The Charm of Soul Pets

Chapter 90: Princess’s Late Night Visit

Chapter 90: Princess’s Late Night Visit

A soul pet that mutated once will forever retain the value of its species post mutation. If Princess Jin Rou could calmly give a set of soul equipment that was worth tens of millions to her guards, it meant that she probably didn’t even take monarch rank soul pets seriously.

However, continuously mutating soul pets were a completely different matter. From what Chu Mu saw, even the outstanding being Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon couldn’t compare to Mo Xie in terms of cost.

Such a soul pet could definitely make even a superpower like Nightmare Palace stoop to any means necessary!

It wasn’t that Chu Mu didn’t believe in Princess Jin Rou’s innate character, but Chu Mu couldn’t use Mo Xie to bet on it, so Chu Mu had to think of a way to leave Nightmare Palace quickly.


When Chu Mu was escorted by the princess’s servants back, he was followed by two of the princess’s guards. These two guards were definitely of the spirit master level, so Chu Mu naturally didn’t dare to act blindly without thinking. Thus, he didn’t do anything out of the ordinary, acting as if he were happy that Nightmare Palace would care more about him after his soul pet mutated.

Back in his room, Chu Mu kept on thinking about this problem. All the way until late night, when the White Nightmare needed food, Chu Mu realized that such a situation could only be answered by waiting to see the outcome. After all, as long as the princess’s guards were there, he couldn’t escape.

Not thinking about it any longer, Chu Mu closed his eyes and started to feed his hungry White Nightmare.

What was worth Chu Mu’s excitement was, after Mo Xie’s elevation of the spirit from Evil Flamed Six Tailed Demon Fox to Royal Flamed Nine Tailed Demon Fox, Chu Mu’s remembrance also increased by a whole level, even almost entering the spirit master level!

After spirit master, raising one’s remembrance was very tough. Chu Mu reached the eighth remembrance not long ago. Originally, he needed a long time before he reached the ninth remembrance, but after Mo Xie’s power increased significantly, Chu Mu himself reaped huge benefits, causing the soul power within him to become even fuller than before.


Just as Chu Mu was feeding the White Nightmare some soul power, suddenly, Mo Xie’s calls resonated through Chu Mu’s mental world.

“Nie!!! Nie!!!!!!!!!!”

In the next second, the monarch ranked white nightmare let out some slightly furious calls, clearly angered by Mo Xie!

Chu Mu blanked, before realizing that Mo Xie was actually warning the White Nightmare to not be too insolent!

Before, whenever Chu Mu fed the White Nightmare, Mo Xie was always outraged by the injustice towards Chu Mu. Why did he have to feed this much soul power to a parasite that never battled? Yet, Mo Xie’s strength at the time couldn’t possibly compare with the White Nightmare, so she didn’t dare to really trouble the parasitic devil.

But now, Mo Xie had already mutated into a Royal Flamed Nine Tailed Inferno Fox worthy of the monarch rank. Even when faced against a White Nightmare, Mo Xie didn’t have to be as careful as before, so she was completely able to recklessly give the Nightmare some warning!

Mo Xie now had the ability to challenge the White Nightmare, so she, with no trace of politeness, started a mental assault against the White Nightmare.

The White Nightmare realized its status was in danger, and it similarly started fighting back against Mo Xie. Very quickly, these two made a mess of Chu Mu’s mental world, and it caused Chu Mu to get dizzy and nauseous.

“Stop it you two!!”

These two soul pets of Chu Mu normally never communicated, yet the moment they communicated they would start fighting, and they fought in Chu Mu’s mental world. These two fellows were both had the power of a monarch rank. Once they started fighting, how could Chu Mu’s mental world take it?

Chu Mu’s words still had their might. Mo Xie let out a begrudged “wuwu” sound, while the White Nightmare smirked evilly.

“White Nightmare, know your own place better. At your current stage, you definitely don’t need this much soul power. From today on, eat 20% less of my soul power.” Chu Mu immediately used his soul remembrance to communicate to White Nightmare.

“Nie!!!! Nie!!!!!!” The White Nightmare, of course, didn’t agree, and it immediately let out a shrill sound of protest!

Chu Mu was already a ninth remembrance spirit teacher, and he had a very strong soul. Not only was he used to the White Nightmare’s soul burning, but he could also, to a degree, control his White Nightmare now. Adding on the fact that Mo Xie wasn’t afraid of the White Nightmare, how would they be unable to suppress the greedy White Nightmare?

Mo Xie and Chu Mu, plus the Night Thunder Dream Beast, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier, the Ice Air Fairy, and the Mo Ye, with the five soul pets and one person gathering to protest against him, the always arrogant and overbearing White Nightmare finally had to compromise!

Chu Mu had reached the ninth remembrance spirit master, so his soul power increased considerably. The White Nightmare usually needed about 70% of his soul power. If he took 20% away, it would only eat fifty percent of his soul power every two days. This way, not only could Chu Mu cast double Molten Fury, he could also cast Violent Blood Pupil, causing his fighting strength to increase even higher.

