The Charm of Soul Pets

Chapter 91: Seizing the Princess

Chapter 91: Seizing the Princess

“Three years ago, I went to the Eternal Ocean. I remembered tgat, at the time, there was half a month where a young man rode on a boat with me. That person should have been you, right?” Princess Jin Rou asked the question while already knowing the answer.

Chu Mu nodded his head and continued to wait for Princess Jin Rou’s interrogation.

“I remembered that, back then, you carried a Moonlight Fox that resembles your Evil Flame Nine Tailed Demon Fox in its Pitiful Appearance state very much. I want to know where your Moonlight Fox is right now. Is it still in your soul pet space?” Princess Jin Rou cut straight to the main question.

“Prison Island is a nasty environment. It’s extremely hard for a servant rank soul pet to survive there. Not long after I entered the spirit teacher rank, it met with misfortune.” calmly said Chu Mu.

“If you say your soul pet suffered a misfortune, and of the two souls you had was damaged, then how did you survive on the savage Prison Island?” Princess Jin Rou seemed to have evidently picked up on this bit.

“There are numerous different spirit items on Prison Island, and the heavens didn’t forsake me. When my Moonlight Fox passed away, I happened to obtain a soul item that allowed me to heal my soul. This gave me the ability to survive. Why is the princess suddenly asking this?” Chu Mu responded with a question.

“I only thought of a certain possibility, and I wanted to confirm if it’s true.” as she spoke, Princess Jin Rou’s eyes stared into Chu Mu’s, as if she wanted to make out any indications of untruthfulness.

Only, it was a pity that Princess Jin Rou wasn’t able to discern anything from Chu Mu’s apathetic black pupils. The only thing that was there was a sliver of lust directed towards her that was hard to fully restrain.

Princess Jin Rou had seen this sort of gaze many times and, looking at the cases aggregately, Chu Mu was still a relatively unperturbed one. If he was someone else, under these circumstances, his eyes probably would have already given off a green light.

“I’m very sorry, amongst my eight guards, a number of them have been sent from some people in Nightmare Palace to specifically monitor me. There are some things that I need to hide from their eyes.” whispered Princess Jin Rou after she glanced outside the door.

Chu Mu nodded his head. He didn’t feel that this was strange as, after all, people like Princess Jin Rou would definitely be involved in some elaborate fighting and scheming. Perhaps this was the reason why she was always melancholic when she was by herself.

“Princess, entering and exiting like this should be fairly dangerous. It’s better if you return earlier to rest.” Chu Mu didn’t want Princess Jin Rou to further interrogate him, and he naturally assumed the attitude of a personal guard worrying about the princess’ safety.

“No rush.” Princess Jin Rou nodded her head. Her beautiful pupils once more focused on Chu Mu as she said to him: “Can you let me see your Royal Flamed Nine Tailed Inferno Fox?”

Chu Mu was stunned. He didn’t expect the princess to suggest this and, after hesitating awhile, he ultimately didn’t refuse. He chanted an incantation and summoned Mo Xie.

Mo Xie, who maintained her Pitiful Appearance state, always appeared petite and adorable. Upon a single glance, her fluffy and nimble body in addition to her waving nine small tails made one have the urge to hug her in one’s arms.

Princess Jin Rou seemed to be slightly unable to resist Mo Xie’s charm, and her gaze became unprecedentedly soft. She bent down and scooped up the small Mo Xie.

“Wu wu~~~” The Pitiful Appearance state of the Royal Flamed Nine Tailed Inferno Fox was more adorable than that of the Evil Flamed Six Tailed Demon Fox. Her fur felt even more comfortable, and a faint smile rose on Princess Jin Rou’s face. Using her slender white hand to stroke Mo Xie’s hand, her finger slowly went from Mo Xie’s head down to her back.

Chu Mu stared at Princess Jin Rou, and he discovered that as she held Mo Xie, she revealed a gentle and graceful temperament. Her pupils let out a faint smiling expression that was even more beautiful, and it caused one’s mind to waver.

“What’s its name?” Princess Jin Rou lightly lifted her face and stared at Chu Mu, asking a question.

“Mo Xie.” subconsciously replied Chu Mu.

After hearing the name, Princess Jin Rou’s gaze instantly fluctuated. This was because if her memory was correct, she remembered that the small fellow she had carried in her arms looking at the ocean was also named Mo Xie.

Perhaps Princess Jin Rou didn’t remember Chu Mu’s name, but her impression of Mo Xie was profound. Chu Mu currently using the same name naturally made Princess Jin Rou realize that her guess could be correct.

