The Bloodline System

Chapter 37 - Annoying Neighbor

Chapter 37: Annoying Neighbor

"Hello, are you the new person who stays in apartment 48?"

It was a soft feminine voice.


Gustav turned to the right to stare at the person who had just spoken.

It was a teenage girl in a blue sweatshirt and green tight-fitted shorts. She looked athletic with her slim figure. Her hair was a touch of silver and pink giving her a tender look with a soft smile on her face. Another thing that made her stand out was the two small horns protruding out of the sides of her forehead. The horns were about three centimeters in length but they had a spiraling kind of look like that of a unicorn.

She was coming towards Gustav from the alleyway.

"Yes, can I help you?" Gustav questioned after analyzing the girl in an instant.

"No on the contrary, can I help you with that?" The teenage girl pointed at the box in Gustav's hand while speaking.

"No thanks, I'm alright," Gustav replied while turning around to head towards the stairs.

The girl was surprised at Gustav's uninterested and aloof look.

Gustav started climbing the stairs surprisingly the girl followed him.

"Hold on, I also live here, we're going to be neighbors so let me at least assist you," She called out to Gustav from behind.

"No assistance needed, " Gustav replied without looking back.

The girl who was obviously a stubborn type ran to Gustav's front and turned to face him while climbing the stairs in a backward motion.

"I'm Angy nice to meet you, I also stay on the last floor," The girl said with a cute smile hung on her face.

"Nice to meet you also Angy," Gustav replied while turning towards the left and climbing up the stairs faster.

He passed by Angy's side as he ascended.

"Hold on, what about you? What's your name?" Angy questioned Gustav who had already climbed past her.

Gustav froze for an instant before he continued climbing upwards again, "Gustav,"

The tone of his voice was low but audible.

"Gustav? nice name," Angy giggled lightly and ran up the stairs to stand before Gustav again.

"Come on let me assist you with that," Angy proposed again.

"No assistance needed," Gustav said again before turning towards the left and climbing upwards to pass by her side.

Tom! Tom! Tom! Tom!

She ran up the stairs again and blocked Gustav.

"Come on we're going to be neighbors we have to be nice to one another," She said while trying to grab the box from Gustav.

"No need!" Gustav stated as he moved to the box to the side dodging her hand.

"Come on," She said again while reaching out to grab the box.

"No need!" Gustav dodged her arm again.

"Come on,"

"No need!"

"Come on,"

"No need!"

"Let me help you,"

"Your help is unnecessary,"

Gustav was starting to get annoyed with Angy trying to help by all means.

She pushed herself forward again to grab the box and this time Gustav moved out of the way completely.

"Uh?" Angy exclaimed as her feet tripped on a small metal that protruded out of the stairway.

Before she knew what was happening she had lost her balance and her body was falling forward.

Since they started exchanging words, they had already climbed to the third floor so falling at this point would make her roll down fifty steps and sustain injuries.

Gustav had already calculated this in his mind as he processed her fall. He felt that she was annoying and maybe he should just leave her so she would learn to mind her business but he remembered she was just trying to help him after all.

Gustav shifted the box to his left side with speed, placing it beneath his armpit while holding onto the bottom with his left arm.

He quickly turned around and stretched out his right arm.

Angy who was currently falling towards the stairs with her eyes closed due to fear suddenly felt a hand wrap around her lower chest region, preventing her from falling.

It missed her breasts by a centimeter.

"Uh?" She exclaimed in surprise while opening her eyes to see her body a few feet away from colliding with the stairs.

She turned her face to the side and stared at the owner of the arm which happened to be Gustav.

"Watch where you're going," Gustav said in a low tone while pulling her up.

At this moment Angy felt a wave of embarrassment Welling up from within. Her cheeks became flushed as she stared at Gustav who turned around and started climbing up the stairs again.

She stood there staring at his back for several seconds before climbing up quickly to go meet him.

Tom! Tom! Tom! Tom!

