The Crippled Boss Loves Me

Chapter 370 - Unfamiliar Faces

Chapter 370: Unfamiliar Faces

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On top of that, wasn’t Ji Qian traveling overseas? Was she back in the country? When did she come back? Why didn’t she tell anybody? Where was she now? Shen Hanxing instantly got out of bed and dialed Han Qi’s number as she walked out. “Assistant Han, help me find Ji Qian’s location.”

Han Qi did not complain to be awakened in the middle of the night. He agreed without hesitation.

Shen Hanxing rushed downstairs, put on her coat, and was about to leave. The butler was a little surprised and hurriedly said, “Madam, your clothes…”

Shen Hanxing was wearing silk pajamas. She looked a little inappropriate.

“I don’t have time for this.” Shen Hanxing gave a stern look as she continued, “If I don’t come back in time, remember to tell Mr. Ji and Ji Mo that I’m going to look for Ji Qian.” She buttoned up her windbreaker. Her eyes were cold.

“Is Fourth Miss back?” The butler was frightened by Shen Hanxing’s imposing manner. She had changed into her shoes and was about to leave. The butler hurriedly reminded her, “Madam, please be safe.”

Shen Hanxing quickly nodded. The driver was already waiting outside the door. She did not delay any further and got into the car. Han Qi acted very fast. As soon as Shen Hanxing left the house, he sent Ji Qian’s location over.

“Let’s go to Jin Hai.” Shen Hanxing’s eyes were cold as she tapped on her phone with her fair fingertips. Jin Hai was one of the best places in S City to spend money. It was also the favorite place for the rich kids of the upper class. It was a place full of luxury and debauchery.

Ji Qian had never been to Jin Hai no matter how rebellious and playful she used to be. But now…

At the same time, the largest private room in Jin Hai was bustling.

“Miss Zhuang, you’re so capable,” said a rich second-generation heir wearing a flowery shirt. He raised his glass and toasted Ji Qian with a smile. “You won over Zhuang Li. In the future, the Zhuang Corporation will belong to you. Don’t forget to count us in to make a fortune together.”

“That’s right, that’s right. Miss Zhuang is simply a superwoman. Let’s have a drink!” The others also joined in the jeering and kept toasting Zhuang Yu. Zhuang Yu’s face was red and her eyes were blurred. She seemed to be really drunk. Hearing everyone’s flattery, she laughed foolishly and raised her glass. She shouted, “Let’s drink!”

“Zhuang Yu, are you out of your mind?” Ji Qian snatched the wine glass from Zhuang Yu’s hand with a face full of anger. She said angrily, “Stop drinking! You’re drunk now! Aren’t you afraid that something will happen to you?” Ji Qian was about to go crazy. Her friend brought her to Jin Hai and she was planning to stay for a short while. She did not expect to bump into Zhuang Yu who was drunk. Well, it had nothing to do with Ji Qian. If it was in the past, Ji Qian would never meddle in other people’s business. But this time, she somehow followed Zhuang Yu without reason. Right now, she was trying her best to stop Zhuang Yu from drinking.

“Ji Qian?” Zhuang Yu struggled to open her eyes and tried to see the person in front of her clearly. Her mouth reeked of alcohol as she wrapped her arms around Ji Qian’s shoulders. She grinned and said, “I… I’m happy today. I have to drink more! Come, Ji Qian, drink with me!”

“Wait, stop, why are you drinking?” Ji Qian was furious. “You’re gonna be so wasted!”

“Wait, who are you?” The flowery shirt guy got a little annoyed and pushed Ji Qian impatiently. “Who are you? We’re drinking with Miss Zhuang, why are you interrupting?”

“Don’t you know me?” Ji Qian felt irritated and smirked. She slammed the wine glass on the table. “You know Zhuang Yu. But don’t you know who I am?” The upper-class circle was very small. The Ji family was one of the three wealthiest families in S City. Ji Qian had a similar reputation as Zhuang Yu. Yet, these people didn’t recognize her. Ji Qian felt that it was too ridiculous. She narrowed her eyes and sized up the man in front of her. “Which family are you from? Why haven’t I seen you before?”

Ji Qian was on high alert. She had been paying attention to Zhuang Yu previously, so she didn’t realize all these unfamiliar faces in the room. This sudden realization made her gulp and panic.

“Hey, b*tch, what are you talking about?” Another man with triangular eyes heard Ji Qian’s words and smiled in disdain. “Who do you think you are? Does everyone in the world know you?” The drunken man rolled up his sleeves and revealed the scar on his wrist.

Ji Qian came to a realization. These people had a fierce aura. They did not look like the rich second-generation in the upper-class circle at all… How did Zhuang Yu… know these people?

Ji Qian’s long eyelashes kept trembling. A sense of fear grew in her heart.

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