Now that the White Nightmare only ate fifty percent of his soul power, Chu Mu felt the restrictions on him loosen a lot, and he didn’t feel as pressured as before.

Before, Chu Mu was always worried that his power would increase too slow. Especially when reaching a bottleneck, if he didn’t cross it before the White Nightmare’s power increased, he wouldn’t have enough soul power to feed it and would be eaten alive.

Yet now, Chu Mu and the soul pets that Chu Mu had brought up had enough power to restrain the White Nightmare, and Chu Mu could finally let out a breath of relief.

After signing a fairer treaty with the White Nightmare[TL note: This seems to be figurative, so no real change in their soul pact or anyth ing], Chu Mu, as usual, started his normal meditative training to recover his soul power, in addition to cultivating his soul remembrance.

Though the threat of the White Nightmare had weakened, Chu Mu didn’t give himself any slack because of it. A soul pet trainer must pay lots of attention to his cultivation, or else he wouldn’t be able to handle stronger soul pets!


Suddenly, light footsteps sounded out from the window location.

The vigilant Chu Mu opened his eyes immediately and started chanting, ready to summon Mo Xie at any time.

The window was lightly propped open and, in the darkness, Chu Mu saw an elegant body nimbly leap into Chu Mu’s room through the window.

The Night Thunder Dream Beast gave Chu Mu night vision, so Chu Mu could easily see the appearance of the intruder. However, Chu Mu would never have thought that the black clothed intruder would be her!

She constantly wore a face veil. Even in all black, she still didn’t let anyone see her face. Yet, Chu Mu was sure that it was Princess Jin Rou because of her unique manner, as well as her unforgettable eyes.

“Princess Jin Rou?” Chu Mu stood up. He didn’t salute, only looking somewhat surprised at the noble girl that sneaked into his room dressed in black.

The black clothes tightly gripped Princess Jin Rou’s curvaceous figure. The normal royal feel of the dress was now replaced, and it caused her elegant curves to become even more alluring. The black attire and tied up hair gave off a different feel, causing even the usually calm Chu Mu to temporarily wobble mentally. If he could unveil her face to see the unique beauty behind, then it would be even more perfect.

“It’s me.” Princess Jin Rou slightly straightened up, causing her already curvaceous body to become even more perfect. Though the black clothes covered her firmly, it still didn’t block off people’s wild imagination of her body under the smooth clothes.

“What’s the matter?” Chu Mu knew that Princess Jin Rou appearing in front of him like this definitely had a purpose, especially since he already had his guard up towards her.

“Guard Chu, there’s one thing I thought that was strange. Your soul pet mutating at such a time is a very exciting event. Why would you still remain calm?” Princess Jin Rou walked a few steps towards Chu Mu, eyes staring at him as she asked.

Princess Jin Rou walked until she was about a meter from Chu Mu before stopping. At this distance, Chu Mu could clearly see her eyes. They were indeed as fascinating as jewels. Other then that, a faint aroma that came with the wind when it passed Princess Jin Rou’s body danced at Chu Mu’s nose.

“Excited. Of course, the rare species mutation of my Evil Flamed Six Tailed Demon Fox was exciting, but Princess, do you think that I’m the type to smile widely and shout ‘my soul pet mutated’?” Chu Mu calmly replied to Princess Jin Rou.

Calmness was of course to display Chu Mu’s disposition. In reality, Princess Jin Rou’s late night visit coupled with standing this close to him caused Chu Mu, who was a healthy male, to feel attacked by a powerful sense of attraction. After all, this Princess Jin Rou had a body that could make any male go crazy.

The body and smell were already fatal attractions to a young and vigorous male. Additionally, the covering of the face mask to create mystery and ambiguity, it caused one to feel an itch at heart, wanting to flick the face veil to the side to reveal the princess’s unique appearance.

“You indeed aren’t such person.” Princess Jin Rou’s mouth slightly opened up, bringing out a light smile.

“Then what is the purpose of Princess’s late night visit? Is it simply because of Chu Mu’s strange calmness that caused you to be unable to sleep, or is it……” Chu Mu spoke first because he didn’t want to be interrogated deeply, or else it would be even harder to muddle through.

Hearing Chu Mu’s strange sentence, Princess Jin Rou’s smile faded. Noticing that Chu Mu’s gaze fell onto her body, she immediately interpreted the meaning of Chu Mu’s last sentence “unable to sleep, or is it……”. She slightly furrowed her brows and said lightly, “Your tone is slightly flippant.”

Chu Mu felt confused. He admitted his eyes unintentionally wandered onto the Princess’s body, but how were his words flippant? So he asked questioningly, “Why do you say I was flippant? I just wanted to ask if Princess had anything you wanted to say to Chu Mu that others c=shouldn’t hear.”

Princess Jin Rou blanked slightly, and looked at the sincere Chu Mu, realizing that she may have interpreted incorrectly. Her expression changed slightly but quickly recovered. She moved off the topic she had over thought and said, “Indeed I have things to say.”

Chu Mu nodded, awaiting Princess Jin Rou’s further questioning.

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