The Charm of Soul Pets

Chapter 86: Tail is a Fox’s Honor!

Chapter 86: Tail is a Fox’s Honor!

“You’re pretty resilient. I guess I’ll waste a bit more time.” Jia Feng smiled calmly, not minding Mo Xie very much, who just had her fighting intent restored.

The Tundra Ice Beast’s size was nearly four meters in size. When it ran, its panther claws left blossoms of ice. Especially when it casted Death Assault, it was as if its entire body morphed into a raging windstorm of cold air!

“Mo Xie, Shadow Claw!”

Chu Mu gave a fighting command to Mo Xie.

Mo Xie stood silently in place, but she suddenly lifted up her paw. Immediately, the demon fire evil flame on her gathered at her claws, and the effects of the Shadow Claw was imbued!

Dash and toss, a fire infused claw shadow swiftly detached from Mo Xie’s claws and flew towards the Tundra Ice Beast that was approaching with Death Assault!!

The Tundra Ice Beast had also reached the state of Exquisite Dodging. Seeing the Shadow Claw approach head on, it bizarrely ran a lighting bolt pattern!!

The Shadow Claw flew past the side of the Tundra Ice Beast, leaving only a shallow mark on its armor of ice, yet not causing any hindrance to its speed!

Polar Shattering Claw!!!

An indistinct ice wall appeared out of nowhere. The Tundra Ice Beast’s claw violently passed through the completely transparent ice wall, as if shattering the wall. This shattering energy started spreading from the wall, and it quickly affected a huge region of space!!

The shattering of space caused the air flow to become jumbled, and cracks began to appear on the ground.

Seventh rank attack, plus the sixth rank effect of soul claw. Although it hadn’t reached the eighth rank, if the power were shattered straight on the sixth rank defense Mo Xie, Mo Xie would definitely be heavily injured!


Within the shattering energy, Mo Xie’s body immediately wavered into nothingness. Vaguely, two more almost identical figures of Mo Xie appeared!


Two of the phantoms shattered almost simultaneously, yet Mo Xie’s true body perfectly dodged the attack!

Her flexible and gorgeous six long tails suddenly became incomparably hard, transforming into six silver chains, piercing straight towards the shattered location and furling around the four meter long Ice Tundra Beast!!

Evil Flame Claw was Mo Xie’s first weapon, and her Evil Flame Six Tails were her second. Six Tail Lock had many different forms. At this time, the aggressive Six Tailed Chain Bind form was used!!

The Evil Flame Six Tail’s power was even greater than Mo Xie’s claws. Even though the Tundra Ice Beast had a hefty tonnage, it was still picked up into the air by Mo Xie’s Six Tailed Chain Bind!

“Evil Flame Bone Lock!!”


Mo Xie let out a call, and she used her six tails to lift the Ice Tundra Beast even higher, as the demon fire evil flames instantly spread through Mo Xie’s six silver tails!!

The six tails started to contract. The sixth rank full form offensive soul equipment’s effects were evident at this point. Surprisingly, they formed a powerful shackle shape and adhered to Mo Xie’s tails, causing Mo Xie’s Bone Lock technique be even stronger!!


The Tundra Ice Beast’s soul armor effects had shown now, yet the power of the Bone Lock was very strong. As the six tails contracted, there were obvious signs of the Ice Tundra Beast’s armor cracking!!

The Ice Tundra Beast’s greatest advantage was its defensive ice armor and soul armor, which was much stronger than Mo Xie’s. However, it was no longer useful as signs of cracking became more and more distinct!!

A commotion immediately arose. Many people with blind spots in their soul pet knowledge didn’t know that the Evil Flamed Six Tail Demon Fox’s tails were this powerful!!

Jia Feng’s face shifted obviously, as he had his brows tightly scrunched. He used his soul remembrance to send an emergency command to his soul pet!!


The defensive Ice Armor had already been crushed to powder, and its bones were about to be twisted until they broke. At this time, the Tundra Ice Beast suddenly let out a roar!!

This roar wasn’t the Tundra Ice Beast’s painful scream, but was instead full of mental intimidation, falling from above and bringing Mo Xie immense mental pressure!

Mo Xie’s willpower was far stronger than a normal soul pet’s, so such mental pressure couldn’t truly cause any harm to her!

“The Tundra Ice Beast’s become angry, it’s about to cast an advanced technique!!”

Hearing the roar, everyone quickly widened their eyes and focused their attention on the Ice Tundra Beast’s.

“The Evil Flamed Six Tailed Demon Fox is about to suffer a calamity. If it doesn’t retract quickly, it’s demise won’t be pretty.”

From everyone’s reaction, the energy about to be released by the Tundra Ice Beast would be terrifying!


The Roar was still echoing as the Tundra Ice Beast’s crystal covered body suddenly released a frightening coldness!

The frightening cold air crazily spread to the nearby area, almost instantly extinguishing all the demon fire evil flame. The power of the ice also started to freeze Mo Xie’s tail!!

Ice reigned boundlessly, and the entire river battlefield gave off a bone-chilling feel!!

