The Charm of Soul Pets

Chapter 121: Luo Region Yang Family, Kill (1)

Chapter 121: Luo Region Yang Family, Kill (1)

“What are you guys talking about?”

The four of them were speaking when suddenly, a voice strangely came in.

The expressions of the Ye Family’s brother and sister simultaneously changed, and they immediately reacted. However, when they saw that the person walking in was Chu Mu, they let out a sigh of relief

“Brother[1. TL: Doesn’t actually mean brother, more like “dude”.], are you a ghost type soul pet? When you walk, you don’t make any noise at all, even your aura doesn’t leak…” Ye Wansheng looked at Chu Mu and put on an incredulous expression.

Ye Qingzi’s beautiful pupils stared at Chu Mu for a long time. She was inwardly fearful of Chu Mu’s outlandishness, as it had to be known that there were very few people who could approach the brother and sister duo without their notice.

In these few days of knowing each other, Ye Qingzi increasingly found that the man in front of her was a bit mysterious. It seemed that what was visible on the exterior was only the tip of the iceberg.

Chu Mu’s concealment had already become a habit. If the opponent hadn’t intentionally released his or her soul remembrance to sense the surroundings, it would be very hard to discover his spirit master existence.

“What’s the situation like?” asked Ye Qingzi.

“I’ve led them away. They’re Yang Shi Family people. The guardian of the sixth rank cold pond is approximately an eighth phase second stage commander rank Centipede Tail Giant Rock Devil. It’s a strength and defensive type soul pet, and its rock control strength is very powerful. It’s not easy to deal with.” said Chu Mu.

“Eighth phase second stage Centipede Tail Giant Rock Devil?” Chu Xing and Chu Ning’s expressions slightly changed. An eighth phase commander, to them, was practically undefeatable. Even if the five of them summoned all their soul pets, it wasn’t guaranteed that they could actually break through this terrifying soul pet’s defense.

“This Centipede Tail Giant Rock Devil temporarily isn’t the problem. I feel that we should first dispose of those Yang Family people.” said Ye Wansheng.

Chu Mu and Ye Wansheng’s viewpoints were identical. Only by removing those Yang Family people could they focus on dealing with the Centipede Tail Giant Rock Devil.

“Let’s make our move tonight. If we delay anymore, we’ll definitely be detected. If we let them raise their guard, dealing with them will be even harder.” said Chu Mu.

To fight definitely meant to kill people. The four men didn’t have any objections. While Chu Xing and Chu Ning didn’t kill people often, they had experienced the massacre of the Yang Family, and the two of them had become more staunch. In truth, during the family migration, the two of them realized that if they weren’t a bit brave or cruel towards many things, then they would continuously be humiliated.

Ye Wansheng, this fellow, had many tacit agreements with Chu Mu. Presumably, he had often killed people and robbed their goods just like Chu Mu. When speaking of disposing of an opponent, his expression was very calm.

Yet, at this moment, the three Chu Family brothers were naturally considering whether Ye Qingzi objected.

Ye Qingzi was a female, and had a beautiful appearance that caused the hearts of men to thump quickly. Her wisdom was graceful, and when she saw the little Mo Xie, she was inundated with compassion. Chu Mu and the two others felt that they should consult her opinion. If she didn’t want to kill people and pets, then it would be a bit troublesome.

“There’s no need to ask her. Ignore my sister’s normally dignified appearance. Once you mention murder, arson, pillaging and looting, her eyes will let out a spark of light. She’s more excited than anyone.” laughed Ye Wansheng.

Ye Qingzi instantly glared at Ye Wansheng, indifferently saying: “I will be the support.”

“...” Chu Mu, Chu Xing and Chu Ning were speechless. Clearly, the three of them had over thought things. When mentioning killing people, others would think of what role they would play, instead of whether they wanted to kill people or not...

Since it was a fight, moreover a team fight, they definitely had to arrange tactics properly. Promptly, the five of them began to mutually communicate their respective soul pets and how they distributed them during fights.

