The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy

Chapter 32 - Do You Really Not Love Him Anymore?

Chapter 32: Do You Really Not Love Him Anymore?

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Yu Sha’er!

PA Wen held his breath as he felt the atmosphere in the car getting tense.

“Move our project with Bo Shen Enterprise forward,” said Gu Juexi who was barely holding in his anger.

“Mr. Gu.” PA Wen called out, “moving the project forward might ruin the whole thing, in that case…”

“Damn it!” Gu Juexi growled and flipped is notebook off his lap before PA Wen could finish.

PA Wen, “…”

He wanted to say that Gu Juexi asked for it, but not at this time when Gu Juexi was furious.

He had the feeling that mistress will never forgive Mr. Gu after he watched the video. And he finally understood why mistress stopped asking about Mr. Gu and stopped reminding him to take good care of Mr. Gu on his birthday. It was because her heart died two years ago.

Gu Juexi leaned back on his chair and rubbed his temples.

Ye Yuwei was serious about the divorce, but he was never going to admit it.

She insisted on marrying him back then because she loved him.

She loved him and only him.

The idea of Ye Yuwei marrying him because of love grew in his head and stopped the truth in his heart from coming out.

The truth that Yu Yuwei married him out of gratitude.

Between loving him and marrying out of gratitude, Gu Juexi made himself believe the former. Ye Yuwei loved him and only him.

PA Wen did not say a word. After all, who was he to comment on this?

Ye Yuwei was lying in her bed and staring at the ceiling when she heard the door open. She was surprised by who the visitor was.

“Mr. Lu?” said Ye Yuwei who struggled to get up.

Lu Qichuan was holding a fruit basket, with a warm smile on his face. He put the fruit basket beside her bed and said, “I should have sent you back yesterday, then none of this would have happened.”

Ye Yuwei rested her head on the pillow as she looked at the person apologizing.

Sometimes she wondered how someone like Gu Juexi got a good friend like Lu Qichuan.

“It has nothing to do with you, Mr. Lu. You have helped me enough yesterday,” said Ye Yuwei emotionlessly.

Lu Qichuan tilted his head with his hands crossed on his legs and asked, “Do you know what’s on the news?”

Ye Yuwei looked down without saying a thing.

What could be on the news? The wife of Gu Juexi was despicable and cheap and begged for Gu Juexi’s love when she was only as good as his personal prostitute. She could tell without having to look at the news.

Lu Qichuan apparently did not expect for an answer. “Do you really not love him anymore?”


Her love was dead.

Ye Yuwei looked up at Lu Qichuan. “Thanks for coming to see me, Mr. Lu. But please do go back. I don’t want you to get into trouble because of me.”

Lu Qichuan leaned back on his chair and looked at the girl with a pale face. This time, he reached out his hand and covered the girl’s face up to her eyes. And then his hand shook.

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