Gustav was climbing the stairs at a moderate speed so she was able to catch up to him easily.

She shyly turned her face to the left to glance at Gustav who kept climbing up the stairs with an aloof expression.

"Um, thank you," She spoke with a low tone before turning her face towards the side.

"Hnm, no problem," Gustav replied.

She noticed that Gustav was no longer carrying the box in two hands, instead, it was on his left side.

'Looks like he truly didn't need any help,' She said internally with a surprised expression.

At first glance, everyone would take Gustav as the typical weak-looking guy even though he was already growing bigger and bigger each day. Seeing the big box in his hands she had thought it wouldn't be easy for him to lift it to the top so she decided to come help.

"Um, are you a mixed-blood also?" She asked with a curious look.

"Also?" Gustav replied with a question.

"I'm a mixed-blood but you didn't look like one so I thought you were a normal human," She explained as they climbed up the stairs.

"Are looks a criteria for being a mixed-blood?" Gustav questioned with a slightly dissatisfied expression.

"Ah no, that wasn't what I meant... it's just that I've always wanted to help the weak with my strength as a Mixedblood and I noticed you... sorry, if I have upset you," She noticed that as she spoke more and more Gustav's face was turning sour so she decided to stop and apologize.

"It's alright," Gustav replied.

Her explanation was reminding him of his old self which was why he had a sour expression earlier.

'The world doesn't deserve any heroes... just try to survive first because without enough power your life is not really in your hands,' This was Gustav thought process after remembering the situation with Hung Jo and the rest. His death would have been swept under the rug had they killed him there due to their powerful backgrounds but him Killing Paul and causing Hung Jo's current state stirred up a lot within the city. He would probably have been caught and killed if not for miss Aimee which was why his current thought process was to climb to the pinnacle of power on this planet so no one would ever be able to control his fate or life again.

"Hmm, I saw you on the bus earlier, you attend Echelon Academy don't you?" Angy broke the silence after a while.

"Hnm," Gustav nodded in affirmation but was wondering why she would ask a question that had such an obvious answer since he was currently still in school uniform.

"Ah, that's great, I attend Black rock schools," Angy said with a smile.

Gustav remembered black rock schools since it wasn't too far from Echelon Academy.

Just like Echelon Academy, Black rock schools also had mixed-bloods, Slarkovs and humans mixed within, the difference was Echelon Academy had more prestige.

As they continued to ascend the stairs together, Angy spoke about her school, her plans for the future, her parents and sibling.

Gustav listened to her talks and inputted a few words till he arrived in front of his apartment.

Angy was still speaking but he had to cut her off saying he still had to arrange his apartment.

Angy nodded and waved him goodbye with a smile before heading towards the apartment opposite Gustav's.

Gustav had the urge to facepalm after noticing that she was staying with her family right in front of him.

'It's going to get noisy around here,' Gustav sighed as he walked into his apartment.

Gustav started to unpack and arrange everything within the boxes.

He put everything in the appropriate place.

The mattress, the wall projection screen, reading table, e.t.c.

He used sprint twice to make his work faster and in thirty minutes, he was done.

He stared at the apartment with a smile.

On the walls of the living room was a projection of the seas that glowed. It gave off a calming feeling.

The black and red leather cushions in the middle of the room. A reading table, placed on the northwest corner of the living room with a circular glass-like web board placed on it.

A shelf was placed at the south corner of the room.

Gustav was satisfied to see everything structured the way he wanted.

His face suddenly shown a frown, "I still need to go pick them up... I can't leave them there... they belong to me after all," Gustav sighed as he spoke.

He remembered leaving some of the clothes he had gotten during this period. He put them in the small closet inside his former room in his parents' house.

He didn't want to go back there again initially but now he had to.

There were just some clothes and he could easily buy them back but he didn't want to leave any trace of himself in that house.

Gustav walked out of his newly rented apartment and went downstairs.

At this time it was already past seven p.m.

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