“Sixth phase fifth stage Multi Colored Devil Tiger, seventh phase third stage Sword Beetle, eighth phase second stage Flame Tail. I’ll be the main fighter.” Ye Wansheng made his three main fighting soul pets clear.

The Flame Tail was at the servant rank, and if the eighth rank Flame Tail had undergone strengthening it probably could compare with a sixth phase commander. The Sword Beetle was at the commander rank and Ye Wansheng really did have a seventh phase commander like Ye Qingzi. Ye Qingzi’s Purple Robe Dream beast had undergone demonic strengthening, and its strength wasn’t much inferior to Chu Mu’s Night Thunder Dream Beast. Ye Wansheng’s Sword Beetle was probably also a strengthened soul pet, so its fighting strength was extremely terrifying.

The fighting strength of Ye Wansheng’s three soul pets were extremely strong. If they had undergone any sort of strengthening, then such strength would be considered an outstanding talent amongst the younger generation in a region. Chu Mu had a whole new level of respect for him, and this also naturally gave their chances of winning the fight an increase.

“Fifth phase sixth stage Wood Tray Spirit, seventh phase first stage Purple Robe Dream BEast, eighth phase third stage Water Moon. I will be the support.” Ye Qingzi also clarified her three soul pets.

The Wood Tray Spirit was at the commander rank, and everyone had seen its terrifying binding ability. It was able to easily dispose of a group of Hairy Umbra Monsters, Ye Qingzi’s Wood Tray Spirit had contributions that could not go unnoticed. The seventh phase Purple Robe Dream Beast’s restriction ability naturally did not need to be talked more about; as for the appearance of the eighth phase Water Moon, it made the eyes of the three Chu Family brothers light up even more.

The Water Moon was a warrior rank soul pets, and its fighting strength was extremely weak. Yet, its support healing ability was the main choice for many soul pets. Moreover, it had reached the eighth stage, so its healing ability was extremely frightening. The three soul pets of Ye Qingzi could be regarded as really having supportive natures.

“Sixth phase third stage Mo Ye, sixth phase ninth stage Light Rhinoceros, and seventh phase fifth stage Dire Wolf.” Chu Xing’s soul pets were all mainly fighting type.

The sixth phase third stage Mo Ye was the soul pet that Chu Xing had obtained not long ago. The family had massacred the Yang Family, and although they had migrated, they had a few extra funds to purchase a few soul pets for the third generation children.

“Sixth phase first stage Mo Ye, sixth phase fourth stage Light Rhinoceros, seventh phase first stage Thunder Fairy.” Chu Ning also informed them of his three main soul pets.

The sixth phase fourth stage Light Rhinoceros was Chu Ning’s mian soul pet. The Mo Ye was the one Chu Ming had bought at the auction, planning on giving to Chu Mu, who didn’t need it and gave it to Chu Ning. Presently, Chu Ning’s strength had increased by a certain amount, but his soul pets clearly hadn’t undergone strengthening. He could only barely be considered an expert and compared to the soul pets of those peak young experts, there was still a definite discrepancy.

Regardless of being a higher phase and stage or having been strengthened, the soul pets of the peak young experts, when it came to the same phase and stage and the same species, were always much stronger than normal soul pets.

Chu Mu didn’t plan on having Mo Xie fight. After all, Mo Xie was too ostentatious. Therefore, he decided to have the Night Thunder Dream beast, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier, and the Ice Air Fairy fight.

“Fourth brother, what about you?” Chu Xing looked at Chu Mu as he asked.

“Sixth phase third stage Ice Air Fairy, sixth phase fourth stage Devil Tree Battle Soldier, seventh phase first stage Night Thunder Dream Beast.” said Chu Mu.

