The Crippled Boss Loves Me

Chapter 188 - As Long As You Have Money, You Can Do Whatever You Want  

Chapter 188: As Long As You Have Money, You Can Do Whatever You Want

“Hmm?” Shen Hanxing looked at them meaningfully as she pointed at their heads. “What do the two of you think about all day long?” she asked.

Judging from Shen Hanxing’s expression, she was probably not angry with them. Ji Qian and Ji Ning both heaved a sigh of relief and laughed sheepishly.

The four of them returned to the private room and informed Xu Jinhe and the others that they were making a move first. Then, they returned home together.

Shen Hanxing’s participation in the development seminar on the west side of the city alongside Professor Xu Jinhe had been reported by the newspapers, causing a small-scale sensation. However, because this kind of professional seminar did not attract much attention in the first place, the news article did not cause much of a stir at the beginning.

However, the development of the east and west of the city had attracted the attention of countless people. Furthermore, this seminar was extremely valuable. In the middle of a group of very old professors and serious and simple assistant students, Shen Hanxing was too eye-catching. She wore a dress and her beautiful face had appropriate makeup on it.

The reporters could not help but shift the camera lens to Shen Hanxing. Shen Hanxing’s beauty was outstanding in the entertainment circle where handsome men and beautiful women gathered. Not to mention her outstanding temperament, her every action was filled with indescribable charm. She was like a walking picture, each frame was beautiful and vivid.

The reporters took a lot of pictures, and Shen Hanxing was so eye-catching. Her beauty was unimaginable. Furthermore, she also had the qualifications to participate in this seminar. This made many people, who had worked hard for many years but still could not get a ticket to the seminar, very jealous. Some irrational people began to comment, “What nonsense. How can such an important event let in someone who has nothing but good looks?”

“I, Hanchuang, have studied hard for twenty years. I buried myself in research, but I can’t compare to her good-looking face.”

“Seeing this girl show her face at a seminar of this level at such a young age, I suddenly feel that all my efforts are meaningless.”

As there were too many people who spat out jealous comments, coupled with the fact that Shen Hanxing had already received a lot of attention, not long after, the headlines of the news were all about Shen Hanxing. This even triggered a personal attack on Shen Hanxing. Some people who had found out about Shen Hanxing’s background questioned why Shen Hanxing, a person who had not even graduated from high school, could appear at such a highly professional seminar.

Those who had wanted to speak up for Shen Hanxing were silent when they saw Shen Hanxing’s academic qualifications. After all, no matter how great Shen Hanxing was, her academic qualifications were a glaring flaw. She really should not appear at such a professional-level seminar. Countless people were questioning why Shen Hanxing had participated in the conference. Could she really do whatever she wanted because she had money?

When Shen Sisi saw the news, the mask on her face was about to split open from her smile. She had thought that the professors in the elevator were just some ordinary scholars, but she did not expect them to have such powerful backgrounds. Shen Hanxing had been parading herself around ostentatiously, but this time she had hit a brick wall.

While Shen Sisi gloated over Shen Hanxing’s misfortune, she could not help but send a message on her social media account, “Today, I accidentally met Shen Hanxing in the elevator who was going to have dinner with all the professors. I heard that the professors invited Shen Hanxing to their school after her college entrance examination next year. This is too enviable. If only I had Shen Hanxing’s talent and could be recognized by the professors to gain their favor. Unfortunately, I’m too ordinary and am destined not to be as lucky as Shen Hanxing.”

Many people followed Shen Sisi’s social media account. When they saw her post, they all laughed at Shen Hanxing. They commented that Shen Hanxing, a person who had not even graduated from high school, still wanted to take the exam to enter a university? And a prestigious university at that! She could dream on!

When Shen Sisi saw these people scolding Shen Hanxing online, she could not help but laugh out loud. However, while they caused a commotion online, the Ji family could not be any calmer.

Since she had said that she would take the college entrance exam next year, Shen Hanxing would set aside some time during this period to focus on her studies. After dinner, she and Ji Yan sat on opposite ends of the sofa. She was engrossed in her studies, while he was handled official business. Ji Qian, Ji Ning, and Ji Mo were influenced by the two of them, so they buried their heads in their studies until the phone rang to break the silence.

Xu Jinhe’s voice was filled with guilt as he said, “I’m sorry, Mrs. Ji. I didn’t think things through and caused you so much trouble. I’m really sorry.”

Shen Hanxing was stunned. Ji Yan seemed to have thought of something. After taking out his phone and reading the comments online, he handed the phone to Shen Hanxing with a solemn expression.

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