength, or acceleration. They were all auctioned away at prices under two hundred thousand, and the buyers were amongst the guests sitting in the hall.

As for the VIP compartments on the second floor, no one had even grunted yet.

Then came the fifth item.

"This is an Ancient Crystal Tree." The Chief Appraiser looked at the tree and said excitedly, "The Ancient Crystal Tree has always existed in legends, but this is the first time we’ve actually finally seen it in the flesh!"

Ancient Crystal Tree? It wasn’t really a crystal tree, was it? That really only existed in legends.

The Chief Appraiser continued, "As we all know, the most interesting thing about the Ancient Crystal Tree is that it’s not used for cultivation, but is more like a cultivation prop, because its fruit has a memory function."

The crowd's attention was all drawn to this item.

The Chief Appraiser was right. The fruit produced by the Ancient Crystal Tree could be used for photography, and if a battle between a peak-level powerhouse and another peak-level powerhouse were to be videotaped, then it would further benefit and serve as inspiration toits viewer.

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