The Bloodline System

Chapter 25 - Bloodline Acquired

Chapter 25: Bloodline Acquired

[Does host desire to steal this bloodline - Yes/No]

Gustav's eyes widened as he stared at the familiar notifications.


'Is it because of his blood?' Gustav wondered as he stared at Paul's blood-soaked body.

He quickly disagreed with his thoughts because when he was battling with Paul the other time, he had already made contact with Paul's blood but the system notification didn't pop up.

'I must use this opportunity to figure out what the requirement for Bloodline acquisition is,'

He dropped Paul's body and squatted while inspecting it.

'Hmm? what's that?' He noticed something on Paul's neck area.

'What's with that color? it looks crimson but why does it glow?' Gustav noticed the blood oozing from Paul's neck was different from the normal blood.

It was glowing crimson. The glow wasn't a very bright one but it was visible, it made the blood look like jam. Thick but glowing and oozing out slowly.

'I have never seen this type of blood... could that be why?' Gustav didn't waste time before touching that part of Paul's corpse again.


[Requirement for Bloodline acquisition has been met]

[Analysing Host compatibility with 'Beast transformation Bloodline' 0%/100%...]

[Analysis complete - 87%/100%]

[Host compatibility with 'beast transformation bloodline' is 87%]

[Does host desire to steal this bloodline - Yes/No]


The same notifications as earlier appeared one by one in his line of sight again.

'It truly is...' Gustav had a lot of thoughts going up in his head right now after confirming that this was a requirement for bloodline acquisition.

"Yes," Gustav consented to the acquisition of Paul's bloodline.

Although Gustav felt he might be disrespecting the corpse this way, he also felt letting the bloodline of a beast go to waste would be a... waste.

Also, this was a defining moment for him. It was the first time he would be acquiring a bloodline that belonged to another person.

[Host has decided to acquire this bloodline]

[Bloodline extraction shall now begin]

Gustav saw the same notifications that popped up when he mistakenly tried to steal miss Aimee's bloodline.

'Miss Aimee...' Gustav remembered that he met the requirements without needing to touch this weird crimson blood.

'That means this is not the only way to steal a bloodline,' Gustav came to this conclusion as he watched the process of extraction.

[Bloodline extraction process: 2%/100%]

Unlike the other time with miss Aimee, the percentage bar was increasing.

Not only was it increasing Gustav could feel and see the process.

His hands that were currently on Paul's neck glowed a bright red crimson color. A trail of visible crimson veins could be seen on Paul's neck, connecting down to his body below.

Gustav was starting to have a feeling of Crisis so he was hoping for the extraction process to be fast because he had someone else's bloodline to steal before leaving.

'That bloodline will be the most convenient to clean up this mess,' Gustav started calculating in his mind.

After two minutes a notification rang out in his mind again.

[Congratulations! Host has acquired Beast Transformation Bloodline]

[Hidden Quest completed]

Gustav saw the two notifications but now was not the time to be excited or shocked. The feeling of crisis was becoming stronger every second he spent here.

His mind was constantly sending him warning bells but he couldn't leave here without covering his tracks. He might as well just prepare for jail time or death if he left things unfinished here.

He quickly ran back up to the top floor using dash. Internally he thanked his stars that he didn't distribute the attributes points for the completion of today's task earlier, at school.

If he had done that, he wouldn't have been able to escape death.

Gustav got back to the top floor where Hung Jo and Ben were laying on the ground passed out.

Their four limbs were bent in an unimaginable angle. They weren't dead only passed out but the look of pain was still visible on their faces along with traces of snot and tears.

'How I wish I could also steal yours,' Gustav took a glance at Hung Jo before moving towards Ben.

'Your bloodline should be able to help me in fixing this mess,' Gustav squatted as his hands reached out for Ben's body.


Thirty minutes later Gustav got home.

The skies were dark by the time he entered his home.

His mind was still chaotic and fuzzy from everything that happened today but he didn't see anything wrong in what he did.

He didn't kill Paul on purpose but Paul would've killed him on purpose if he didn't fight back.

He knew that with this he had caused a major mayhem because Hung Jo happened to be the son of a billionaire. After they find him they would do everything in their power to catch the culprit and also try to fix what he did to Hung Jo but he knew, that was impossible.

With what he did to Hung Jo, he was sure they could never find a solution for it.

