The City of Terror

Chapter 25

Chapter 25 – Bus

At nighttime 11 o’clock, Wei Xiao Bei said goodbye to his master and fellow disciples to go to work.

Yao Wu took the initiative to send him there, which made Wei Xiao Bei look at him in a new light.

This third apprentice brother of his normally did not talk much, but he was actually very caring.

Wei Xiao Bei was now loving Bajiquan.

When Bajiquan upgraded to intermediate, Wei Xiao Bei was able to reach a higher level of understanding towards Bajiquan. Zhang Zhi Long’s force feeding was able supplement Wei Xiao Bei’s incomplete knowledge about Bajiquan.

After changing shifts with his colleague, Wei Xiao Bei circled the entire electric room and copied the data before sitting down in front of the office table.

The electric room was not a suitable place to train the basics of Bajiquan. The floor was made from thick steel plates. Just the sound from practicing his footwork would be enough to draw in the attention of the people outside.

It seems that I need a job change now.

Wei Xiao Bei sighed and turned his attention elsewhere.

Should I go back into the Dust World to earn more evolution points?

Wei Xiao Bei carried fear and rejection the first time he was sent to the Dust World. After taking the initiative to enter it once, the amount of rejection he had had decreased. However, he still had a small amount of rejection in his subconscious mind.

But now, any bit of rejection that Wei Xiao Bei once had had disappeared. He did not understand anything about Bajiquan, but after placing 50 evolution points to upgrade it, his mind had completely changed. If he was not part of the night shift, he would have already went to buy white wine.

In his subconscious mind, the once terrifying Dust World had already changed into a paradise!

A paradise where he could harvest as many evolution points as he wanted. Gaining a large amount of evolution points would also allow him to have earth shattering changes!

Wei Xiao Bei, for most of his lifetime, had only lived to get by everyday, so the stimulation of the Dust World was not a simple one.

Everyone in the world had their own desire and wish to live a better life. Some of them might have bigger dreams than others.

However, most of the people could only live a mediocre life due to various reasons and limitations.

Thus, Wei Xiao Bei’s change was within reason.

At 8:15 in the morning, Wei Xiao Bei got off work and bought some deep-fried dough cake and two glasses of soy milk. He ate and drunk while he walked up the bus. He prepared to return to the apartment for now. He had been staying in the dojo for a few days already. Although he had taken a bath, the clothes that he was wearing had not been washed, giving off a rancid smell.

It was easy to imagine how thick the stench was, since it was august.

Because of this, Wei Xiao Bei squeezed himself to the back corner of the bus, trying to avoid having the stench spread to all directions and gaining other people’s resentment.

After reaching another station, a huge amount of passengers squeezed inside the bus.

Wei Xiao Be had been recalling the things that he learned in order to etch it into his memory, when he suddenly smelled a sweet fragrance amongst the thick smell of sweat.

He was familiar with this smell.

When he raised his head, a beautiful girl, who was frowning, had squeezed herself through a group of men.

In this scorching summer, the men’s libido had seemingly increased. When the girl tried to pass through, these men did not step aside and even took a deep whiff at the girl. A few disgusting men even quietly stood straight, attempting to take advantage of the girl passing through.

Although Wei Xiao Bei might share some of the men’s feelings, he disapproved of their actions.

This girl was the one who lived across his room, thus his relationship with her was better than these men. Their actions made him feel as if the food in his bowl was going to be taken away by others.

As a result, Wei Xiao Bei stopped being polite. He walked forward two steps, pried the crowd open, and pulled the girl towards him.

The girl, who was currently lowering her head, suddenly had her hand pulled. She was startled to the point that her entire body trembled, fearing that she had met an incredibly lustful molester in the bus. When she was about to scream, she noticed that it was Wei Xiao Bei.

Although she did not know his name, she had let down her guard against him due to her previous experience. She immediately let go of all her resistance, obediently letting Wei Xiao Bei pull her into the corner.

She followed along and got pulled into Wei Xiao Bei’s buff arms, blocking the other men outside. The girl immediately felt a sense of security as she looked at Wei Xiao Bei with puppy eyes.

Wei Xiao Bei felt a bit awkward. Although he did a good thing, the way he did things was a bit over the top. Moreover, they didn’t even know each other’s names.

“You got off work early. Are you taking night shifts?”

Wei Xiao Bei was silent for a while before mustering up his courage to ask. However, his words came off a bit lofty.

“Yes. Are you also taking night shifts?”

The girl was exceptionally intelligent and immediately returned the question.


After saying ‘yeah’, Wei Xiao Bei did not know how to continue the conversation anymore.

Wei Xiao Bei was a virgin who did not speak much with women. Talking with a girl for this long was already not bad.

Naturally, Wei Xiao Bei was currently intoxicated from the girl’s fresh smell.

So fragrant.

Because the bus started and stopped occasionally, their bodies would touch each other from time to time. Summer was a blessing to some people; whether it be men or women, they would not wear a thick amount of clothes. Wei Xiao Bei’s urges had risen from the occasionally bumping into the girl’s legs and arms. It was to the point that his lower half had grown bigger.

So embarrassing!

In order to prevent the girl from noticing the source of his embarrassment, he slightly bent his body.

However, the girl noticed that something was wrong with Wei Xiao Bei.

“Are you feeling ill?”

The girl ask with a concern that he did not understand. The fresh and clean smell rushed to Wei Xiao Bei’s face, causing his face to redden more.

“Ah. I’m okay. Just probably a bit tired from work.”

Wei Xiao Bei felt like his entire body had just sunk into hell. If he could, he wanted to get down at the next stop, but he was reluctant to part with her.

When it was almost time for him to get off, he sighed with relief.

Wei Xiao Bei quickly walked a few steps ahead in order to cover up his growing lower embarrassment.

However, when Wei Xiao Bei pushed open his door, the girl behind him asked with a small voice “Thank you. My name is Zhang Tian Tian. What about you?”

“Ah, My name is Wei Xiao Bei.”

Wei Xiao Bei slightly blanked out. This was the first time a girl asked him for his name. This made his heart race, as his gaze landed on Zhang Tian Tian’s charming face.

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