The Bloodline System

Chapter 26 - Becoming A Zulu Ranked Mixedblood

Chapter 26: Becoming A Zulu Ranked Mixedblood

'Just who is miss Aimee?'

His mind had been circulating around this question.


Not only was miss Aimee able to make the cops release him immediately, but she also made the Disciplinary committee cancel his punishment. An ordinary teacher wouldn't be able to do that.

Although he was feeling a little suspicious about her unknown background, Gustav didn't feel wary about her anymore.

After all, she knew what he did that last month.

Even though his punishment was over Gustav still headed to school very early as it had already become a part of him.

Boss Danzo gave him a job. It was only part time but Gustav earned up to five thousand rad in the last month.

Rad was the currency used in Plankton city.

It was comparable to pounds back in the old days.

The five thousand was what Gustav used to disguise whenever he spent the stolen... compensation money he got from Hung Jo.

'I still need to learn how to properly use this bloodline,' Gustav slightly raised his right palm as he walked to school.

Only Gustav could see the small light above his palm that formed the image of an atom.

'Ended up turning him into a vegetable instead of what I originally planned... well anyway it all worked out for the best,' Gustav thought, 'I just need to be more careful and subtle next time... if not for miss Aimee's intervention things might have gone south,'

'I will still need to keep training with it, after all, there are lots of test subjects in school,'

Gustav arrived at school as he came to this conclusion.

He entered and went straight to the school's kitchen.

While passing through the corridor on the left Gustav greeted some of the cooks here.

-"Hey Gustav!"

"Good morning Mrs. Karlene."

-"Good morning Gustav!"

"Good morning aunt Lauren."

-"Hey little man!

"Good morning sir Dom."

Gustav greeted the familiar faces and entered the main kitchen.

"You're late again brat!"

Boss Danzo's voice was the first thing he heard upon entering.

"Good morning to you too Boss Danzo," Gustav replied with a smile.

"Wipe that smile off your face! You may be able to fool young maidens but not me, hmph! You were masturbating all night weren't you?"

Gustav's laughed out loud upon hearing that, "Yes Boss Danzo, I still have your beautiful daughter's picture in my room," Gustav replied.

"You cheeky brat get over here," Boss Danzo also laughed as he pulled Gustav over to his side.

Boss Danzo had some new recipes to teach Gustav.

He went ahead and explained the details while showing him the ingredients needed.

After all, was said and done Boss Danzo moved to the side to watch Gustav work.

Gustav was like a machine with the way he moved. He was so fluid in cutting, adding spices, washing, boiling, frying, e.t.c.

Watching him from the side made boss Danzo feel a sense of pride.

"If only this lad would just become my successor, I would proudly be able to beat my chest anywhere," Boss Danzo muttered with a slight look of disappointment.

He had asked Gustav about this before but Gustav turned him down already. Boss Danzo kept asking but Gustav's answer was still the same.

Gustav never knew boss Danzo had such a thick skin until Boss Danzo cooked one of the most exotic and delicious meal specially for him and asked again after Gustav had finished downing all the food.

Gustav had a look of guilt when he turned down boss Danzo again.

Boss Danzo decided to ask him what his plans for the future were.


"I would like to join the MBO!"

When boss Danzo heard this reply he was nearly heartbroken.

"Son, I don't mean to pour a cold bucket of water on your head but... that dream might just be an impossible one," Boss Danzo replied.

Boss Danzo remembered that Gustav had a low-grade bloodline and didn't want him to keep facing the humiliation he had always been going through. This was the second reason for his proposal. Of course the first was because of his assimilation and talent for cooking.

With the life of a chef, there was no need to fear being discriminated against, neither was there anyone who would bully him. He wouldn't have to get acquainted with people who could be potential backstabbers.

"Son, it's good to have dreams but chasing some kind of dreams could end up tearing you apart, physically and mentally," Boss Danzo added.