Gustav sat inside his tub and before he knew it, he had slept off.

He was already mentally and physically drained from all the events that played out today.

He didn't even remember to check the hidden quests and the rewards he received from completing them.


-Bolin Group Construction Site 7

At the top floor of the uncompleted building where the battle took place earlier.

A group of men in black tight fitted bodysuits stood in front of two young teenage boys laying on the ground.

"Yes, we just found young master Hung with one of his aides but their situation is a bit hard to describe," One of them was communicating with another person.

The small blue glowing button was on his forehead was what made this possible.

"Their situation is... Inexplicable," The one with the button on his head squatted to stare at the teenage boys.

The both of them had their eyes open but they looked lifeless.

"Young master Hung!" The man called out to him while shaking the one on the left.

There was no reaction nor answer.

The man heard the person on the other end say something which made him react with a surprised look.

"You're on your way here?"


-One month later

Just like that, a month had gone by.

Gustav was currently headed for school at this time.

His mind went back to last month's events as he walked to school.

The events that transpired in the last one month after Gustav stole a bloodline for the first time were ones he would never be able to forget.

After the whole incident at the uncompleted building, Gustav was considered a suspect by the investigators even after everything he did to cover up.

It was a real shit storm. It was all over the news that President Jo's last son had been turned into an invalid. It was on the lips of every media outlet. The president had vowed to crush whoever was responsible. According to the press, he even hired a special team of mixed-bloods to investigate secretly.

The normal authorities came for Gustav while the special team followed the trail of a popular mixed-blood criminal, Ovalid, who was said to use this style to deal with his victims

Students were there when Gustav was challenged by Paul. The authorities linked Gustav to the incident through that.

They asked if he showed up. He denied of course and told them he didn't have the guts to appear there.

Gustav was taken to the station for the first time. Of course, his parents didn't give a damn and left him to the authorities.

Gustav kept explaining to them how his Bloodline was trashy and he wouldn't be able to harm anyone of them.

This was proven when they checked his grade and truly found out that he was an F-grade.

Gustav was lucky that they didn't ask the school for his initial Bloodline grade.

The incident at the cafeteria came up.

They asked Gustav how he was able to show such strength with his so-called trashy bloodline.

Gustav had to admit to using enhancement drugs which they found plausible.

The cops had tried using a technological device that could scan the surroundings of a crime scene and display the events that occurred within the last twenty-four hours in that said crime scene but it didn't work.

This made them believe that they were truly dealing with a professional mixed-blood criminal and decided to let Gustav go with the last question.

-"Where were you when the incident happened and who can attest to being a witness to that?"

Gustav had words stuck in his throat as he racked his brain for a good and plausible lie to come up with.

His saving grace was when a particular person showed up at the station.

-"He was with me!"

He would never forget that sweet feminine voice that was his saving grace.

Miss Aimee.

It shocked Gustav greatly when he saw her appear within the room he was being questioned and also speaking up for him.

Miss Aimee seemed to have quite the reputation. After she vouched for Gustav he was immediately set free.

He was lucky they didn't use the brain tweak device that was said to pick the mind of a person. Normally this device would make a person's mind visible to them but they only used it in extreme cases. This was an extreme case but Gustav wasn't a confirmed suspect after all their investigations especially when they found out that he had a low-grade Bloodline.

Logic said he couldn't win against a Zulu-ranked mixed-blood with a D-grade bloodline so the device wasn't used on him.

The device was also dangerous to people under the ages of twenty.

When Gustav was leaving the station with miss Aimee, he ran into a man with dark brown hair clad in a blue business suit.

The way the man stared at him made a chill run down his spine. Till now he couldn't forget the glare of the man. He looked like the type of person who didn't value life.

Miss Aimee played the role of guardian and stood in front of Gustav while glaring back at the man.

The man backed down and headed towards the room that Gustav was just released from.

He and miss Aimee left the station together but not a single word was exchanged between them. Surprisingly, the sense of wariness he always felt around miss Aimee had disappeared.

"Come to my office after classes tomorrow!" She uttered these words before leaving in her hovering green cycle.

Gustav remembered that he was still serving punishment but before he could remind her, she had already zoomed off with her hoverbike.

Surprisingly he got to school the next day and found out that his punishment had been canceled.

His thoughts since that time had been circulating around one question.

'Just who is miss Aimee?'

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