The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO

Chapter 41

Chapter 41: Buy Buy Buy

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“What if I become mad about money, buying things every single day?”

“Buy whatever you like.”

“What if I am not filial to your parents, or am disobedient toward them?”

“If you have the guts to do so.”

“What about gambling?”

“You can gamble however you like.” There were many casinos under his name.

“What if I…”

Mu Huan’s words were swallowed by a steaming hot kiss as Bao Junyan no longer wanted to answer any more of her boring questions.

“Mmph… Mmph…” Why was he suddenly acting like this? They were clearly in the middle of a very serious problem!

Following that, Mu Huan didn’t have the time to think about anything else.

They didn’t even know how they found their way back to the bedroom.

The next day.

As she didn’t manage to find out what trump card Matriarch Mu held, Mu Huan decided to temporarily give her promise to her.

The elder Mrs. Mu made her wait for the notice and the plan.

Mu Huan and Li Meng received another call. A wealthy woman had been financially providing for a young man at the Prince clubhouse. On the spur of the moment, when she was drunk, she had given the man a villa and a bank savings card that contained over five million yuan.

When she sobered up, the wealthy lady became afraid that she would be found out by her husband for giving away so much money. Therefore, she wanted the money back, but the man can no longer be contacted!

The rich lady requested for them to at least retrieve the ownership of the villa. As for the money in her card, she could tell her husband that she had lost them all at a casino. In comparison, the villa would tip off her husband too easily.

The wealthy lady was generous with her remuneration, which gave Mu Huan and Li Meng a huge motivation. The moment they received the assignment, they instantly disguised themselves as clients and began to investigate the Prince clubhouse.

“Wow! It was no wonder that she was so happy to give so much away. He is so handsome!” Li Meng said, complimenting the man as she looked at his picture.

“Yes, he is. But he pales in comparison to this guy,” Mu Huan said as she pointed at the lead host in the clubhouse.

Li Meng looked over. “What the f*ck! He is drop-dead gorgeous! I can’t believe such a handsome man is doing such a job! He can totally debut as a celebrity!”

That was what Mu Huan thought too.

While they were still flabbergasted by the lead host, the clubhouse manager brought out a group of handsome men for them to pick from.

The lead host was also in the mix.

Normally, pictures of these men would have been enhanced, especially the pictures in such a business. There would be some differences between the real person and their photos. However, this was absolutely not the case for the lead host!

In fact, he was even more dashing than his photo!

Especially those eyes of his. They could make any woman swoon! He had a great image as well. No one would be able to tell that he worked at such a place.

As Mu Huan looked at him, there was a sudden glint in her eyes!

Seeing her dazzling eyes, Li Meng couldn’t help but bump her a little as she whispered, “Please don’t tell me you have your eyes on him? That’s not right!”

“You are thinking too much! He will be useful!” Mu Huan said as she pointed at the lead host, “Him! We want only him!”

Seeing that they finally had two young and pretty ladies in the clubhouse yet they had chosen the lead host instead of them, the rest of the handsome men glared at him with jealousy and envy in their eyes before leaving unwillingly.

“Little guy, come. Have a seat here.” Mu Huan patted the seat beside her as she invited the host over.

Li Meng: “…”

Did she really have use for him other than the fact that she was interested in him?

The lead host looked at her indifferently as he said, “I’m very expensive.”

“I have the money, don’t worry.” Mu Huan curled her finger toward him, indicating for him to come over.

The lead host remained silent.

This was the first time he had met a lady who was in such a hurry.

Even though Mu Huan and Li Meng had put on make-up to make themselves look more mature, as a lead host who had read countless women, he could see their real ages at a glance.

When Li Meng realized that she could interact with the handsome man up close, she decided to ignore Mu Huan’s abnormal behavior. Excitedly, she yelled, “Little guy, come on! Don’t worry, we won’t eat you up!”

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