“Does the princess want to ask why her name is the same as my Moonlight Fox? My explanation is that in order to remember my first soul pet, I gave her the same name…” Chu Mu strode forward and stood not even half a meter away from Princess Jin Rou. Wearing a demonically enchanting smile, he spoke to Princess Jin Rou.

“Eh?” Princess Jin Rou raised her graceful eyebrows. She seemed to feel that the atmosphere was a bit fishy. When she looked at Chu Mu, she instantly saw Chu Mu’s handsome face that seemed to carry a bit of demonic distinguishment.

“However, this isn’t important. I’d like to trouble Princess Jin Rou to escort me on a trip.” Chu Mu slowly said his following words.

Princess Jin Rou was stunned, and she didn’t understand the meaning behind Chu Mu’s words. However, she felt that the adorable and docile Royal Flamed Nine Tailed Inferno Fox had already extended its claws. When the claws brought an ice cold feeling against her skin, Princess Jin Rou abruptly realized something.

“Princess Jin Rou, I know you are very strong. Perhaps you have already reached the spirit master level. However, my Mo Xie really is what you guessed. She possesses a mutated blood lineage, and her innate talent surpasses that of normal monarch ranks. Especially on the aspect of speed, no matter what soul equipment or soul technique you use, or soul pet you summon, as long as you hesitate even the slightest bit, her claws will rip open your throat. Therefore, I hope you will cooperate.” said Chu Mu to Princess Jin Rou.

Princess Jin Rou truly didn’t think that Chu Mu was so courageous and daring, unexpectedly striking first. Princess Jin Rou definitely had some kind of protection against Chu Mu, having come here alone. Only, she never had anything for Chu Mu’s Mo Xie, especially when she took the initiative to pick up Mo Xie into her arms.

Chu Mu himself didn’t expect Princess Jin Rou to relax her guard towards Mo Xie. The so-called ‘no time to lose’ once lost, wouldn’t come again. Chu Mu absolutely could not wait for the news to reach Xia Guanghan, otherwise Xia Guanghan, who understood Mo Xie even more, definitely would not let him go. As for Princess Jin Rou’s late night visit this time, it happened to give Chu Mu an opportunity to escape!

The moment Mo Xie’s news reached Xia Gaunghan, Chu Mu knew that his own life would be hard to preserve. If he were to defect from Nightmare Palace, Xia Guanghan would want him dead as well. Either way meant death, so further adding on the crime of kidnapping a princess wouldn’t do any more harm.

“Chu Mu, your actions today have really made me surprised, but do you feel that this is of any use? Of my eight guards, four of them are other people’s. If you can seize me and take me away from this place, when you help me break free from their surveillance, I will actually thank you instead.” Princess Jin Rou displayed rather calmness and her fingers continued to lightly stroke Mo Xie’s fur…

“I don’t care; in any case, they don’t dare to harm you. Of course, if you don’t want to presently create a large mess, we can deal with this in private.” Chu Mu approached a bit closer towards Princess Jin Rou . Currently, there wasn’t any difference in status; there was merely a captor and a captured. Chu Mu didn’t need to consider any offenses or non-offenses.

Of course, Chu Mu was unlikely to go so far as to outrageously take advantage of the princess in this situation, despite him liking this woman. In the future, when his strength was enough, he still wanted to manage the relationship. Presently shattering their relationship completely definitely would not do.

“Let’s settle this in private.” Princess Jin Rou decisively picked this answer. She didn’t want to accompany Chu Mu’s famous name as the scandal spread that she, a princess, had been captured. At that time, various false rumours would put her in an even more difficult situation.

“Then that’s good. We’ll use the night to leave this place first. It’ll be fine as long as you carry Mo Xie. When we reach a safe place, I’ll naturally let you go.” said Chu Mu.

Although Princess Jin Rou could still be considered calm, this was the first time in her life that she had been kidnapped, and a rather shameful anger flashed through her eyes.

In truth, Princess Jin Rou still had numerous special soul equipments on her body and definitely could instantly knock Mo Xie and Chu Mu flying.

However, when she thought of the outstanding speed talent that surpassed commander ranks displayed by Mo Xie while she was only at her Evil Flamed Six Tailed Demon Fox form, the speed was definitely even more terrifying now that she had advanced to this rank!

