The Charm of Soul Pets

Chapter 120: Killing People Is To Make Money Faster

Chapter 120: Killing People Is To Make Money Faster

“Mo Xie, go and look first.” Chu Mu said to the pitiful appearance state Mo Xie.

Mo Xie, using her full strength to run, was much faster than the Night Thunder Dream Beast. Once Chu Mu’s order was issued, Mo Xie immediately broke into a meandering arc through the rugged mountain rocks, disappearing from Chu Mu’s vision.

“Night, Shadow, Reach for the Midnight Moon.” Chu Mu said to the Night Thunder Dream Beast. The Night Thunder Dream beast immediately used Extreme Speed, and it instantaneously increased its speed by 30 percent. After reaching thirty percent, it then used Reaching for the Midnight Moon.

The speed of Reaching for the Midnight Moon wasn’t like Extreme Speed, where it instantaneously increased. Instead, as the Night Thunder Dream Beast ran, its running speed would accumulate upwards. As long as it didn’t suffer an obstruction, its speed would continuously increase. The highest limit allowed it to reach three times its original speed. Moreover, it could maintain this speed as it ran.

Ye Qingzi didn’t run too far and very soon, Chu Mu, who was running in the dark, discovered Ye Qingzi. However, next to Ye Qingzi and the Purple Robe Dream beast were two nocturnal soul pets.

“Ghost Wing White Bone Blood Devil?” under the night vision ability, Chu Mu was able to see the ghost type soul pet emitting the fiendish demonic aura ten meters in the air.

Ghost type soul pets underwent a huge fighting strength increase during the night. If it was in the midst of an area with a dense death aura, its fighting strength would be even more powerful. Therefore, when encountering a ghost type soul pet at night, most of the time, one would have to retreat.

The Ghost Wing White bone Blood Devil was in the air, while there was a Terror Wolf on the ground. Both were commander ranks, and on top of both of their backs were soul pet trainers who were chasing Ye Qingzi’s Purple Robe Dream Beast.

“Chu Chen, leave.” Ye Qingzi ran towards Chu Mu’s location, and once she saw that he was riding on the Night Thunder Dream Beast over, she immediately used her soul remembrance to speak to Chu Mu.

“Night, Death Ray!”


As the Night Thunder Dream Beast ran over, a dark ray began to develop in its mouth. The dark ray condensed into an energy wave that spat out of its mouth and flew towards the Ghost Wing White Bone Blood Devil in the air.

The Ghost Wing White Bone Blood Devil’s phase and stage wasn’t low either. When the Death Ray flew over, its body suddenly turned a bit fuzzy, and it quickly dissolved into the dark night.

The Death Ray passed through it, missing the Ghost Wing White Bone Blood Devil’s body and flying into the black colored horizon.

When the technique had been released, Ye Qingzi had already ran over. Chu Mu didn’t hesitate and turned directions. He waited for Ye Qingzi to run past him before slowing her down a bit and then running towards the Swallowing Star Wolf territory.

“Their strength isn’t weak, be careful.” Ye Qingzi used her soul remembrance to speak to Chu Mu.

Chu Mu nodded his head and said to Ye Qingzi: “You go back first through the Swallowing Star Wolf territory. I will lead them away.”

“Isn’t that a bit too unsafe?” Ye Qingzi glanced at Chu Mu, and felt that this was slightly dangerous. After all, it was a sixth phase eighth stage Ghost Wing White bone Blood Devil and a sixth phase fifth stage Terror Wolf. To the seventh phase Night Thunder Dream Beast, these two soul pets probably weren’t considered too terrifying, but these two soul pet trainers definitely had other soul pets.

“My Night Thunder Dream Beast has the Night Dance ability and can easily break free from them.” said Chu Mu.

Ye Qingzi nodded her head, and she rode on the Purple Robe Dream Beast in another direction. She quickly disappeared from Chu Mu’s view.

