The Brilliant Fighting Master

Chapter 30

Chapter 30: The Spirit of the Sword

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Jiang Chen was stabbed in the thigh by a tribal warrior. Fortunately, he had started to retreat before the opponent could make an all-out effort.

By then, Jiang Chen had retreated almost a mile from the position he had started in so that he wasn’t overwhelmed by the tribal men.

But, there was blood here and there along the way.

Jin Jie wanted to see Jiang Chen’s expression before his death. To her disappointment, he kept a straight face, and there was determination in his eyes.

“How surprising! He hasn’t given up,” Jin Jie murmured to herself.

Not only had he not given up, but he didn’t expect Wind and Cloud’s help anymore. When the fight had just started, he was expecting that Wind and Cloud would come to his rescue soon and that his only job was to hold off the warriors of the Tribe of Thunder.

He could only rely on himself at this moment.

“Three movements in one!”

He threw out his sword again. The sword instantly sent out three rays at a difficult angle.

“Idiot…” Jin Jie couldn’t help laughing at him. He had failed twice and he hadn’t learned any lessons from his failures.

But she suddenly saw something surprising.

His attack had killed three tribal men directly!

She tried to call to mind more details of Jiang Chen’s movement. It turned out his movement was getting fiercer and fiercer with every attack.

It’s my turn.

A cold grin showed slightly at the corner of Jiang Chen’s mouth. He threw his iron sword out again.

“Fire clouds all over the sky!”

It was a different movement this time and it brought an even more suffocating feeling to the tribal warriors.

The scarlet rays emitted by the sword were shot here and there in the forest. A powerful energy broke out of Jiang Chen’s sword.

The warriors of the Tribe of Thunder stood there, dumbfounded. They didn’t understand how Jiang Chen, who was dying, had become so powerful in a second.

“The spirit of the sword. He has mastered the spirit of the sword!” Jin Jie was shocked. She finally understood why Jiang Chen had been using the same sword movement.

It was because that movement required the mastery of the spirit of the sword. In the first two trials he hadn’t succeeded, but in the daredevil’s third trial, his potential was stimulated while he was facing life and death.

This movement was like a little spark that made a great fire. It swept towards the Tribe of Thunder’s warriors.

Screams kept intensifying then dying out. Several men fell down with a wail.

Then a fierce wind started to blow, wreaking havoc in the entire zone.

Jiang Chen was standing in the center of the wind. His black hair was fluttering. There was an intense look on his angular face.

Wherever his eyes landed, the warriors that made eye contact with him were scared half to death.

They had given up on catching Jiang Chen alive. It was too late when they took the bows off of their backs. As soon as someone pulled their bowstring, Jiang Chen started to attack him with power.

The few tribal men who were still alive saw that there was no chance to fight back, so they fled as quickly as they could.

Jiang Chen didn’t intend to chase them. Instead, he looked to a different direction.

This is bad!

Jin Jie was scared. She realized the situation was unfavorable for her and intended to escape.

“No way!” Jiang Chen had known Jin Jie was there for a long time. It wasn’t difficult to deduce that she had to do with the fight in the trees among Wind, Cloud, and the old man. He knew that this woman wanted to harm him.

Jiang Chen chased her and stopped her with his sword.

“What are you up to?”

Jin Jie was frightened by the cold and dark look of Jiang Chen, but she was still shouting aggressively due to her arrogance.

“Do you want me to die?” Jiang Chen said coldly.

“What are you saying? Who wants you to die? You are such a narcissist.” Jin Jie was behaving like Jiang Chen could do nothing to her.

To her surprise, Jiang Chen started to attack her suddenly. He laid his sword on her neck. The ice-cold blade made her too frightened to utter a sound.

“Old bastard, stop!” Jiang Chen shouted at the old man who was still badgering Wind and Cloud.

The old man was surprised to see that Jin Jie had fallen into Jiang Chen’s hands. He put Wind and Cloud behind him right away and landed on the ground.

“Don’t act recklessly!” the old man shouted.

“Throw your weapon away and tie yourself up!” Jiang Chen ordered.

The old man hesitated for a while. Then he threw away his long sword and let Wind and Cloud tie him up.

“Kill him!” Jiang Chen said.

Wind and Cloud were shocked when they heard the order, but they didn’t hesitate to follow it.

The old man tried to fight back, but as soon as he got rid of the rope binding him, his heart was pierced by Wind and Cloud’s weapon.


Jin Jie screamed. Seeing her companion dying in front of her, she was completely shocked.

“You have to pay the price.”

Jiang Chen looked at her pale face and whispered in her ear. Then he went with her in the direction that the Tribe of Thunder had fled towards.

“What are you going to do?”

Jin Jie was filled with fear and regret. She shouldn’t have provoked Jiang Chen.

“Don’t do anything stupid. My father is the leader of the Bloody Hand Gang!”

“Is he? I’m so scared,” Jiang Chen was smiling brightly.

Jin Jie, almost crying, said, “Jiang Chen, it’s my fault. Please forgive me.”

“Only god can forgive you. My job is to send you to him.”

Jiang Chen kept walking with her. Jin Jie sometimes shouted aggressively and sometimes pled for forgiveness.

Jiang Chen kept silent. When he stopped, he suddenly pushed Jin Jie forward.

Jin Jie lost her footing and thought she’d fallen off of a cliff. She was scared out of her wits, but fortunately, after rolling a little bit she finally landed safely. She was completely fine except for some joint pain.

“Jiang Chen! You wait and see! I’ll make the Jiang Mansion pay the price!”

Without the sword near her neck, Jin Jie’s aggressiveness came back instantly.

“You should worry about yourself right now,” Jiang Chen said.

Jin Jie was startled. She looked around and found many eyes looking at her in the darkness.

“This…this is the Tribe of Thunder?” Her voice was shaking.

Jiang Chen was taking revenge on her for what she had done to him.

Jiang Chen was standing on the hill watching, like Jin Jie had watched him under the siege of the tribal warriors.

“Don’t! Jiang Chen! Don’t be so vicious!” Jin Jie was pleading from below.


Jiang Chen sneered and turned around. He kept hearing Jin Jie’s screams until he was far away.

Wind, Cloud, and the girl came up to him at that moment.

“Child Chen, we deserve to die!”

Wind and Cloud knelt down. They had conflicted feelings upon seeing Jiang Chen, who seemed to have taken a bath in blood.

It was to their surprise that Jiang Chen had survived. More than that, he had taken care of all of the tribal warriors he was fighting with.

Jiang Chen said, “I can only enhance myself at the moment of life and death. Please take her home.”

Wind and Cloud wouldn’t obey him if he said it on a normal occasion, but the two had just neglected their duty and Jiang Chen had had such a great performance. They didn’t know how to answer him.

“Child Chen…” Cloud thought Jiang Chen was blaming them.

Hardly had he finished his words when Wind shook his head at him.

Then Jiang Chen nodded at the girl and left.

When Jiang Chen was far enough away, Cloud said anxiously, “What are you doing? Will you really leave Child Chen alone?”

“Child Chen needs to take more life-and-death adventures. We will disturb him if we follow him, but if we don’t follow him, he will be in danger. So let’s follow him secretly. Isn’t it a perfect solution?”

“You’re right!” Cloud’s eyes lit up. He pointed at the girl suddenly and felt awkward. “What about her?”

“You take her back first. I’ll leave tracks to guide you along the way.”


Cloud felt all right with the arrangement and left with the girl.

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