The City of Terror

Chapter 26

Chapter 26 – The benefits of releasing electricity

During that slightly wonderful atmosphere between them, a door on the left of the apartment suddenly opened. Li Lan Xing, looking slightly dazed, walked out from the door while stretching her body. When she saw Wei Xiao Bei and Zhang Tian Tian standing in the corridor, curiosity bud within her, “Tian Tian, What are you two doing standing there?”

Li Lan Xing’s sudden intrusion immediately made Zhang Tian Tian’s face redden, “No,nothing.” Then she immediately turned around, entered the room and closed the door, cutting off Wei Xiao Bei’s gaze.


Wei Xiao Bei finally came back to his senses. He couldn’t help but let out a bitter smile when he saw Li Lan Xing, “Sister Lan, good morning.”

Li Lan Xing looked at Wei Xiao Bei with a strange gaze, “Tian Tian is a good child, good luck Xiao Bei.”

“Sister Lan, what are you talking about? Forget it, I’m going to go take a bath.”

Wei Xiao Bei wanted to explain something, but he couldn’t say it, so he left it with these words while closing the door behind him as he entered the room.

He could not bother with Li Lan Xing, who was trying to scope out their relationship. After taking a bath, Wei Xiao Bei immediately changed his clothes and rushed to the dojo.

This kind of lifestyle continued for a week. Wei Xiao Bei had now more or less learned the foundation of Bajiquan.

In the eyes of everyone else, Wei Xiao Bei was a true martial arts genius.

As a result, Cheng Bi Wu could not get used to seeing Wei Xiao Bei go to work with such a bad schedule. After all, for a martial artist, living a regular life was necessary.

This afternoon, Wei Xiao Bei trained in his Bajiquan’s stances. After that, he wiped his sweat with a towel and greeted his second senior apprentice brother. Cheng Bi Wu suddenly called him after he finished taking a bath and was preparing to go work, “Xiao Bei wait a moment.”

“Master, what’s the matter?”

Wei Xiao Bei was slightly puzzled. In this period of time, his master had not talked with him that much. He even believed that his master already had a clear opinion of him, so he felt that it was strange he was called over.

“In the future, come help with the dojo, you should stop going to work and wasting time. If you need money, just tell your master.”

Wei Xiao Bei did not expect this coming. The words that came out from his master’s mouth had went against his expectations.


Wei Xiao Bei was so excited that he could not reply. He felt that not only did his master have a clear understanding of him, he even gave careful consideration to his situation.

“What? Do you think your master’s money is free? Rest assured, I will record your loan.”

Cheng Bi Wu thought that he had seen through Wei Xiao Bei’s stubborn pride, so he laughed.

“Okay, then I will submit my resignation letter tomorrow.”

No matter what was said, warmth entered Wei Xiao Bei’s heart as he felt his master’s concern for him. Thus, he immediately answered.

After leaving the dojo, Wei Xiao Bei went towards the car parked outside the alley, where his third senior apprentice brother was waiting.

After getting in the car, Wei Xiao Bei’s eyes glistened.

Master and apprentice brothers treat me too well. Even senior apprentice sister, who usually felt apprehensive towards me, would still treat my training injuries. 

“Xiao Bei, what’s wrong?”

HIs third senior apprentice brother’s vision was truly astonishing. It was already dark outside and the car lights were not that bright, but he was able to notice that something was different with Wei Xiao Bei even when driving.

“Nothing. I was just a bit moved. Brother, you people treat me too well.”

Wei Xiao Bei would never say such corny words according to his previous nature. But now, he was so moved that he said it out loud.

Yao Wu was stunned by Wei Xiao Bei’s words. Luckily, there were no incoming cars or else an accident would have already happened.

“This is nothing, you are one of us after all.”

Yao Wu smiled and went back to concentrating on driving.

Unfortunately, resignation was not as simple as handing over the resignation letter and leaving.

After handing over the resignation letter, Da Hao Real Estate Company would need a certain amount of time to find a replacement for him. As a result, Wei Xiao Bei would need to go to work for half a month more.

Naturally, Wei Xiao Bei could also just leave instantly. If he did this, the retirement insurance that the company submitted for him would be much more harder to receive.

In reality, Wei Xiao Bei did not regard the retirement insurance as something big, after all this was something that would only matter tens of years in the future. However, there was a saying ‘he who gives no thought to far-flung problems will soon find suffering nearby’.

Moreover, that was still the money that he had painstakingly earned.

If he was going to the dojo in the future, he thought about decreasing his expenses. The first thing that came to mind was to cancel his rent for the apartment.

However, he considered the situation if he entered the Dust World from the dojo. He was not yet familiar with the situation of the place on the other side, and he might instantly encounter danger from there. As a result, he could only continue to pay the rent. He would rather keep the room even if it was empty. If he cancelled the room, it would be very troublesome to find another.

I should go in the Dust World and take a look, it’s already been half a month after all.

The Bajiquan in his status panel was still at intermediate rank. However, Wei Xiao Bei’s understanding towards Bajiquan had leveled up a grade. In a normal person’s eyes, there was no difference in Wei Xiao Bei’s half a month training and their own two year long training.

Moreover, releasing electricity for a long period of time had created some changes in his status.

Name: Wei Xiao Bei

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Creature Rank: 1 star

Status: (The average adult male’s status value is 10)

Strength: 11.53 (Muscle: 13.03, Sturdiness: 10.03)

Agility: 9.78 (Hand-eye Coordination: 9.03, Flexibility: 11.03, Reflex: 11.03, Balance: 8.03)

Vitality: 10 (Health: 9, Endurance: 11)

Intelligence: 7 (Learning: 6, Reasoning: 8)

Awareness: 9.25 (Willpower: 12, Judgement: 8, Perception: 7, Intuition: 10)

Charm: 7.2 (Courage: 10, Persuasiveness: 7, Character: 7, Leadership: 5, Appearance: 7)

Skills: Shooting (Intermediate), Military Boxing (Intermediate), Electrical Work (Beginner), Bajiquan (Intermediate)

Special Skill: Release Electricity (Maximum strength 11 volts. Maximum current 4 milliampere. This skill formed after Wei Xiao Bei ate the Thunder Worm Electric Ball. Maintaining a constant output for a long period could allow this skill to level up. Using this while exercising would stimulate strength and slowly increase agility.)

Evolution Points: 20

Items on hand: none

It can be seen from the status panel that his strength and agility had increased by 0.03 each with just half a month of training.

If he continued like this, his strength and agility would probably increase by 0.72 points. In 5 years, it would rise to 3.6 points. In addition, it would continue to increase as time went on.

Even if he did not enter the Dust World, Wei Xiao Bei’s strength would reach 15 points in 5 years and around 13.3 points for his agility.

15 points in strength was already close to the strength of a middleweight boxer.

This kind of speed was already good enough for normal people, but Wei Xiao Bei thought that this was still too slow.

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