To Chu Mu, as a Prison Island King, he had killed people like farmer’s scythe hemp. If it was someone else, Princess Jin Rou would feel that this person may not actually dare do it, but with the character of Chu Mu, it was hard to say. Princess Jin Rou naturally didn’t want to use her own life as a gambling stake.

Speaking of this, it was rather interesting. Not long ago, Chu Mu wasn’t able to accurately grasp Princess Jin Rou’s natural disposition, and he didn’t use his and Mo Xie’s lives as gambling stakes. Yet presently, Princess Jin Rou was unable to to be sure of Chu Mu’s disposition and use her own life as a stake.

Chu Mu had Princess Jin Rou jump out of the window. Since Princess Jin Rou had come by herself from there, there definitely wouldn’t be any guards there.

After jumping out the window, Chu Mu instantly summoned his Night Thunder Dream Beast and had Princess Jin Rou sit on top of it.

Princess Jin Rou didn’t commit any extreme actions, and she jumped onto the Night Thunder Dream Beast as per what Chu Mu said.

After Princess Jin Rou was stably seated, Chu Mu immediately jumped on and sat next to Princess Jin Rou…

A white back and a beautiful butt that delineated an eminently alluring curve. The back of the Night Thunder Dream Beast wasn’t very wide and sitting in front of one another like this definitely meant that their bodies would touch. Chu Mu let out a silent sigh; not only did the body of Princess Jin Rou look good, but when he came into contact with it, it caused one to want to fondle it admiringly. Even Chu Mu, this “man of honor” couldn’t help but perhaps intentionally shift forward a bit.

Princess Jin Rou had been born in the noble class. From a young age, she had received various etiquette trainings, and she had received all kinds of important people. Therefore, in front of many people and many things she was able to display the calm and coolness that a princess should have. However, coming in such intimate contact with a man where, from time to time, some of the sensitive parts were touched, how could she still remain calm in this situation? The absolutely beautiful face under the veil was already flushed slightly red, and her beautiful pupils were full of a bashful anger!

Chu Mu had originally planned on gently seizing Princess Jin Rou and parting ways once he reached a safe area. He didn’t plan on committing any undue actions; however, while riding like this, his control and moral integrity of his feelings towards the other sex hadn’t reached an excessive realm. He ultimately ended up offending the bottom line of this princess’ shame. Presumably, in the future, if he wanted to have a good relationship, it would be rather difficult.

Of course, Chu Mu was aware of this. Only, since he had already done it, it didn’t really matter. In the future, if he could ease the tension in their relationship, then he would do that. If he couldn’t, then they would just walk their separate paths.

The Demon Spirit’s Tear effect allowed the Night Thunder Dream Beats to continue growing after reaching the sixth phase. Presently, it had already reached the sixth phase third stage and its Night Dance ability was very hard to detect by others.

The Princess herself didn’t want those guards who were keeping her under surveillance to know she had been captured. Moreover, even if she let them know, it wasn’t guaranteed that she could escape from this fellow’s clutches. Thus, Princess Jin Rou very coldly pointed a path to Chu Mu that could be used to evade the guards.

After Night Dance, Chu Mu held the Princess and rode on the Night Thunder Dream Beast as they quietly drifted towards the exterior of the Jia City city lord’s residence.

“Who is it. Why are you hiding like this!”

Suddenly, a robust figure appeared and, in the next instant, Chu Mu promptly felt a powerful soul remembrance suppressing him.

Chu Mu creased his eyebrows and recognized who the owner of the voice was. He decisively wrapped his hands around and had Princess Jin Rou lie back in his embrace. Using a soft voice he said: “If you don’t want the large scandal of being captured to spread, then don’t say anything or resist.”

Princess Jin Rou’s large and fine chest was already faintly undulating; however, presently being shamelessly pulled into Chu Mu’s bosom, her entire head was rested against his chest, and their bodies were even more intimately close. Such an infringement made Princess Jin Rou have her eyes full of anger.

“Oh, it’s vice city lord Senior Jia Qing.” Chu Mu immediately had Night remove the Night Dance state, and he then used a soul remembrance voice to transmit a message to the person who spoke.

“So it’s Nightmare Prince Chu. Why are you wandering towards the outside of the residence and further bringing a woman…” once Jia Qing knew it was Chu Mu, he slightly lowered his vigilance.

“Senior Jia Qing, why must you ask this much. I, Chu Mu, am a man. Next to the princess, there are many inconveniences, so I can only take the girls I like away before I can enjoy myself as much as I like…” Chu Mu displayed the appearance of an inamorato expert.

