The Charm of Soul Pets

Chapter 87: Mutation, Royal Flamed Nine Tailed Inferno Fox

Chapter 87: Mutation, Royal Flamed Nine Tailed Inferno Fox

Raging flames burned furiously on Mo Xie. This flame seemed to, with the spiritual elevation of both Mo Xie and Chu Mu, evolve, causing its crimson red to vaguely have a color even more captivating than red!

The color was like the tint of a glistening and tender sunset, yet the outer layer still kept its demon fire evil flame red. This layering made the flames look dazzling, but it also gave off a breathtaking, mysterious, and wild feel!

The flames rolled about, causing waves of heat to sweep through the nearby area. The entire river region battlefield had dried up wild grass growing within it. Once this strange and mysterious fire started burning, it impressively created a terrifying prairie fire that swept through the vast river region battlefield, even reaching the other side of the river!!

Everyone watching from outside, especially those watching afar from the other side of the river, could clearly see a wave of fire engulf the entire river battlefield, spreading towards their position!!

The entire river region battlefield was nearly 1000 meters wide. If the release of the fire could, in such a short time, reach 1000 meters, how frightening would its power be?!

On the other end of the battlefield, everyone started panicking, as they started to crazily retreat……

There was a massive amount of people surrounding the battlefield, and it was also very crowded. Those near the protective fence of the battlefield all backed off, The people behind them had slower reactions, so a chaotic scene full of falling and stumbling ensued.

Over a thousand people were pale with terror. After all, the protective fence could hardly defend against the spread of fire. What was worth celebrating was that when the fire reached the edges, it finally died down, causing the soul pet trainers who tried to summon their soul pets to still have lingering fears.

From below, what was seen was a fire wave that covered an entire dimension of vision when it rolled over. From above, what was seen was a terrifying tide of fire spreading furiously throughout the entire battlefield with the Evil Flamed Six Tail Demon Fox as the center. Even though the rolling heat waves were absorbed by the energy crystals at the protective fence, one could still feel the burning temperature assaulting one’s face!!

Strange, mysterious, terrifying, and strong!

This fire caused tens of thousands of people to be unsettled, each watching the tailless Evil Flamed Six Tailed Demon Fox. They couldn’t believe that a sixth phase fourth stage Evil Flamed Six Tailed Demon Fox could let out such a tremendous and shocking flame!!

Just from the aura of the flame, only a high class monarch level fire type Elemental soul pet could create such a staggering effect. Mo Xie’s flame aura wasn’t at that level; what caused this flame aura to be this terrifying was the massive demonic aura of the Demon Fox species.

The power of fire was definitely not the most terrifying energy that Mo Xie was releasing right now. What was really terrifying was the demonic aura that caused the entire battlefield to roar with wind, and it formed a frightening cyclone centered around her!!

The dense demonic aura spread recklessly. Even the Tundra Ice Beast, a hegemon of the commander rank, revealed an expression of fear under this evil demonic aura.

Jia Feng’s eyes shockingly watched Chu Mu’s Evil Flamed Six Tailed Demon Fox and was completely dazed! When a soul pet grew, it was possible that it would excavate its potential.

Yet, even if the growth could cause a change in figure, it couldn’t instantly release such a shocking amount of energy!

‘Species Mutation!!!”

That soul reverberating and elevating feel was precisely due to Mo Xie’s mutating blood line that started burning. At this point, Chu Mu could feel the arrogance that was appearing within Mo Xie’s heart. This arrogance completely rose above all commander ranks, including the boss of the commander ranks- the Tundra Ice Beast. Before such arrogance, even it was still puny!!


Fox calls again sounded throughout the entire river region battlefield!

This high call didn’t have a shock of power or an ear piercing shrillness. It only had a quality that pierced bodies straight to the soul, causing waves of palpitation that couldn’t be calmed!

The double royal fire burned on Mo Xie’s silver body, and its body clearly underwent some changes!

Though still elegantly lined, the softness within her figure glowed with viciousness. Especially under the coverage of her pure silver hair, when it billowed, demonic power was released everywhere. This caused her manner to be distinctly intimidating and domineering!

The ice shards that came from the breaking of the six tails at this moment suddenly started burning with this double royal flame, instantly dissipating into nothingness.

Simultaneously, the root part of Mo Xie’s tail region also started burning, disappearing with the shattered tails.

And just after all the tails disappeared, the double royal flame strangely morphed into nine, dragon-like flames, flying upwards as if jumping into the skies!

