The Bloodline System

Chapter 9 - Attribute Points

Chapter 9: Attribute Points

It took Gustav about an hour to get home from school because, unlike in the morning, he wasn't in haste, and his mind was currently preoccupied with plans.

When he got home, the entire house was empty. Normally, Endric would have been picked by his mother and dropped off at home once school closed for the day.


Gustav would always meet him at home after trekking from school.

Gustav didn't overthink it. He walked straight into his room and sat on the edge of his tub.

Unlike normal people, Gustav's parents felt Gustav wasn't worthy of a bed, so a bathtub from the junkyard was placed in his room.

He had been sleeping in this bathtub for almost ten years now. How he still managed to fit into it was because his body was small from malnutrition. He was only slightly taller than his little brother.

Gustav opened the system interface again and quickly called for the Quest panel to open up.








"Daily," He called out, causing the panel to change again.




-Today's task (1/3):

.Run 3km (Status: Completed √)

.Climb to a height of 20 meters (Status: 9/20m)

.Carry a total of 150 kilograms (Status: 0/150)

<Rewards for completion: +5 attributes points>

<Punishment for failure: (Hidden!) will be revealed when the host fails to complete the task>


This time Gustav properly read it from top to bottom.

"I will receive five attribute points when I complete the task. Hmm, just like those games, I should be able to add it to whatever attribute I wish to improve," Gustav analyzed, "There's also punishment? Wait, hidden? Why is this whole system power thingy so mysterious?" Gustav wondered but knowing he wouldn't get an answer right now, he threw it to the back of his mind.

"It says I've climbed as high as nine meters already?" Gustav was surprised to see the status of the 20 meters climbing task.

After thinking about it for a while, he understood that it must have been because of the stairs he always climbed to get to the last floor, which was where class 3c was located.

Normally, they was an elevator to get up. Despite that, Gustav always liked to avoid the other mixed-blood whenever he arrived in school hence his reason for using the stairs.

There was even a time when he was beaten up inside the elevator. He preferred not to make contact with the others.

His plan initially was to visit the mountain at the edge of the city and began climbing again even though he remembered that it would be dangerous since his encounter with the unknown man. He was still willing to risk it. But now that he knew, he just needed to climb some stairs to finish the task. Traveling to the edge of the city wasn't necessary anymore.

Gustav didn't know that he just made the right decision when he concluded not to visit the mountain region. Had he decided to go, he would have met with a force that he couldn't handle.

Since he knew how to handle the issue of climbing, the next one was lifting up to one hundred and fifty kilograms.

Gustav had a bead of sweat rolling down his forehead as he pondered on how he would handle this situation.

"Wait, since the system counts and gives me a status of how much of the work has been done, that means it doesn't have to be at once... I don't have to carry one hundred and fifty kilograms in a go," Gustav finally came to this realization.

"This means I can keep lifting anything that weighs about one kilogram, a hundred and fifty times for me to complete this," Gustav smiled as he thought of this and proceeded to dashed towards the living room.

Since no one was around, he was bold enough to come out. He looked around the living room.

It all seemed foreign to him since he hardly came out. He couldn't even remember the last time he sat on the sofa.

"The sofa," Immediately his mind went to the sofa, he walked towards it.

The sofa was placed in an 'L' format in the middle of the living room.

A two-seater and a three-seater. Gustav stood in front of the two-seat couch.

He knew the weight of a regular two-seat couch was about forty kilograms which was more than he had the power to lift but, his parents were poor. So, he believed the sofa would be lesser in weight since they couldn't afford high-quality materials.

Also, the sofas could dislodge one another. He planned on separating them so he would lift one several times.

Gustav quickly did that and lifted one of the sofas.

"Huff," Gustav grunted as he lifted it for the first time.

He kept the daily task open just so he could see the progress.


.Carry a total of 150 kilograms (Status: 16/150)


Gustav smiled as he noticed the progress.

He dropped the sofa and lifted it up again.

Huff! Huff! Huff! Huff! Huff! Huff! Huff! Huff! Huff!

He dropped and lifted it a total of ten times before stopping.

By the time he was done, he was panting heavily.

He laid down on the floor and smiled as he stared at the notification that popped up.

[Daily task completed (2/3): Carry a total of one hundred and fifty kilograms✓]

After breathing in and out profusely for a while, he quickly connected the sofas back to themselves and placed them in the right position. He didn't want to leave any signs behind that he was there.

Gustav knowing what to do next, went back into his room and pulled off his school uniform, placing them in the small closet behind his tub.

When he opened the closet, only a single cloth could be seen within. It was a blue kind of tight-fitted jumpsuit. The color was a bit faded, but that was Gustav's only piece of cloth right now.

The jumpsuit had a hoodie, and just like its name (jumpsuit), it was truly a jumper. Its trouser part only got past his knees by a few inches.

Gustav quickly put the hood on and dashed out of the house.


-Two hours later

Gustav was jogging back home with a smile on his face. He didn't even mind the stares of the people in the surroundings, who kept looking at him with pity, thinking he was a beggar.

It was almost pm 7at this time. The sky was close to darkening completely, but the streets were as bright as ever.

The tall buildings glowed up as the skies darkened more and more.

When the sky became completely dark, the light bulbs floating above the air brightened up.

These light bulbs were lined up all across the streets, positioned in the air on both sides.

They weren't visible during the day, but they were always up there.

Gustav paused in his steps and stared at the beautiful view.

There was no doubt that it was a wondrous sight to behold.

Something, in particular, caught Gustav's attention in the distance.

It was a tall, brightly lit building. It was so high that its tip pierced into the skies above.

It was the tallest building in the city, and it was positioned in the heart of the city.

The glowing blue letters on the surface of the building were particularly eye-catching. It gave off a unique feeling.


Gustav stared at it and smiled, "I can't wait to be among those that will be granted access into that building,"

After saying that, Gustav turned around and started heading straight home again.

In a few minutes, he got home and headed straight for his room. He didn't know if his mother and brother had arrived yet, but he wasn't bothered.

He remembered the notification he got immediately after climbing a three-story building stairway repeatedly.

[Daily task completed (3/3)]

[Host has received +5 attribute points]

[Host has received 50 exp]

The people within that vicinity gave him stares like he was retarded, but only he understood what he was doing at that point in time.

Gustav quickly sat on the tub and opened the system interface. He didn't waste time before checking the attributes panel.


[Host Attributes]

-Name: Gustav Oslov

-Level: 1

-Class: ?

-Exp: 50/100

-Hp: 100/100

-Energy: 10/30

{Attributes stats}

»Strength - 1

»Perception - 1

»Agility - null

»Speed - 1

»Bravery - null

»Intelligence - 4

»Charm - null

{Attributes point - 5}


"Oh, it truly got added," Gustav spoke in an excited manner as he stared at the attribute points.

"Now, how do I share these points?" Gustav questioned internally as he held his chin.

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