The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy

Chapter 19 - Professional Scammers

Chapter 19: Professional Scammers

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Knowing Ye Yuwei, Gu Juexi knew that she would not let herself take all the blame and would definitely fight back.

However, Ye Yuwei relaxed her fists and walked to the bar table where the crowd was smaller.

Yu Sha’er was surprised that Ye Yuwei did not fight back.

“Mrs. Gu…” Yu Sha’er grabbed on Ye Yuwei’s hand, wanting to do her usual trick.

Ye Yuwei quickly took a step back and before she could do anything, Yu Sha’er fell on the floor, shattering her wine glass.

The wine in the glass splattered on Ye Yuwei’s feet.

Ye Yuwei gasped in shock at the sudden movement.

Yu Sha’er could be a professional scammer. She fell down on the floor and the shattered pieces of the wine glass were embedded in her palm, causing her palm to bleed.

“Shasha.” Gu Juexi quickly went over to hold Yu Sha’er and squinted at the wound on her palm.

Yu Sha’er stood there with no emotion on her face throughout the incident.

Gu Juexi looked up, there was coldness in his eyes.

“Mrs. Gu, I only asked if you could change your outfit…why did you push me?” Yu Sha’er sobbed.

Ye Yuwei looked at Gu Juexi helping Yu Sha’er to stand up and taking out his handkerchief to stop Yu Sha’er’s palm from bleeding. She could feel her heart hurting.

“Why is this woman so shameless?”

“I have literally never seen a woman this cheap.”

“Is Qian Feng blind? I cannot believe he played along with this woman. How shameless! And working at a bank? I am sure she has lured many men.”

The crowd began to criticize her. Ye Yuwei clenched her fist and looked at Yu Sha’er who was still crying. It seemed like she had already lost her bet.

Despite knowing how it would end, she came to this place.

‘Ye Yuwei, did you see?’

‘This was the ending that you wanted. To tear this broken heart into even smaller pieces.’

“Please use a different trick next time, Yu Sha’er. There is no need to hurt yourself,” said Ye Yuwei, who then walked pass them to leave the place.

“Ye Yuwei,” Gu Juexi called out.

Ye Yuwei stopped walking. From where she was, she could hear Gu Juexi perfectly without seeing his face.

“Are you leaving without saying sorry?” said the same woman who criticized Ye Yuwei earlier.

Ye Yuwei looked up, turned back and looked at the man who was not far away from her, “You won this bet, Mr. Gu. What else do you want?”

Gu Juexi looked at Ye Yuwei, who was looking directly into his eyes.

He then walked closer and stood right in front of her. “The moment you leave her, you will be the meanest woman in B City and everyone will think that Qian Feng actually played along to help you seek my attention. Everyone will know what kind of person Mrs. Gu is,” said Gu Juexi softly, just loud enough for Ye Yuwei to hear.

Ye Yuwei looked up stubbornly to see his face clearly. “Isn’t this why you wanted me here? For me to be a joke to the whole B City? You have gotten what you wanted,” said Ye Yuwei. She pushed Gu Juexi away and looked at him, with contempt and scorn that only the both of them understood.

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