Chu Mu’s Ice Air Fairy and the Devil Tree Battle Soldier were clearly inferior to Chu Xing and Chu Ning’s two commander rank soul pets when it came to phase/stage and rank. However, in terms of fighting strength, Chu Mu’s Ice Air Fairy and the Devil Tree Battle Soldier were much stronger than the two commander rank soul pets. After all, Chu Mu had spent a plethora of gold coins on them.

Chu Xing and Chu Ning had witnessed the fighting strength of Chu Mu’s two soul pets that rivalled commanders. The three soul pets that Chu Mu had spoken of naturally had the strongest destructive power besides the Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox.

However, when the two of them nodded their heads, they quickly realized that something wasn’t right. Where it wasn’t right, the two of them didn’t quite know.

“I’ll be in charge of long range attacks.” said Chu Mu. Chu Mu’s three soul pets weren’t too used to close combat, so he firmly decided to take on the role of long range attacks.

“Wait, fourth brother, you can summon three soul pets?” finally, Chu Xing abruptly thought of it, and he let out a flabbergasted expression.

Chu Xing saying it like this caused Chu Ning to suddenly realize. Chu Mu had lost a soul, and whilst in the spirit teacher level, he could only summon two soul pets to fight.

Yet, just now, Chu Mu had said he could use three soul pets to fight. This indicated that Chu Mu had either regained his lost soul or reached the spirit master level!

Chu Mu gave the two of them a face, and used soul remembrance to tell them: “I increased my level, and can now summon three soul pets. However, there are outsiders here, so don’t speak of it. After all, I still don’t understand this brother and sister pair.”

Chu Xing and Chu Ning immediately realized this and hastily changed their expressions. However, the billows were still surging in their hearts!

Spirit Master!

In the entire Gangluo City, only the family heads of the four great families were at the spirit master level, and they could summon four soul pets. Yet, Chu Mu was able to reach the spirit master level before even 20 years of age. How could did this not shock their hearts?

Young generation experts were universally at the spirit teacher level. There were some that reached the spirit master level, but they were practically only the young masters, the chief disciples, or the strongest members of a few powerful factions. In short, they were few amongst few.

When Chu Mu only controlled two soul pets, his reputation had already made a great impact as his strength was outstanding. Right now, he could summon three soul pets; thus, amongst the entire western kingdom’s younger generation, how many people would be Chu Mu’s opponent?

Although they used their utmost willpower to cover it up, Chu Xing and Chu Ning were ultimately unable to fully suppress the shock in their hearts. This caused the Ye Family brother and sister to feel a peal of strangeness.

“My third soul was seriously injured, and i could only summon two soul pets originally. It was only just recently that it recovered.” explained Chu Mu.

The Chu Family brother and sister nodded their heads and didn’t inquire further. They began to conduct a rough allocation.

The first was to naturally find the area where the Luo Region Yang Family was hidden. This matter, if given to Chu Mu’s Night Thunder Dream Beast that could freely travel in the night,, would make it the easiest. With the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s current strength, there were very few occasions where its existence could sensed.

As the five of them passed through the Swallowing Star Wolf Territory, the Night Thunder Dream Beast had already begun looking for the Yang Shi Family’s location. Chu Mu had already found the awareness range of that eighth phase cold pool hegemon, so as long as the Night Thunder Dream Beast didn’t approach that area, it could unobstructedly travel around the area.

The Night Thunder Dream Beast’s efficiency was very high, and it quickly found the hiding spot of the Yang Shi Family.

“We’ve found it. You guys come with me.” Chu Mu immediately jumped onto the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s back and rode on it in front of the team.

“Hehe, perhaps they have numerous treasures on their bodies, or perhaps they have collected a myriad of cold water ponds. Once we get rid of them, we’ll earn a large sum of money.” Ye Wansheng cracked open a smile, and he had an excited appearance.

A smile rose on Chu Mu’s face as, in reality, he had thought like this as well. These disciples of the Luo Region Yang Shi Family probably weren’t the strongest team, but core members. On their bodies would be many treasures, and they could solve Chu Mu’s most recent funding scarcity problem.

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