“This is……”

Seeing the enormous release of icy air, Chu Mu let out an astonished expression.

Seventh rank ice type technique, Icy Space!

Seventh rank techniques were something only a monarch rank soul pet could cast!

If just the technique’s power reached seventh rank, plus the soul pet’s control of ice and strengthening of its ice type, then after this technique was casted, it would definitely be even stronger than seventh rank!

It was just like the Ice Sword Formation cast by Ice Air Fairy. It was a third rank technique, but under its powerful control of ice type, the Ice Sword could totally reach seventh rank!

“Mo Xie, retract your six tails and run into the distance!” Chu Mu realized that this Icy Space’s power could very likely reach the semi-eighth rank, so he immediately told Mo Xie to give up on attacking.

“Heng, you’ve got no chance anymore, become an ice sculpture!” Jia Feng laughed coldly.

The power of the Icy Space immediately gathered frantically around Mo Xie’s six tough tails. Mo Xie just wanted to release her tails, yet just as she did, the effects of the freeze covered her tail!!

The icy effect started to spread, quickly freezing the entirety of Mo Xie’s tails in the air, making them into thinly curved icicles.

The terrifying power of the Icy Space didn’t stop because of this. It shockingly started following the completely frozen tail down, and it spread towards Mo Xie’s body!!

Seeing this, Chu Mu’s face had an obvious change. Mo Xie was of the fire type, and the effects of the freeze completely subdued her flames. If the Icy Space completely covered her body, she would shatter into pieces with the slightest hit!!

“Mo Xie, give up your tails!”

Chu Mu bit down, and he gave Mo Xie a seemingly cruel command!!

Mo Xie also realized the lethal danger, and fire rose up suddenly from her paws as she directly casted Death Assault to run away forcefully!!!

Her long tail lock was locked onto the Tundra Ice Beast, and her six tails were frozen solid. With such forced running from Mo Xie, there could only be one result!


A crack could be heard from the six tails, splitting from the middle of the frozen icicles, all the way to the tip of the tails in the air!!

Lustrous splinters flew from the cracks of the six tails, and countless pieces spread onto the ground. The back part of the tail, completely breaking apart from the front, fell with the Tundra Ice Beast to the ground, shattering into nothing but powder.

Watching the tail violently being broken off and shatter would give anyone watching a chill down their spine.


With the six tails fracturing, Mo Xie’s morale was reduced to nothing, and even her voice sounded somewhat miserable.

Right now, everyone was directing their gaze to that Evil Flamed Six-Tailed Demon Fox with a broken tail, completely aghast!!

“If I remember correctly, during their mating seasons, foxes win over the opposite gender with their beautiful tails. Also, foxes within packs even use their tails as secondary weapons…”

“One should never even touch a fox’s tail, otherwise…”

It was true. As many Soul Pet Trainers knew, the tail was one of the most important parts of a fox. Many foxes, once tail-broken, would fight to the death, sacrificing even their lives!!

Sitting on the high seats, Princess Jin Rou watched the Evil Flamed Six Tailed Demon Fox who had her six tails broken, and her gaze visibly wavered. After a long time, she said with a somewhat cold tone, “The tail…is a fox’s honor!!”

The tail…is a fox’s honor!!

The whole atmosphere of the battlefield changed when the six tails, which the Evil Flamed Six-Tailed Demon Fox took pride in shattered into pieces!

At this moment, the silver and black pupils both revealed the same sentiments! One could not feel the uncontrollable emotions within these two demonic eyes; however, it felt like sinking into a frozen lake, getting deeper and deeper, colder and colder.



“Wuwu!!! Wuwuwuwu!!!!”

Mournful cries came from all around the battlefield. However, these cries definitely did not contain any sense of agony — The shattering of the tail, and the struggle to live were absolutely insignificant. However, within these howls, one could sense a strange power, strong enough to pierce someone’s body and shake their soul!!



Though the tails shattered, a bright flame still emerged and burned even brighter!

The flames, the blazing red Demon Fire Evil Flame, and the pure white Soul Flames!

The essences of the two flames merged, forging a heat that scorched the body, yet chilled the soul!!

Though usually, Chu Mu would not cast Double Molten Fury until it was at a crucial moment, crushing Mo Xie’s honor was the same as crushing Chu Mu’s honor! Right now, only Jia Feng’s and Tundra Ice Beast’s lives could calm their anger!!


Chu Mu was already chanting an incantation, giving off a bleak and chilling aura, ready to make Jia Feng and the Tundra Ice Beast receive the judgment of wrath. Suddenly, Mo Xie’s somewhat savage cry mixed into Chu Mu’s Soul Remembrance.

When the cry mixed in, Chu Mu’s soul shook a little, suddenly sensing his Soul Remembrance elevating.

This elevation of Soul Remembrance had only appeared once, and that was when they fought Yang Zhi De’s Rare Blood Beast on Prison Island.

This sensation of souls resonating and elevating, although it had been three years, was still etched deeply into his memory!!

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