The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy

Chapter 20 - For the Sake of Losing Entirely

Chapter 20: For the Sake of Losing Entirely

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Gu Juexi’s eyes rested on Ye Yuwei’s straight back and her last gaze.

A strange feeling engulfed him. A feeling that he was not sure about but was capable of tearing his heart apart.

“Brother Juexi, my hand hurts.” Behind Juexi, Yu Sha’er cried and her eyes were filled with hatred toward Ye Yuwei.

Ye Yuwei walked out of the hotel. At this time, the rain poured from the sky. Raising her head, Ye Yuwei looked up at the barely visible sky. The corners of her mouth lifted.

“Why are you doing this?” A sweet voice asked.

Ye Yuwei turned to look at Lu Qichuan who was leaning against the pillar of the hotel. She knew that he had now realized her real identity. It was nothing to be shameful of as this man had beheld the whole awkward predicament.

“You can choose not to go in,” Lu Qichuan said again.

“Even if you have made a bet with Gu Juexi, you already know that you will lose before you go in. So, why are you still going in?”

“For the sake of losing entirely.” Ye Yuwei merely smiled as she turned around and walked in the rain.

Slightly stunned, Lu Qichuan straightened up as he stared at the woman who walked steadily forward.

“What are you doing here?” Gu Juexi walked out of the hotel together with Yu Sha’er and saw Lu Qichuan who was standing at the door.

“I met Mrs. Gu just now and I asked her a question. Her response was interesting,” Lu Qichuan said as he glanced at Yu Sha’er who was still crying.

“Send Shasha to the hospital. She seems badly injured. I will send Mrs. Gu home on your behalf.” Lu Qichuan picked up the umbrella at the door and walked in the rain.

Looking at Lu Qichuan―who was not far away―catching up with the woman in the rain, Gu Juexi was blazing in rage.

Ye Yuwei! He had truly underestimated her.

At this moment, PA Wen reached the hotel entrance. As soon as Gu Juexi opened the door, both of them got into the car. Just as the car was leaving the entrance, Ye Yuwei subconsciously turned to look but quickly turned away.

“I am sorry for lying to today, Mr. Lu. I have to go now.” Ye Yuwei nodded slightly and turned around.

“It is raining heavily. Let me give you a lift.” Lu Qichuan was still holding his umbrella over her.

Ye Yuwei paused for a moment and turned to look at Lu Qichuan. “No need. Also, please don’t call me Mrs. Gu. Don’t get too close to me or you will get into trouble.” Ye Yuwei quickly walked away as soon as she finished talking.

Watching Ye Yuwei leaving, Qichuan stood rooted to the ground with an umbrella in his hand, not moving for a long while.

A rainstorm hit the city. Feeling lost, Ye Yuwei walked under the storm―all alone.

‘Ye Yuwei, you truly have no sense of shame! You are disgusting! Is it truly worth doing all these for Gu Juexi? If you are still falling for him, you are not a friend of mine.’

She had lost her only friend because of Gu Juexi but what did she get in the end?

‘You already know that you will lose before you got yourself involved. So, why are you still doing it?’

‘For the sake of losing entirely.’

Rainstorms in summer were apparently warm but she could feel the bitter coldness piercing her very bones. Lifting her head, Ye Yuwei had completely lost everything. Her friendship, the unrequited love and herself.

The clock was ticking. The young master was sitting in the living room resembling an Asura. The atmosphere was growing increasingly tense and no one in the Gu Mansion dared to breathe loudly. Everyone was longing for the young mistress’ return.

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