The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy

Chapter 33 - The Reporters

Chapter 33: The Reporters

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Ye Yuwei was confused.

“Mr. Lu…”

Lu Qichuan drew back his hand and smiled. “Your eyes looked like someone I met ten years ago. You both have quiet eyes.”

Ye Yuwei laughed. “I thought you were going to say I looked like your ex-girlfriend.”

“Maybe I wouldn’t miss it if I had gone back earlier.” Lu Qichuan said as if he had not done something weird, “Were you perhaps from Fu…”

“This is Ye Yuwei.” The ward’s door swung open as a swarm of reporters flocked in.

Ye Yuwei looked up in shock, but someone was already standing in front of her.

“Get out, who let all of you in?” Lu Qichuan’s tall and buff physique hid Ye Yuwei perfectly behind him—there was sternness in his voice.

The reporters obviously did not expect to see Lu Qichuan in the ward and paused for a moment.

Ye Yuwei looked up at the person standing in front of her.

It is… quite romantic. She would have fell for it if her heart had not been torn into pieces.

“Mr. Lu,” said Ye Yuwei softly, “Please go back. You don’t have to be involved in this.” She knew very well why these reporters were here.

Maybe that person knew it too.

Or maybe it was that person’s idea for these reporters to show up in her ward.

“What brought Mr. Lu here? Isn’t Mr. Lu good friend of Mr. Gu’s?” one of the reporters asked.

Lu Qichuan looked at the reporter emotionlessly. “So what?”

“We just wanted to ask if Mrs. Gu blocked Miss Yu Sha’er’s car and caused her injuries out of jealousy.”

“Mrs. Gu used the fact that you donated a liver to Mr. Gu’s mother to force him to marry you, is that true?”

“About Mrs. Gu using Qian Feng, did Qian Feng confront you after the truth was exposed? What else would you do for fame and gain?”

Questions followed after questions, but Ye Yuwei remained silent.

Lu Qichuan turned his head and saw Ye Yuwei holding tight onto her blanket and his heart skipped a beat.

“Mrs. Gu, Miss Yu Sha’er got hurt almost every time when you are present. Do you admit hurting her?”

“Someone saw you slapping Yu Sha’er when she wanted to buy you clothes at the mall because you thought that she was trying to provoke you, is that true?”

It was the very first time Lu Qichuan witnessed the violence of language.

All harsh words he could think of were used on this twenty-five year old girl.

She held it all in without saying a thing.

Not because she did not want to defend herself, but because she knew no one would believe her. She did not want to insult herself by telling truth that nobody believed. So, she defended her pride by remaining silent.

Lu Qichuan raised his hand slightly and tried to hold her hand, but put it down eventually and looked at the reporters.

“Are you done? What evidence do you have for those accusations?” Lu Qichuan looked upset. This was the first time he showed his true emotions in front of people, for Ye Yuwei.

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