The Bloodline System

Chapter 8 - Confirmation

Chapter 8: Confirmation

[Does host desire to steal this bloodline - Yes/No]

Gustav's eyes widened as he read the last notification.


'Steal, Miss Aimee bloodline?' His mind was in a chaotic state as he wondered.

'Yes... I mean no...'Gustav answered in a panicky manner.

[Host has decided to steal this bloodline]

[Bloodline extraction shall now begin]

'What? I said no!' Remembering how powerful her bloodline was earlier made Gustav subconsciously say yes, but after he realized that miss Aimee had never done him wrong like the others, he quickly changed his mind.

'Oh my God, what have I done?' Gustav screamed internally as another notification came up.

[Bloodline extraction process: 0%/100%]

Gustav quickly thought about how to salvage the situation. He remembered that Miss Aimee was currently holding onto his arm and decided to pull his arm back, feeling that physical contact was necessary for the extraction of bloodline. Unfortunately, no matter how hard he tried, Miss Aimee's grip on his hand was stronger than he anticipated.

She seemed to be in a daze as she held onto Gustav's palm with her eyebrows twitching from time to time.

'Oh my God, she's gonna lose her bloodline if she doesn't let go of me,' Gustav was still trying to pull his arm out of her grip.

All of a sudden, he noticed something.

'The percentage isn't moving,' Gustav stared at the percentage bar.

[Bloodline extraction process: 0%/100%]

It had been a few seconds since Miss Aimee grabbed him with her two fingers, yet it was still at 0%.

'Hmm,' A second after noticing that, another notification appeared in his line of sight, replacing the former.

[Bloodline Extraction has failed]

'Huh, why did it fail?' Gustav wondered in his mind, forgetting that he was opposed to the extraction a few seconds ago.

-"What is miss Aimee doing?"

-"Why is she taking this long to check out that trash?"

The students chattering amongst themselves brought Miss Aimee out of her reverie.

She quickly let go of Gustav and stared into his eyes like she was searching for something.

Gustav also stared at her. He tried to look calm, but within, he was screaming in fear, 'Oh my God, I'm dead! She must've noticed it! She must have sensed that I tried to steal her bloodline! This damn system has finally brought me to the jaws of death! I knew my life was only prolonged for me to die later! Miss Aimee is gonna turn me to mea...' Amid his chaotic thoughts, miss Aimee's question brought him back to reality.

"Huh?" He didn't hear her question properly, hence his reaction.

"I said, how did you channel your bloodline energy through the third point?" Miss Aimee repeated her question.

"Ehhh?" Gustav was shocked by the sudden and unexpected question.

The class was also just hearing the question, too, as they also reacted like Gustav.

"What? Third point? Me?" Gustav asked with a bewildered look.

-"Miss Aimee must be mistaken!"

-"How would this trash manage to ever channel his bloodline to the third point!"

-"It is impossible!"

Gustav didn't say anything, but he agreed with them internally, believing that Miss Aimee must be mistaken.

Miss Aimee stared at the students with a dark look, "Oh, so I'm mistaken?" she turned to Gustav, "Is there a new ability from your bloodline that you couldn't use before?" Miss Aimee questioned.

"New ability?" Gustav's mind immediately went back to when he was checking the skills and abilities panel.

"Does this count?" Gustav asked as his skin suddenly started wriggling from his face to every part of his body that was exposed.

In a few seconds, his skin color had changed to a dark one.


The students were shocked to see Gustav's skin tone change.

"Doesn't his bloodline only grant him the ability to change his hair color?" These were the thoughts in their minds.

"Gustav has passed the inspection by channeling his energy to the third point! Next time you claim I am mistaken, I shall teach you the manners you failed to receive from your parents!" Miss Aimee turned to glare at the students and stated with a strong tone of warning.

The students who spoke earlier had pale faces after hearing that.

"You may now go back to your seat," Miss Aimee said with her usual aloof face.

Gustav nodded and proceeded to walk back to his seat.

His classmates still had looks of shock and doubt.

'Even if he's able to channel his bloodline through the third point, it doesn't change the fact that he's trash!' These were the thoughts in most minds as they stared at Gustav walking back towards his seat.

Gustav was just as shocked as the others.

He sat down back on his seat with a look of contemplation.

'My bloodline is already channeled through the third point?' His eyes widened as he came to a realization, 'Does that mean this power I received is real?' As he reached this obvious conclusion, he remembered that he just used one of the abilities that he couldn't use earlier on, 'Changing skin tone... it was truly added!' Gustav's face suddenly shone in excitement, 'That means everything is real! I am not mad and also... I can steal bloodlines,' If anyone saw Gustav's face at the moment of realization, they would think he had gone mad because he had a look no different from that of a mad scientist.

He suddenly thought of something, 'Why wasn't it able to steal miss Aim... ah now I remember,'

Gustav opened the system interface and immediately called for the skills and ability panel to open up.

His vision moved down to bloodline Acquisition.


»Bloodline acquisition - level 1

(Ability to steal bloodlines and pair them with host if the right requirements are met. {D - F rank})


'I knew it,' Gustav said internally upon reading the information beneath.

'I can only steal bloodlines at D- F rank... for now,' Gustav's eyes moved back to the level of the skill, 'Since it says level one, then increasing the levels will definitely allow me to steal higher-ranked bloodline,' Gustav nearly screamed out in excitement seeing all this.

'Now that I have confirmed that this is real...' Gustav knitted his eyes as his gaze turned cold, and he stared at his classmates.

'For all those years of suffering you all have inflicted on me, I shall make sure I collect compensations!'


Miss Aimee had started teaching another topic. While she was teaching, she secretly stole a glance at Gustav.

'That kid, there's something weird about him,' Right since she entered into the class, she could sense something different about him. She took longer to inspect his bloodline channeling because of this. She was also surprised to see that he had gotten to the third point, but she didn't show it on her face.

The strangest part about it was, she also noticed that his bloodline was close to reaching the fourth point.

'His bloodline may not be as useless as everyone thought,' She thought as she remembered his skin tone transformation.


After closing hours, Gustav left the school. He trekked back home as usual.

His mind went back to everything that happened during the day.

"The MBO entrance test will be holding in the next six months," He had a slightly tensed look as he thought, but this time, a trace of hope could be seen on his face.

"I wonder how far I get would have gotten with this power by then,"


"Fill in your name on the collection form if you are interested in participating in the test!"

"Remember, you cannot participate if you are not a Zulu ranked mixed-blood by then,"

"The exact date and the venue of the test will be communicated to you,"


Gustav remembered the inspectors that came from the MBO.

Class three was tested by them, and as expected, Gustav failed the test, but this test was only for the more gifted ones that would be given straight entry into the MBO training camp.

Almost all of his classmates had plans of joining the MBO, but only a few were chosen to be exempted from the test.

The real test was going to be held six months from now. Which was also close to the time he would be graduating from high school.

Gustav remembered the shocked look on his classmates' faces when he also filled the form.

He was ready to disappoint them with his results in the next six months.

Gustav remembered something again, "Since this is real, doesn't that mean I have to perform those daily tasks,"

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