The nine dragons burned with a massive and imposing manner. As Mo Xie’s calls became progressively higher, it started madly rolling up, becoming nine tails that burned with double royal flames!

The nine tails were waved around, releasing an aura more than double the aura of the six tails from before. The tails were like nine brash and elongated organisms that adhered to Mo Xie’s body!!

Nine tails meant nine royal flames!

When the nine tails formed, nine royal flames calmly burned near Mo Xie’s flowing silver body. They were like fire organisms, floating full of spirit before slowly spiralling downwards and aggregating at Mo Xie’s feet!


A magnificent fire suddenly blossomed beneath Mo Xie’s four flaming paws. The royal flamed nine tails unfurled with all its wildness and aggressiveness, as if nine young dragons going into battle!

Her claws had already been burning with double royal flames. The flames didn’t cause her bone claws to become red, but instead caused them to release an even sharper glint through the fire!!!

Silver white fur billowed around her wildly, becoming even more silver than Mo Xie’s fur before. White didn’t see any representation on her body; it was all the noblest silver. This silver emanated a hint of metallic hardness. Even powerful attacks probably couldn’t leave any wound on this fur hide!!

“This……What is this!!!!”

“Even if it morphed, it couldn’t have such effect. How could it possibly go from six tails to the terrifying nine tails!!”

“Is this the supremely rare Nine Tailed Demon Fox?!! But it’s slightly different from the Nine Tailed Demon Fox!!”

Over ten thousand people witnessed the species mutation of Mo Xie, yet not many people realized they were witnessing a scene as shocking as species mutation. This process was beautiful and stunning, giving people an indescribably shock!!

“Royal Flamed Nine Tailed Inferno Fox!!!

Jia City’s city master, who was always collected and smiling lightly, suddenly stood up from his seat, his eyes watching surprisingly at the soul pet!

A tenth level city city master had a powerful position. If it could cause this old man, who would be calm even if Jia Feng were to be killed, to reveal such a shocked expression, it was imaginable just how crazy of a tide this species mutation had started!!

Even Princess Jin Rou, who was uncannily calm at all times, was revealing an obvious surprise within her eyes.

Species Mutation!!

A extremely rare scene within the soul pet world. Some people bred over hundreds of soul pets in their life, constantly using different soul items to strengthen their soul pets, but even then it was very hard to cause a soul pet to mutate into a stronger species.

Even in regions where fighting was extremely common, species mutations were very rarely seen. Even if there were examples, they often happened on low level soul pets, which didn’t even cause powerful and important characters to bat an eye.

But in the true high level domain, species mutations had definitely happened before. However, every time it did, it would cause a sensation everywhere!!

Chu Mu’s current domain was already somewhat high. Every top tier expert’s soul pet was a high quality soul pet picked from tens or even hundreds of thousands of soul pets. Even if it was warrior rank, after training, it could compare to a commander rank.

The fighting power of his soul pets had already exceeded their own rank limitations. If it also underwent a species mutation, its price would increase by another large rank!!

Perfect warrior ranks were often priced in the millions. Perfect commander ranks were even in the ten millions or higher. A perfect warrior rank undergoing a species mutation would definitely make it a perfect commander rank. Just species rank wise, it would increase ten fold.

Yet, the biggest trait of a species mutation was that the soul pet would inherit the species abilities and some characteristic abilities. If one was lucky, the soul pet could learn an even stronger ability. Such abilities were usually a powerful type crystal-like demon fire evil flame, black crystal, demon wood, or chaotic thunder.

Royal flame!!

Fire type energy crystal! When Mo Xie mutated from the Evil Flamed Six Tail Demon Fox into the Royal Flamed Nine Tail Inferno Fox, she controlled an even higher level fire energy crystal, morphing her demon fire evil flame into royal flames!

Royal flames wasn’t really a true fire type energy crystal, but instead they were a special state. Royal flames meant multiple flames.

Double royal flames meant two layers of flames. Mo Xie currently held two types of flames: one was the outer layer of demon fire evil flame she inherited from her previous species, and the other was the mysterious inner flame that was redder than blood!

A soul pet with royal flame could let one flame burn outside of its body to increase its fire type damage, or it could let both flames merge together to also merge the damage amplification.

Though such an overlay of the double royal flames couldn’t exactly double the damage, if they had different burning properties, like the devil soul flames’ cold burn and another fire’s heated burn, then the combination would be scary!

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