“Hahaha, then I won’t disturb Nightmare Princes Chu’s refined and elegant attitude of mind.” Jia Qing immediately looked at Chu Mu knowingly, and he removed the soul remembrance lock on Chu Mu.

Chu Mu didn’t say anything else, and he brought Princess Jin Rou, whom Jia Qing mistook for peasant girl. He had the Nightmare Thunder Dream Beast slightly increase its speed and ran outside the residence.

As he was leaving the city lord residence, Chu Mu ran into numerous experts. However, he used different excuses dodge them.

Princess Jin Rou’s eyes were already spewing indignant and bashful anger. She no longer wanted to be embraced in Chu Mu’s bosom, and she was itching to use her soul equipment force and knock Chu Mu, this scoundrel, flying. Afterward, she would summon her White Nightmare and burn Chu Mu thoroughly!

“Here is okay. Where are you thinking of taking me?!” after leaving the city lord’s residence, Princess Jin Rou’s gaze turned evidently cold.

“We’ve already come so far, why is there a need to care about this?” Chu Mu didn’t have the Night Thunder Dream Beast stop and instead had it run towards the southern gate of Jia City.

The Night Thunder Dream Beast’s running speed was very fast. In a short while, the expansive plains outside the southern city gate were already visible.

Chu Mu didn’t hastily put down Princess Jin Rou. He continued to run far away from the city and stopped at a small pond in the plains where numerous reeds swayed.

“Okay, you can get off.” Chu Mu jumped off of the Night Thunder Dream Beast. He waited for Princess Jin Rou to get off before chanting an incantation and recalling the Night Thunder Dream Beast back to its soul pet space.

Although the Nightmare Thunder Dream Beast’s invisibility during the night was very strong and it was very easy to escape, Princess Jin Rou probably had some soul pet that could see through concealing abilities. Having Mo Xie take him away was still more safe.

A night breeze blew from the depths of the plains. It washed over Princess Jin Rou and pushed aside her hair that was disheveled from lying against Chu Mu. Her head of beautiful black and fine hair fluttered about…

Chu Mu and Princess Jin Rou stood facing each other. A sweet fragrance hit Chu Mu’s nose, and he couldn’t help but look at this princess, who radiated an alluring aura.

“Until here. If you feel ashamed and angry because of today, then look at the water here. Perhaps you’ll be able to calm down quickly.” insipidly spoke Chu Mu as he pointed towards the gulf of water deep inside the disheveled underbrush that reflected the starry sky.

Princess Jin Rou looked on and indeed discovered this beautiful gulf of water. Decorated in starlight, it reflected a fascinating lustre that was hard to forget. In this instant, Princess Jin Rou’s heart felt a wave of strange fluctuation…

“I’m leaving. I’m sure we’ll meet again.” after glancing at Princess Jin Rou who was slightly absent minded, a mere smile rose on his face. He slowly turned around and left a proud and aloof figure for Princess Jin Rou…

Princess Jin Rou instantly came back to her senses, and she stared at Chu Mu who was slowly disappearing in the depths of the underbrush.

“Wait…” Princess Jin Rou didn’t know why she had called Chu Mu to stop.

Chu Mu stopped in his tracks. He turned around, and his gaze passed through the grass swaying in the night wind. He fixed his eyes on this beautiful woman, who would always make him feel amorous.

The fluttering hairs of Princess Jin Rou had a sort of implicit charm against the wind. He wanted to walk over and embrace that soft and supple body into his arms…

“What?” asked Chu Mu.

“I don’t suggest you bring Mo Xie. Doing so will only cause the misfortune of your own life. You currently don’t possess the ability to protect it.” Princess Jin Rou’s voice softly rang out.

Chu Mu merely indifferently said: “I’ve already grown accustomed to hovering around the border of life and death these past few years. Why would I care about life in the future?”

“Leave her with me. I can guarantee that once you have enough strength, enough strength to resist the pressure from the outside world, I will return her to you.” said Princess Jin Rou.

“I appreciate your kindness, however, even if you were a queen who governed all the land under the heavens and could provide Mo Xie the best method of training, Mo Xie would still only walk alongside me, this nobody who lost a soul.” Chu Mu didn’t say anything further to Princess Jin Rou, and he turned around. His black silhouette slowly disappeared in the fluttering grassy plain.

A moment later, a furry and small nine tailed fox scuttled into the underbrush and followed beside Chu Mu’s proud and aloof body. Together, they continued to walk forward into the depths of the plains…

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