The Bloodline System

Chapter 38 - Breaking Off Inexistent Bonds

Chapter 38: Breaking Off Inexistent Bonds

Gustav headed to the nearest bus station and traveled back to his parents' house.

As expected it only took about five minutes before he got to the stop closest to his parents home. ​​

Gustav walked through the thirty-fourth street headed for the residential area.

In a few minutes, he arrived at a house that was seventh on the line up of houses in this area.

The difference between this street and the new one his apartment was located in was, this place was constructed better even though only bungalow-type houses could be seen. It was obvious that this part of the city was more on the urban side.

Gustav wasted no time, walking towards the house. He looked at the surroundings and noticed that his mother's car wasn't parked in front which meant she wasn't home yet.

Gustav who knew where the key was placed went to get it.

He opened the doors and went in straight to the room he spent ten years holed up in.

He wasted no time picking up his clothes from the closet placed behind his tub.

He brought out a storage device that was a bit similar to the one he took from Hung Jo.

A button type. He had gotten rid of Hung Jo's storage device a long time ago. He didn't want anyone tracing it to him.

Gustav put the clothes into the storage device after activating it.

He turned around to leave the room but paused to when he got to the door.

He turned back around and observed the room.

He walked back towards the tub he had been sleeping in for years and placed his hand on it.

He rubbed the edge slightly, "I won't miss you,"

He turned around after muttering those words and walked out of the room.

Gustav walked through the small passageway and was headed towards the door when he sensed something.

Kom! Kom!

He could hear the sounds of footsteps coming from outside.

"Looks like they've arrived," Gustav muttered as the door was pushed open.

Two people walked in.

They were none other than Gustav's mother and his junior brother, Endric.

They stared at Gustav who was just coming from the passageway on the other end for a moment before heading towards the couch to sit.

They ignored Gustav who kept walking towards the door.

"This trash! You know your brother hasn't been coming back home on time and you never even showed any concern!" Gustav's mother shouted out with a twisted look.

"Mother, why do you bother initiating a conversation with him?" Endric crossed his legs with swag as he spoke in a cool voice.

Gustav had paused his steps after hearing them speak.

"The trash has to be useful for something at least... let him show concern!" Gustav's mother voiced out once again.

"Hey useless, my only son has received a scholarship to attend MBO academy for young mixed-bloods and is now getting personal training from an Echo ranked mixed-blood!" Gustav's mother added with a prideful glare.

'Oh is that why they've been coming late all this time?' Gustav put two and two together.

"You should come and congratulate him! Be good for one thing even though we all know you're useless!" Gustav's mom kept flapping her gums without stop as she praised Endric.

Gustav was standing a few feet away from them. He stood there for several seconds with a dark look on his face before finally saying something.

"Good for him,"

Gustav resumed walking towards the door.

He passed behind where they were seated on the couch.

A smile hung on his face as he spoke again, "Congratulations,"

The look on Gustav's face when he congratulated Endric was that of unconcern. The smile had a kind of ridiculing element in it.

Step! Step! Step! Step!

Gustav resumed walking forward after saying that.

"Hey, you should be on your knees when telling me that!" Endric stated with a disgusted expression.

He felt disgusted by the fact that Gustav didn't have the same jealous look he used to whenever he stared at him. That look of reverence was no longer there.

Gustav didn't stop walking, he behaved like he didn't hear a word of what Endric just demanded.

"Hey, trash did you hear me! Kneel and congratulate me!" Endric looked pissed as he stood up to stare at Gustav who was still headed towards the door.

"Make me," Gustav muttered silently as he turned his head around to stare at Endric.


Endric flinched back a little seeing the cold look on Gustav's face. He never thought a day would come when Gustav would stare at him like that. The gaze made a chill run down his spine, 'Why does he look so fierce all of a sudden!' Endric couldn't wrap his head around the sudden change.

Gustav turned back to face the door as he arrived before it and stretched out his hand to open it.

All of a sudden a strange force descended upon Gustav causing him to pause in his movements.

"I said kneel!" Endric shouted out again.

He seemed to have regained his spine. He was cursing himself internally for getting scared of Gustav.

'How can I be afraid of trash!' Endric right hand was outstretched towards Gustav's direction.

Gustav felt the same strange force wrapping around his shoulders and forcibly pushing him downwards.

He recognized this power, It was Endric's.

Gustav's knees bent slightly due to the sudden force but in a second he straightened himself back up, using his shoulders to push the invisible force upwards.

Endric was surprised to see that Gustav wasn't falling to his knees as he had expected.

'What is happening? Isn't Endric using his powers now? How is Gustav still standing?' Their mother could see Endric stretching out his hand which meant he was using his powers but she didn't understand why she was still seeing the same casual look on Gustav's face like he was unaffected.

'How is he able to resist my telekinesis?' Endric started walking towards Gustav as he increased the output of his telekinesis.

Gustav felt the force pressing onto his shoulder increase. The floor below was starting to creak due to the increase in weight.

'This should be around a thousand kilograms of force...' Gustav Calculated as he turned around and started walking towards Endric.

If this was Gustav's old self, that amount of force bearing down on his shoulders would crush him.

Step! Step! Step! Step!

With every step Gustav took, the shock on Endric's and their mother's faces increased.

'How?' Endric channeled his bloodline even more increasing the force beyond what it was earlier.

Gustav paused for an instant while looking down as his face turned dark. He raised his right foot and placed it in front of his left before doing the same for his left.

"I have tolerated your excesses as my little brother for a long time!" Gustav spoke with an aggrieved tone.

"Left you to do as you pleased with me since I was unable to fight back!"

"I was a pathetic big brother wasn't I?"

"Well, that ends today!" He voiced out as he arrived in front of Endric who still had his arm outstretched.

"As your senior brother, I shall give you what you rightfully deserve when you disrespect an older person!" Gustav added as he stared at Endric in the eyes.

Endric had his widened from shock but before he could open his mouth to speak he noticed Gustav's palm swinging towards his left cheek.

It was way too fast for him to follow and before he could react to the speed, contact was made.


A loud slap resounded in the sitting room as Endric was sent flying towards the far end of the living room.


His back slammed into the wall on the other end as his mouth hung open with his back arched in.

His body stayed in that position for a while as his face showed pain and confusion before his body slid towards the floor.

"Since you want these useless parents so bad, you can have them for yourself!" Gustav voiced out as he turned around.

His mother was still seated on the sofa with her mouth wide open. It was as if a movie was playing out before her.

'He is able to resist Endric's telekinesis? Where did he get the strength to perform such feats?'

Her mind couldn't comprehend what had just happened. She felt she had seen the most unbelievable thing just happen in front of her.

'How is this possible? Isn't this the same trash I gave birth to?' She couldn't react properly to the incident and she kept staring at Gustav, wondering if he was another person in disguise.

Gustav started walking towards the door once again, "As from today onwards, we are not family! If ever cross paths in the future, I will treat you people as I treat everyone else!" Gustav said as he got to the door.

"We share no tie or relationship and it will remain that way!"

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