The Crippled Boss Loves Me

Chapter 210 - Things Are Destroyed

Chapter 210: Things Are Destroyed


“Wait,” Shen Hanxing suddenly called out to her, “I have a question for you. At the dinner last time, did your parents give you the cup of fruit juice with extra ingredients you gave me?”

“Fruit juice with extra ingredients?” Ji Qian almost jumped up in anger. “What fruit juice with ingredients? Sister-in-law, what did they do to you?”

Shen Hanxing smiled at Ji Qian to appease her. Then, she turned her gaze back to Yu Mi’s face.

Yu Mi’s face was deathly pale. The sparkle in her eyes just now when she mentioned her parents’ concern for her had gone. Her slender figure trembled slightly, filled with despair and pain. Although she did not answer, Shen Hanxing already knew the answer.

Yu Mi’s expression was too pitiful. Shen Hanxing stood up and helped her put on her coat. “Don’t think so much. You can go back.”

Even if Yu Mi did not do all of this on purpose, she had unintentionally become a knife in her parents’ hands. If Yu Mi did not have her independent thoughts and precautions, she would eventually hurt others one day. Being overly kind and naive was a sin.

Yu Mi did not know how she walked out of the Ji family’s front door. The sky darkened. The winter in s city was cold. The cold wind penetrated her body. She looked up and saw the lights of the tall buildings in the distance lit up. She did not know where the aroma of food came from. The world was so big, and there seemed to be no place for her to stay.

Yu Miao’s matter was just a small episode in Shen Hanxing’s busy life. She quickly forgot about it and threw herself back into a new round of busyness.

That night, Shen Hanxing had just fallen asleep when the construction company’s phone call woke her. “Not good, Mrs. Ji. I don’t know which wicked person destroyed the promotional posters and decorations we prepared!”

The sleepy Shen Hanxing instantly woke up. She got up, put on her coat, and rushed over. They rented the warehouse around the business street and had been working day and night. There were all kinds of paper lanterns, red ribbons, and other decorations in the warehouse. There were also many themed paintings painted by their special lover that matched the style of the west side of the city.

But now, the door of Warehouse No. 3, where they placed the things were open. Someone splashed the inner part with pungent paint and ruined everything.

Today was the penultimate day of the event. They wouldn’t be able to produce these things in two days!

Shen Hanxing’s expression was cold as she looked at the mess on the ground. “Who did this?”

“I’ve already sent someone to check the surveillance cameras,” Han Qi had rushed over in the middle of the night. The button of his shirt, which had always been strict, was crooked. He said in a deep voice, “I’ve also called the police.” But the problem was, even if they caught the person, they would still be unable to repair these damaged things.

Ji Yan knew when Shen Hanxing left the house. He had been one step behind Shen Hanxing. He walked to Shen Hanxing’s side in just a few steps. “No matter how urgent the matter is, you must take care of your health.” He put the coat in his hand on Shen Hanxing’s shoulder, and his black eyes darkened slightly. He did not panic in the face of such a situation. “The Matchmaker Temple will hold a lantern festival every year on the 15th of the first month. I’ll get someone to contact them to see if they have any spare items.”

The Matchmaker Temple had a retro style. Their items would not be too different from what they needed.

Ji Yan solved a big problem, and Shen Hanxing’s turbid mind became clear. “Then I’ll look for a few studios to pay more to have them make an urgent order. As for this one that we need to place at the entrance of the business street…” She looked at the half-closed wall. The picture was magnificent and had an antique flavor. She said firmly, “I’ll do it myself!”

If she painted a whole wall in two days, she should be able to make it in time as long as she did it faster.

“I’ll help sister-in-law,” Ji Mo appeared out of nowhere and smiled. “I’ve learned with Mr. Lin for so long. It’s time for sister-in-law to see my progress.”

“I can be in charge of the supervision!” Ji Qian also raised her hand and pulled Ji Ning, “sister-in-law, don’t worry. The two of us will decorate the business street beautifully!”

“Han Qi and Chen Liang, you two are in charge of negotiating with the remaining businesses,” Ji Yan nodded and ordered methodically, “if there’s anything you can’t solve, you can look for me to handle.”

Ji Yang and Ji Zhou’s New Year holiday was short, so they had already left one after another. The remaining members of the Ji family all started to act for the main event two days later. Ji Qian and the others had taken over Shen Hanxing’s work. She was only responsible for focusing on painting.

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