The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO

Chapter 42

Chapter 42: Degenerating Public Morals

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The lead host had never been scared of even the most ruthless women. But for some reason, he was strangely afraid of the two ladies in front of him.

As expected, however, after sitting down, the two women didn’t have the courage despite the lustful intentions they had. Even though they seemed excited and wanted to get close to him, they still subtly maintained a slight distance from him.

However, although the lead host had a way with people, Li Meng and Mu Huan still managed to come together and tactfully get a few answers out of him.

But as Mu Huan kept on asking the lead host more about himself than the other host in question, the man was not suspicious of them. He thought that they were just a pair of bored wealthy young ladies who wanted to increase their knowledge of what was happening outside. That’s why they seemed so curious about anything and everything.

The lead host’s time was indeed very expensive. When they were settling the bill, Mu Huan and Li Meng could feel the pain when they saw the fees.

“Now I’m tempted to dress up as a guy and be a lead host here,” Mu Huan commented, envious of how much the man could earn.

“You can’t. You will look too girly. Did you see how stylish he was? Wow, he’s absolutely amazing!” When Li Meng thought about the lead host’s looks once again, her head felt giddy.

“Tsk. That’s because I don’t feel like being aggressive. If I tried, even you might fall for me!” Mu Huan huffed.

“I think you are the one falling for the lead host instead. If not, why would you ask more questions about him than the host our client was providing for? I told you, you can’t do this!”

“Do you take me as a fool? Me? Infatuated with him? Yes, he is handsome, but next to Bao Junyan, his looks are incomparable! After seeing exceptional looks like Bao Junyan’s, I think everyone else is just rubbish, alright?!”

“I agree!” Li Meng nodded her head.

“Right!” Mu Huan grabbed Li Meng’s arm as they headed out.

At this moment, in a black car waiting at a red light.

“Now their public morals are seriously degenerating!” Gong Zeye shook his head.

Bao Junyan was buried amongst his files and didn’t respond to him.

“Eighteen to nineteen-year-old girls coming to such a place to find some fun. This is really…!”

When Bao Junyan heard what he said, and perhaps because he had married a little wife who was around the same age as well, he looked up out of habit.

Just as he looked over, Mu Huan and Li Meng had already turned around and were walking in the opposite direction. Therefore, he only managed to see their backs.

“How did you know their ages?”

Gong Zeye was instantly energetic as it was rare for Bao Junyan to take an interest in what he said. “Of course, it was based on my experience of reading many girls! No matter how well women try to preserve themselves, the forty-somethings will look different from the thirty-somethings, and the thirty-somethings will definitely look very different from the twenty-somethings. The difference between 18- to 19-year-olds and the twenty-somethings is only a little, but the feeling they give off is very different!”

Among the women Gong Zeye had dated, there were some that were as old as 30-plus and as young as 18 to 19.

“Those two can’t be more than 20!” Gong Zeye pointed at Mu Huan and Li Meng’s backs as he said that.

Bao Junyan furrowed his eyebrows because one of the two figures was very similar to his wife.

When Mu Huan and Bao Junyan had just married, Bao Junyan rarely came home and didn’t really care much for Mu Huan. Mu Huan also put on heavy make-up, and Bao Junyan did not bother with girls whom he thought were delinquents. Therefore, he didn’t recognize that it was her.

But he had interacted a lot more with Mu Huan recently, and since he was looking so closely, he could tell the similarities between his wife and that woman.

Right at this moment, the traffic light turned green.

The driver stepped on the gas pedal and they drove ahead.

Bao Junyan’s eyebrows furrowed deeper when he was unable to look at their backs any longer.

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