The Bloodline System

Chapter 6 - Bloodline Channeling

Chapter 6: Bloodline Channeling

After calming down, he remembered the message that appeared earlier.

'Daily task?'


[Daily task can be found in quests panel]

'Hmmm? quests?' Gustav remembered the rest of the system interface, 'Oh, I didn't check everything, quest was after bloodline, I think,' Gustav wondered and proceeded to call out in his mind, 'System Interface!'


[Host Attributes] [Skills and Abilities] [Bloodlines] [Quests] [Shop]

Immediately the panel appeared before his eyes, he called out in his mind again, 'Quests!'








Gustav scrutinized the list properly, 'Aren't quests like missions?' Gustav wondered, 'Things you do and get some kind of rewards according to those old games, but why is there a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly ?'

Gustav kept squinting his name eyes as he thought.

After thinking for a while, 'Daily!' Gustav called out in his mind again.




-Today's task (1/3):

.Run 3km (Status: Completed √)

.Climb to a height of 20 meters (Status: 0/20m)

.Carry a total of 150 kilograms (Status: 0/150)

<Rewards for completion: +5 attributes points>

<Punishment for failure: (Hidden!) will be revealed when the host fails to complete the task>


Gustav almost had his eyes bulging from their sockets upon seeing the second and third quests for the day.

'Climb a height of twenty meters? Carry a hundred and fifty kilograms? Who is this damn thing trying to kill? I can't even lift twenty kilos talk less of a full one hundred and fifty?' Gustav nearly screamed out again, but he controlled himself.

Mixedbloods were stronger than the average man regardless of their rank and grade. Gustav, instead, was weaker than the average 17-year-old. His physical abilities were extremely lacking, but there was something he wasn't of. After the system paired with him, he was now as powerful as an average full-grown man. This was why he was able to run down to school without taking rests even though he was panting.

Gustav angrily closed the system interface, so he didn't notice the part that mentioned rewards and punishment.

At the moment, the teacher was rounding up with their class, and another teacher could be seen coming in.

It was a female teacher sporting grey-colored hair, clad in a tight-fitted green gown. An unbuttoned brown leather jacket hung on her shoulders.

-"Miss Aimee!"

The students exclaimed in excitement. This teacher was the most beautiful and powerful mixedblood in the entire school. She was a Kilo ranked Mixed blood, and her bloodline was a grade b. So long as a mixblood had a bloodline graded above d, that person would be respected by everyone.

Even the male teacher who was leaving bowed his head a little in respect when he got to her front.

She nodded back and walked to the front of the class

Gustav had an excited look on his face upon seeing her. Unlike the rest of the teachers, she never showed a detestable attitude towards Gustav. In fact, she never showed any attitude.

She had an uncaring and aloof face. She was always professional in her teaching and never did favoritism.

She was the teacher for bloodline channeling.

Gustav admired her because her teaching was one of the best and easiest to understand. Even if he couldn't channel his bloodline like others, he still understood her teaching properly.

She didn't even waste time or bother to answer their calls. She went down straight to the teaching of the day.

"I have been teaching you about channeling your blood to the third point for the past three weeks now," She started speaking.

"If you have been doing as I instructed, your bloodline must have connected to the third point!" She stated while staring at the students.

"When you hear your name come out for bloodline channeling inspection!"

Most of them had looks of excitement, as she mentioned that.

"Riya Rota!" Miss Aimee called out.

A short female student sporting green hair, putting on binoculars, walked out from the first row.

She got to the front and stood opposite Miss Aimee.

"Stretch out your arm!" Miss Aimee commanded, and she complied by stretching out her right arm.

Miss Aimee grabbed it with her right index and thumb fingers.

In a second, she released her grip.

"Successfully channeled through the third point," Miss Aimee stated with a slightly pleasing look while the girl smiled in joy.

-"Ouuu, That's our Riya!

-"I knew she would have gotten past it!"

Cheers could be heard coming from the mouths of some of the students. Mostly females.

"You can go back to your seat," Miss Aimee added, which the girl complied.

"Gila Andrew's!"

Miss Aimee proceeded to call out the next person, who was also a female.

It was the same result. This student also completed the bloodline channeling to the third point.

Miss Aimee continued calling them out one by one for the inspection.

This bloodline channeling had to do with circulating the bloodline within your body, where abilities came from. The bloodline of mixedbloods was not always congested from birth. They would only have a small amount within the body.

Because of this small amount, they could not perform large feats with their bloodlines even if they have a high-graded bloodline until they channeled it to keep increasing in quantity and quality. This was where the issue of ranks came in.

A mixedblood could have a B-grade bloodline and lose to another mixed blood with an F-grade bloodline due to ranks. The more the bloodline is channeled to keep increasing in quantity and quantity, the more a mixedblood increases in ranks.

The first step was to locate the bloodline in your body and find a way to control and move the blood to any part of the body you wished to.

There were four channel points within the body.

Before a mixed-blood could get to the lowest rank (Zulu), their bloodline needed to be channeled to connect these four points together. Once that was completed, they would have officially become a Zulu-ranked mixed-blood.

While Miss Aimee was inspecting the bloodline channeling of class 3c, another inspection was going on in another part of the school.


-Middle School Area (Mixedblood Training Ground)

A group of students could be seen in hundreds within the training ground.

It was like a stadium with spectators' seats surrounding the training ground.

These students looked to be on the young side, ranging from age ten to thirteen. They sat on the spectators' seat as a young boy could be seen attacking a trio of robots with his bloodline abilities.

The female students watched with dazed eyes while the male students watched with envy as the boy dominated the three robots and was slowly pushing them back.

At a particular spectators corner, a group of four sat down together and watched the display.

Two of them had their mouths wide open as they watched while the other two were grinning from ear to ear.

One glance, and you could tell that they were the prestigious and powerful sort. The way they dressed and their demeanor spoke volumes, but presently, the two had looks of disbelief.

"How is this even possible?" One of the people spoke.

He was a bald man with a brown goatee, and he sat on the right.

"Those are level 3 AI, comparable to a Zulu ranked mixed blood! This child shouldn't even be able to trade blows with them, yet he's winning!" The other man sporting black hair voiced out while watching the student battle with the three humanoid-looking machines.

"Inspector Dylan, Inspector Blob, I mentioned it before that this kid is special, but you wouldn't believe me," The man who spoke was seated on the left. He wore glasses and had a long black coat on with a blue sweatshirt within. He looked like he was in his thirties.

"Ah, Principal Will, how did you think we would believe that a kid, no more than ten years old, would already be a Zulu ranked mixed blood?" This was the same man who spoke first, and he was Inspector Dylan from the MBO.

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