The Bloodline System

Chapter 5 - Echelon Academy

Chapter 5: Echelon Academy

Gustav realizing his mistake, felt bashful and stared at the ground in embarrassment while smiling like a retard.

"I think I'll just go with the next set," A man within the crowd said and proceeded to walk out of the circle. He moved more than seven feet away so as not to disturb the circle from transporting the people within.


Some others followed him, and, in a few seconds, there were only about seven more people left within the circle, Gustav included, making it extra spacious.


The teleportation circle activated, and the people within disappeared.

-Thirty minutes later

Gustav finally arrived at school. It was pretty large. It was comparable to the size of a university, whereas it only had middle school and high school students.

A big sign hung up at the first entrance.


There were tall silver-colored structures within. Different buildings for different academic purposes.

Cars and different luxurious-looking vehicles that floated few inches above the surface of the ground could be seen streaming in.

Since Plankton City was one of the six greatest cities in the world, every school located within was high class.

Echelon Academy had the second-highest population and was known all across the world for one reason. Great mixedbloods in the MBO Organization attended this school at a young age.

The MBO(Mixed Blood Organization) was an organization set up by the government to handle situations related to bloodlines. Since mixedbloods could perform feats out of the extraordinary, normal means and people wouldn't be able to handle them.

Imagine trying to shoot down a mixed-blood that had the ability to move faster than the speed of light. It would be an impossible feat for normal people, so the MBO handled situations like criminals that use their bloodlines for evil.

The MBO had different branches that handled different situations. Some were like cops, always roaming about the street to prevent mixedblood from committing or getting away with crimes. Some handled mixedblood terrorists and traffickers of mixed blood organs.

The most respected branch were the ones that traveled across the galaxies. Ever since the Slarkovs appeared, it had been confirmed that there were alien life forms outside of earth. Using the technology of the Slarkovs, the earth had traveled to different parts of the universe and made a pact with different planets. Thousands of years had passed, but Humans were still exploring the universe.

Gustav had always wanted to join the MBO since he was young because he wanted to travel across galaxies, visit different planets and meet different species. However, without a high-ranking bloodline, that would be an impossible task since MBO possessed the most powerful mixedblood in their ranks. They faced a lot of dangers in space exploration, so they always recruited and trained people with high-grade bloodlines. At least your bloodline had to be C-grade before you can be considered for recruitment. They would still have to undergo four years of training at the MBO military camp.


Gustav ran into the school at fast as his legs could carry him. Unlike the others who were being brought to school by their parents, he had to walk to his class building.

It would still take him close to twenty minutes of running before he could get to block c, which was located in the eastern part of the school.

Apart from training mixedblood Echelon Academy also taught normal school subjects like mathematics and English. After graduating from high school, a mixedblood could decide to attend a college or university that was for mixedbloods only. If they ended up being picked, their classes would only be about training their bloodlines. On the contrary, at High school, every student, regardless of whether you were a normal human being, a slarkov, or a mixed-blood were taught normal school subjects amidst the extracurricular activities for mixed bloods.

Gustav running within the school had already garnered attention. People started giving him weird stares.

"Oh, it's that trash again!". "Why does he still attend this academy?". Some of the students headed towards their classes within their parents' vehicles stared at him in disgust.

Although there were normal human beings without any special abilities that attended the school, the difference between them and Gustav was, they would never awaken any abilities due to their normal bloodlines, so they didn't garner attention. Nevertheless, for Gustav, he was a shame to mixedbloods with the bloodline he awakened. Even though there were different grades of bloodline which determined social status, no matter how low a person's bloodline was, there were still respected by those without bloodlines. Gustav's case happened to be unique. He was despised by mixedbloods and humans alike. His bloodline didn't even have a grade or a name, unlike the others.

There was another reason he was well known throughout the academy. In junior high, he confessed love to the most beautiful girl in the academy, Yuhiko Kaira.

Yuhiko had always been nice and treated others fairly according to what he noticed, and this caused him to develop feelings for her. He didn't know where the courage came from, but he walked up to her when school was over about three years ago and confessed to her that she was his crush.

This was when she showed her true colors. Gustav was crushed by his crush.

Yuhiko's bloodline granted her the ability to turn matter into whatever she wished. She was so mad that Gustav had the guts to profess love to her that she transformed her hairpin into a boulder and dropped it on Gustav.

Gustav's body was crushed from the weight, and he broke more than a hundred different bones in his body.

He literally got crushed by his crush.

He was saved by a teacher who was afraid of the school receiving a bad name from a student dying within. If not for that, he would have been dead today.

"Tch, he still came to school today again after I asked him to commit suicide two days ago! Wait till I break all your fingers!" A male within a blue car that streamed across the school road mumbled with a look of hate as he stared at Gustav from the small screen within the car. Gustav, who was currently jogging while panting heavily, had no idea that he was being watched by someone in the car that just streaked past.

After running for close to twenty minutes, he was finally closing in on three large buildings joined in a 'u' format. It was also silver-colored like the rest but more luxurious looking. They were all three-story buildings.

"Looks like I made it in time! How did I manage to get here without resting one bit, and I'm not even feeling as tired as I used to?" Gustav wondered as he walked forward toward the building.

This was the special block for mixedblood attending the school. Gustav was currently a student of class 3c. This was his third year of high school, and after this year, he would graduate from the academy.

Subject-wise, Gustav was very smart and intelligent. He could easily beat all the mixed blood in his class when it came to passing exams like English and maths. However, this almost meant nothing at this age.

Even if you were extremely smart and wanted to become a scientist, science universities wouldn't pick such a person without a good bloodline unless they had connections within the circle of the rich and powerful.

Gustav finally arrived in front of the class, which was in the middle of the two buildings.

On getting inside, everyone within the class turned to stare at him, but in the next second, they turned their faces back towards the teacher standing in front of them.

Hisses and snorts could be heard as he walked to his seat that was positioned at the southwest corner of the class. Way behind the rest of the seats.

The male teacher didn't even spare him a glance, almost like he was just a gust of wind passing by.

The class was arranged like a normal class, with desks arranged in rows and columns. There was a projection on the wall. It was like a body chart showing the internals of a mixed-blood channeling power from his bloodline.

Gustav sat down at his usual lonely corner and listened to the teacher speaking.

Apparently, the male teacher was talking about how they would be having their last exams in the next six months, which would determine whether they would be picked by higher institutions that trained bloodlines.

Gustav was paying attention when a notification sound rang in his head.

A blue rectangular blinking light appeared at the top left corner of his sight.

"Damn, I forgot about this," Gustav exclaimed loudly as a message popped out in front of him.

[Daily task completed (1/3): Travel 3km √ ]

"Daily tasks?" Gustav stated with a weird look as he stared at the message.

He suddenly felt uncomfortable, like something was prickling his skin from every angle.

Sensing the sudden silence, his vision focused on the classroom again, and he noticed everyone staring at him.

His eyes widened as he realized he just shouted out his words instead of saying them internally.

"Not only is he trash, but now he's a mad trash, eh?"

A female student muttered.

The class had a look of disgust as they stared at him.

The teacher went back to explaining after Gustav stood up to apologize.

'This damned thing,' Gustav muttered internally in discomfort.

[Host is the definition of a damned thing!]

Immediately Gustav saw the message appear in his line of sight. He nearly puked out blood.

'This...' He almost shouted out again, but he controlled himself.

After calming down, he remembered the message that appeared earlier.

'Daily task?'

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