"Being a chef might be a simple life but it isn't a treacherous road filled with deception and discrimination,"

Gustav felt like something was welling up underneath his eyes upon hearing Boss Danzo's speech. He had never been as moved as the way he at that time. No one had ever spoken to him with so much concern for his future. There was no dishonesty, no underlying schemes or anything, just pure concern for another person's well-being.

It made him feel some kinds of emotion that he had already buried deep down.

At the time of the conversation Boss Danzo was surprised to see Gustav suddenly bow.

"Thank you, boss Danzo,"

"Hey kid what ar..."

"I'm sorry but I have made up my mind to go on that path! Be it full of treachery or discrimination... I will overcome all!"

The confidence in Gustav's voice when he spoke shocked boss Danzo greatly because from what he heard Gustav was supposed to be a wimp.

"Hnmm, that's a true man right there," Boss Danzo placed his hand on Gustav's shoulder.

"It's alright... Your resolve is admirable," Boss Danzo added.

Gustav smiled in response, 'I will not waste the opportunity this power has granted me... the opportunity to reach the top,'

"Just don't overdo it. if you feel it's becoming too difficult, You have a place to run back to with me," Boss Danzo ended their conversation with this.


Ever since that time, Boss Danzo hadn't disturbed Gustav about being his successor. He had decided to fully support him in whatever way he could which was why he gave him the job, regardless of the opposition of others.

He observed Gustav from the side and muttered, "This lad seems to be growing very fast," He noticed the school uniform that Gustav wore was tightening around his body and also the slight budge around his arms.

"Looks like pumping him with a lot of food was a good idea," Boss Danzo had a pleased look as he spoke.

Truly Gustav's body had become bulkier within the past two months. His height which was around 4'8 earlier was now about 5'3. His increase in growth was obvious. As his face grew more handsome, his look became colder. His attitude was slowly turning to be like that of miss Aimee.


In the middle of the day, they had extracurricular activities.

The students in class three were asked to head towards the mixed-blood training hall.

Normally Gustav wouldn't have access to the training hall but after the incident, miss Aimee also found a way to make the school grant him access to it.

They were taught the basics of how to use their bloodline abilities properly in a fight.

Of course, Gustav was still keeping things on the low so, whenever they had extracurricular activities like this, he only watched the teacher's performance and registered some of the training in his mind. He would never join the students in any form of sparing because he was sure he wouldn't be able to hold himself from beating them up.

Things were still the same as before. Gustav still got cold treatment from a lot of students but he wasn't bothered by it anymore. Secretly he hoped someone would come looking for his trouble so he would have another bloodline to steal.

He didn't want to have to join them for the extracurricular activities but according to miss Aimee, he could train here, hone his abilities and test out his strength.

There were small personal rooms within the training hall where a mixed-blood could train separately without being watched.

It would seem that miss Aimee secured one for him and he had used it, the two times he was here last.

Gustav stood in front of a large square-shaped piece of equipment. It was being held up by a pole that extended from above. The surface of this equipment was pitch black.


Gustav breathed in and pushed his body backwards a bit while arching his right arm back to the limit.

His posture right now looked like that of a person learning martial arts. His back was curved in, his buttocks shot out and his legs spread wide apart.


He breathed out and thrust his arm forward with force.


His fist made contact with the square-shaped equipment causing a loud ringing sound.

Tring! Tring! Tring! Tring!

Numbers started appearing on the surface of the square-shaped board.








The numbers came to a stop after reaching six thousand two hundred.

Gustav stood straight and stared at it.

"Hmm, the power of my punch is equivalent to six thousand two hundred pounds now," Gustav held his chin as he contemplated, "That's an increase of five hundred in the past one week but if I were to use the beast transformation bloodline coupled with my normal strength it should shoot higher than this..."

Gustav wanted to try this when he remembered something.

"Ah, miss Aimee is gonna kill me if I don't become a Zulu ranked mixed-blood today!" On remembering this he sat down on the smooth floor.

"I have to channel my bloodline through the fourth point today," He said and proceeded to close his eyes.

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