The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss

Chapter 2294: Auction (6)

Chapter 2294: Auction (6)

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With this kick, the unsuspecting bodyguard was forcefully thrown backwards!

It had to be known that at this time, the two people were in the middle section of the stairs, and so Li Manman's kick directly sent that bodyguard straight down the stairs.

For an instant, the entire audience's attention was drawn to them.

Li Luoming felt extremely humiliated!

He clenched his fist and stared at Su Luo viciously. He wanted nothing more than to rush up and slap Su Luo, but who told him to only be a pill refiner and not a cultivator?

Just as Su Luo coldly smiled and turned around to leave, Li Luoming roared!

"Where are the guards of the Auction House? Are they all dead? I feel my life is being threatened. I want to report this person! Quickly arrest her!"

Li Luoming's voice was both loud and angry all at once, appearing very scary.

Under Li Luoming's hissing, the guards hurriedly ran over.

At this moment, Lin Hongyi felt frantic!

The one standing beside her was a Grandmaster Apothecary. A Grandmaster Apothecary!! Although Li Luoming was a disciple of the Fifth Elder, it wasn’t like he was the only disciple. And let’s be serious, the Fifth Elder and this Grandmaster Apothecary were at the same level, okay? Don't drag me down trying to seek your own death! I just offended this little ancestor and the cracks in our relationship have not been mended, yet you came over here to wreak havoc. This wasn’t acceptable!

Lin Hongyi inwardly complained fiercely, staring at Li Luoming's bloodshot eyes as a replacement for her anger, wishing nothing more than for Li Luoming to be eaten alive.

But this eccentric Su girl had warned her not to speak out about her Grandmaster Apothecary status, so Lin Hongyi truly felt like expressing her bitter torment.

This troubling matter had to be resolved; otherwise, the Chief Appraiser would be offended, and this Grandmaster Apothecary would also be offended.

Lin Hongyi secretly complained about this bad luck in her heart as she coldly glared at Li Luoming. "Young Master Li, young people may not be sensible, but you also have to know how to take a hint. Although you are the Fifth Elder’s disciple, it’s not everyone that you can afford to offend."

On behalf of their past feelings, Lin Hongyi very kindly reminded him of this.

But Li Luoming was in the middle of a furious rage. How could he listen to Lin Hongyi's words? He simply thought that Lin Hongyi was mocking him.

"You’re just a small appraiser. What gives you the rights to speak here? Get out of here!"

Lin Hongyi was furious!

At this time, the team of guards had rushed over in a hurry.

Li Luoming pointed at Su Luo and shouted, "Drag her out! Hurry up and drag her out!"

Lin Hongyi stepped in front of Su Luo and blocked them, rebuking Li Luoming loudly, "You dare!"


Li Luoming only got out one word before Lin Hongyi pointed straight at his nose and scolded, "You? Me? Are you part of this Auction House? What qualifications do you have to call the guards? So what if you’re the Fifth Elder’s disciple? So the Fifth Elder's disciple can do whatever he wants with such impunity?"

Li Luoming was speechless from this interrogation!

He had never thought that a small appraiser would dare to speak so boldly to him. He became even more furious and roared at the head guard, "Grab this tiny Apothecary and throw her out! Quickly!"

The head guard recognized Li Luoming and knew that he was the Fifth Elder's disciple. Li Luoming was very high-profile and liked to show off, so it was difficult not to know of his status.

The head guard looked at Lin Hongyi with uncertainty.

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