The Brilliant Fighting Master

Chapter 31

Chapter 31: The Bloody Slaughter

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The spirit of the sword that Jiang Chen had mastered was only in its earliest form, but thanks to it, his sword method was already very powerful.

In the next a few days, he fought with predatory beasts while dealing with the Tribe of Thunder.

It was the law of the jungle. There was no hatred, but as long as one had an enemy, they had to eliminate the potential risk as soon as possible.

One day, Jiang Chen came upon a bloody man who was lying on the ground in the mountains.

He strove to look up when he heard Jiang Chen coming. He stretched out his right hand and said weakly, “Please…help me…”

Jiang Chen stood still and looked him over. He finally said, “Stop pretending. You’re not injured at all.”

The bloody man hadn’t expected such an answer. He kept silent for a while and stood up quickly.

“How did you know?” This man was full of rage. His ferocious expression plus the blood covering his body was quite terrifying.

“I have eyes,” Jiang Chen said.

The man didn’t speak, but kept smiling. He was sizing up Jiang Chen in a strange manner.

“What you are up to?” Jiang Chen asked him.

“Nothing. I just want to kill you and take your things. That’s all.”

“That’s all?”

“That’s right.”

“Well, let’s see who will die then.”

Jiang Chen drew his sword out of its sheath slowly. His rival was in the beginning of the middle stage of the Gathering Yuan State.


The man looked around. Jiang Chen looked so confident that he thought there must be more people waiting in the wings.

However, even with his middle stage, he had no way of finding Wind, who was in the late stage.

“You want to scare me off?”

The man smiled surreptitiously. He thought Jiang Chen was only bluffing.

“Possibly,” Jiang Chen said.

“You’re stupid. I will instantly know your level when we fight.”

While speaking, he threw his palm out.

At the same time, he approached Jiang Chen quickly and waved his arm at the proper distance.

The power of his palm uprooted the flowers and grass around Jiang Chen. Even the tree behind him was cut in two.

“Very powerful.”

Jiang Chen was a little surprised. The power of this man’s palm method hadn’t come from martial arts techniques. He had manipulated the genuine yuan in his body in a crazy way.

Some people knew their weaknesses perfectly, so they didn’t spend time on martial arts techniques.

But in this way, they would suffer when they were fighting with others.

However, human beings are clever. They can figure out all kinds of solutions.

For example, Fan Tu had chosen to practice the less difficult fist methods and avoided the use of long weapons.

This particular man had spent time studying how to manipulate his own force, but paid no attention to martial arts techniques, because he intended to fight with brute force alone.

He was fighting with his palm, but even if he used his fists or feet, the same destructive power would be generated.

But, this wasn’t the correct path. Such people would be despised in the Sacred Zone.

“Fire clouds all over the sky!”

Jiang Chen refused to yield. He fought back with brute force as well. His sword drove toward the man as fast as a chariot.


The sharp power of the sword ripped apart the power of the palm that could destroy metal and stone. The man’s attack was to no avail.

He started to doubt Jiang Chen’s state, yet the strength of the genuine yuan that Jiang Chen had shown at the time of attacking was indeed the completeness of the preliminary stage of the Gathering Yuan State.

“How could it be so powerful? A martial arts genius? Could you have already mastered the early form of the spirit of the sword?!”

“This is only the start!”

Jiang Chen started to manipulate the spiral of genuine yuan. The power of his sword was enhanced all at once and became even fiercer.

“Three movements in one!”

The three rays were dazzling like jewels. They were moving so fast that they couldn’t be seen by the naked eye.


Hardly had the man finished his words when his throat had been cut open, bleeding profusely.

“If I were inferior to you, would you wait for me?”

Jiang Chen came up to him. He wasn’t dead yet, but from the look of the wound on his neck, he was not far from death.


The man’s eyes were bulging in anger, his hand raised in an effort to point at Jiang Chen when he finally died.

Wind, who was hiding in the dark, was dumbfounded. He thought, “Gosh, soon Young Master Chen won’t need my protection at all!”

Suddenly Wind looked forward seriously.

“Eh? Someone is coming!”

Jiang Chen sensed the air stir. He had become used to life in the forest, so he hid behind a tree very quickly.

Once the two people came closer, he moved behind them.

They sensed Jiang Chen’s motion and turned around immediately. All three of them shouted in surprise when they saw each other.

“Jiang Chen?”

The two were the disciples of the Swordquest School, Murong Feng and Li Lie, whom he had met at the annual dinner.

They were surprised as well to see Jiang Chen here. Li Lie pointed at the dead man and said, “Did you kill him?”

“Yes,” Jiang Chen said.

Murong Feng squatted by the corpse, examining his wounds, then saw the sword in Jiang Chen’s hand, which was still dripping with blood.

“How did you do it? Even though your state was enhanced to the complete primary stage, it should be impossible for you to beat the Bloody Slaughterer, who was in the middle stage,” Li Lie exclaimed.

“It’s because I’ve mastered the early form of the spirit of the sword,” Jiang Chen smiled.

“Holy sh*t!”

Murong Feng and Li Lie looked at each other and smiled bitterly. They couldn’t help but sigh about the great difference between different types of people.

They remembered how Jiang Chen had mastered the sword point not very long ago. It had only taken him a short time to comprehend the early form of the spirit of the sword. It was enviable.

Li Lie said emotionally, “Jiang Chen, please join the Swordquest School! You are really a genius. This Bloody Slaughterer fellow is the villain that we’ve been pursuing. Now that you’ve killed him, if you become our school’s disciple, it will be a great achievement.”

“To be honest, I’ll have to discuss this with my family first,” Jiang Chen declined in a tactful manner. He didn’t want to join the Swordquest School for the moment.

Murong Feng and Li Lie didn’t force him. They just kept repeating that the Swordquest School would be glad to accept him if he was willing to join them.

Then they started to talk about the Bloody Slaughterer.

He was the man that Murong Feng and Li Lie had been pursuing, and the reason they had been unable to go home to celebrate the New Year.

“This guy murdered an entire family for no reason. He was so notorious that everyone in the Province of Widepool wanted to kill him. You’ve done a great service for the people,” Li Lie said.

“What are you going to do with him next?” Murong Feng asked.

“I killed him because he intended to kill me. That’s the only reason.”

“You can take all his belongings, but we’ll take his head. How does that sound?” Li Lie said.

The two disciples of the Swordquest School were always very frank and forthright. They deserved to be the disciples of such a prestigious school.

“That’s perfect.”

Of course, Jiang Chen wouldn’t want any decapitated heads.

Li Lie cut off the head with his sword and put it into a wooden box.

“Jiang Chen, we’re leaving. It has taken us a long time to fulfill this task. If we don’t return soon, the school will get worried about us.” Li Lie was a little embarrassed when he was speaking, since Jiang Chen had killed the man but it was him and Murong Feng who would receive the award.

Murong Feng was still pondering. Li Lie knew her very well. She must be wondering how they could compensate Jiang Chen.

As he expected, Murong Feng took out a panacea.

“Jiang Chen, this is a class-two panacea. It’s your award for having killed the Bloody Slaughterer.”

Although Li Lie had expected that she would act like this, it was still to his surprise that Murong Feng had taken out a class-two panacea.

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