Chu Mu intentionally waited in the same spot for those two soul pets. He waited for them to discover him before having the Night Thunder Dream Beast bring them towards the edge of the mountain.

Looking back, he saw the flying Ghost Wing White Bone Blood Devil and the running Terror Wolf. However, a smile rose on Chu Mu’s face, and he had the Night Thunder Dream Beast use its Dream trap.

The Dream technique was ineffective towards ghost type soul pets. The Night Thunder Dream Beast would deal with the Terror Wolf, while Chu Mu naturally had Mo Xie, who he had hidden for a long while, prepare to attack the Ghost Wing White Bone Blood Devil.

“Ha, there’s nowhere to go eh….” the soul pet trainer riding on the Terror Wolf saw that Chu Mu had already arrived at the edge of the gradient mountain and immediately began to laugh.

Chu Mu was approximately fifty meters up and, if he jumped down, it wouldn’t affect him that much. However, below him was the most concentrated area of Swallowing Star Wolves. If he jumped down, he would definitely be chased by the Swallowing Star Wolf pack.

“Hmph, you dare to fight over spiritual items with our Luo Region’s Yang Shi. If you don’t want to die, then you should have scrammed earlier.” said the man riding the Ghost Wing White Bone Blood Devil in the air.

Chu Mu’s killing intent had already become extremely intense, especially when the enemies had a collision of interest with his benefits. Now that he had heard them profess themselves to be of the Yang Family, his desire to kill shot up once more.

“Mo Xie, Royal Flame Claw!” Chu Mu sneered and spoke to the Mo Xie, ignoring the two of them.

“Wu wu wu~~~~”

Under the silver moonlight, Mo Xie’s nimble figure outlandishly appeared in the air!

Mo Xie’s claws had already reached the late seventh stage. Further adding on the sixth level soul claw’s effects, even if she didn’t use a technique, its might was relatively near that of an eight rank!

As for the Royal Flame Claw’s effects, it directly allowed Mo Xie’s attacks to reach the eighth renk level. Such an attack simply wasn’t something a strengthened Ghost Wing White Bone Blood Devil could resist.

Two types of flames beautifully streaked across the air, and the long claws unknowingly scraped down that soul pet trainer’s body before sweeping past the Ghost Wing White Bone Blood Devil’s head!!

A miserable cry practically wasn’t even let out. Under the moonlight, after the nearly seventh phase Mo Xie landed onto the ground, half of the Ghost Wing White Bone Blood Devil’s head fell from the air onto the ground. Fresh blood instantly sprinkled the ground.

As for the soul pet trainer riding the Ghost Wing White bone Blood Devil, he simply hadn’t prepared any defense, and the the fifth level soul armor on his body was of no use. His body was scraped by Mo Xie’s claws, and the double royal flames began extending up and down his body from his waist. His corpse hadn’t even hit the ground before it was burned to ashes by the fire.

Instant kill!

Mo Xie demonstrated her seventh phase monarch rank without any restraint. Not only did she instantly kill the sixth phase eighth stage Ghost Wing White Bone Blood Devil, but she even instantly killed the opponent soul pet trainer!

The soul pet trainer riding the Terror Wolf was completely dumbstruck. That was a sixth phase eighth stage commander after all. Even if it hadn’t been strengthened for the moment, its defensive strength had surpassed the sixth rank. Moreover, under the effect of nighttime, its fighting strength was amplified, already reaching the peak of the sixth phase. This kind of soul pet amongst the young generation was definitely exceptionally terrifying. Unexpectedly, it had been instantly killed. Even the soul pet trainer had been killed together!

“Dream Shatter – Nightmare Ascends!” as that soul pet trainer was stunned, Chu Mu immediately gave the Night Thunder Dream Beast an order.

The Night Thunder Dream beast’s techniques had already been brewing for a while, and the seventh phase peak commander’s mental technique used was already extremely domineering. Further adding on Chu Mu’s spirit master soul remembrance, the sixth phase Terror Wolf and the third remembrance spirit teacher fundamentally could not resist!

“Mo Xie, look around the surroundings to see if there are other soul pet trainers and soul pets.” Chu Mu said to Mo Xie.

With his mind being completely controlled and having descended into the dream for as long as ten seconds, this soul pet trainer and his soul pet were naturally undoubtedly going to die. Chu Mu presently had to ensure there weren’t any others.

Mo Xie circled the surroundings once. After returning, Chu Mu and the Night Thunder Dream Beast had disposed of the soul pet trainer riding the Terror Wolf and had begun to search them for goods.

“Fifth level soul armor, fourth level soul claw, fifth level dual soul crystal…” Chu Mu had previously specially explained to Mo Xie that, when she killed people, she couldn’t completely burn everything. She had to leave the soul equipment and the spatial rings. This time, Mo Xie had remembered.

The fifth level soul armor was approximately worth 1 million gold coins. The fourth level soul claw was 200,000 and the other miscellaneous items added together were worth about 1.5 million.

Finding five cold water ponds had only garnered a 120,000 or so dividend. Killing two people had earned 1.5 million in capital. As expected, killing people earned more wealth, and thus towards Ye Wansheng’s proposal, Chu Mu was once again interested.



The gradient mountain was home to numerous soul pets. It was possible to see small cavities behind a few large mountain rocks everywhere. The inside of these caves were extremely shallow and normally, a single soul pet trainer could rest there.

Chu Xing, Chu Ning and Ye Wansheng were making adjustments here. None of the three had slept, and they were quietly waiting for news of Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi.

When the Dream Beast ran, it practically didn’t emit any noise, so as Ye Qinzi returned, Chu Xing and Chu Ning were not aware of this. Only Ye Wansheng, who was familiar with his sister, detected it.

“What about Chu Chen? You dumped him?” Ye Wansheng glanced at his younger sister who returned alone and asked a question.

“We encountered two soul pet trainers who proclaimed to be from Luo Region’s Yang Shi Family. He had me return quickly while he himself led those two away.” said Ye Qingzi.

“Then he won’t be in trouble, right” Ye Wansheng glanced at Chu Xing and Chu Ning.

Chu Xing and Chu Ning were very confident towards Chu Mu’s strength and both shook their heads saying: “Don’t worry, fourth brother is the strongest amongst us three. He is adept at fighting in the wild. There shouldn’t be a problem, but…”

“But what?” perplexedly asked Ye Wansheng when he saw that Chu Xing and Chu Ning had revealed troubled looks.

“But, this time, we seem to have encountered a tough nail here this time. The Luo Region’s Yan Shi Family is very strong and isn’t too easy to deal with.” said Chu Ning.

Chu Ning and Chu Xing both knew that the Yang Family disciples they encountered this time weren’t from Gangluo City’s Yang Family. Instead, they were Luo Region City’s Yang Shi disciples. Although the entire Luo Region was dictated by the Luo Region Sect, the great Yang Shi Family was a large influence. The strength of the teams that they sent would definitely be very strong.

“What kind of thing is Luo Region’s Yang Shi? When we were in the city, those two small girls claimed to be from the Luo Region’s Yang Family.” asked Yang Wansheng.

“….” listening to Ye Wansheng speak like this, Chu Xing and Chu Ning were slightly speechless.

This Ye Wansheng earlier was unexpectedly yelling abuse towards the Yang Shi Family on the streets; yet, this same Ye Wansheng had no idea they were disciples from the Luo Region’s great family. Fortunately, they had arrived. If they were serious, the troublesome Ye Wansheng could have gotten himself into a matter that wouldn’t be small.

Immediately, Chu Ning explained the approximate situation of Luo Region’s Yang Family once through. He had Ye Wangsheng and Ye Qingzi realize that the competitor this time was very strong. However, what made Chu Xing and Chu Ning feel shocked, was that when this Ye Family brother and sister heard that the opponents were a regional family’s core younger generation, they simply didn’t have any reaction…

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