The Bloodline System

Chapter 256 Fight For Possession Of Gustav

Gustav had already seen what happened to others when the silhouette touched any part of their body, so he wondered why Glade was a different case.

[God Eyes have been activated]

Gustav made an analysis of the battle using God Eyes. He noticed that the reddish aura-like energy surrounding Glade's figure was what prevented her body parts from being infected by the silhouette's blackish web-like tendrils.

'Maybe I can try something,' A plan started formulating in his mind upon figuring out the reason behind Glade's immunity.

However, Gustav's plan formulation was cut short as two pairs of menacing-looking eyes turned around and stared in his direction.

Shhhsshh! Shhhsshh!

Glade and the Silhouette had just exchanged another blow, so they were still sliding away from each other after making contact. That was when they noticed Gustav squatting behind a pillar-like rock, thousands of feet behind.

The silhouette's dark eyes widened as it stared at Gustav.

"Slurp, I want that one even more," It voiced out while phasing into the shadows on the ground.

"Oh no, you don't! He's mine!" Glade voiced out before dashing forward with speed.

However, the silhouette only needed an instant to arrive behind Gustav.


The instant it was phasing out of the ground, it had already transformed its arm into a large shadowy one with seventeen blackish claws.


Gustav leaped backward, dodging the slash of the claws, which slammed into the pillar-like rock he was standing behind, causing a chunk of it to get smashed to pieces.

Debris scattered across the place, but the silhouette didn't wait for a second more before dashing forward towards Gustav again.

This was when Glade arrived and parried the second slash with her reddish energy sickle.

"I said he's mine! You can have your pick of anyone else after joining me," The masculine monotonous voice could be heard coming from Glade's mouth once again as she and the silhouette pushed against each other.

"I want this one slurp! He tastes very delicious," The silhouette voiced out as dark tendrils shot out of the shadows surrounding them towards Gustav.


Gustav once again leaped upwards and spun, dodging some of the tendrils while activating atomic disintegration to cut through the ones he couldn't dodge.

Bam! Shhhsshh!

Gustav landed about a hundred feet towards the left and slid backward by a few feet.

Glade only waved her sickle about three times to cut through the dark tendrils that came for her.

'If I'm not careful, its attack will make contact with me soon... It will take some time to activate that ability, so I have to be careful,' Gustav said internally while staring at the silhouette from his position.

At the moment, the silhouette was kind of in the middle, while Gustav was on the left and Glade on the right.

The three stared at one another warily for a few seconds.

None of them were allies, but at the moment, Gustav knew who to work with.


Glade dashed towards the silhouette once again, swinging her sickle.

The silhouette dodged them tactfully and sunk into the shadows only to appear beside Gustav again.

This time it reached out very fast and almost touched Gustav's neck. However, Gustav was able to evade his touch by a few centimeters and quickly countered by sending out a palm Strike.


Silver-like energy covered his palm as it traveled towards the shoulder area of the silhouette.


Gustav's palm passed through thin air as the silhouette disappeared again and appeared on his right.


Gustav heard the slurping and tried turning around as fast as possible to counter. Still, the silhouette's face was just about two inches away from his neck.


A red sickle appeared in between the two inches space before Gustav and the silhouette.

It traveled in and horizontally towards the neck of the silhouette.


The silhouette was forced to sink into the shadows again to dodge Glade's sickle attack.

"Hehehe, you're a nuisance, slurp! What happened to "giving me everything I wanted?" The silhouette who appeared on the far east voiced out.

"This one is off-limits; I shall have him for myself!" Glade voiced out.

"You can have the others. I want to taste this one, or we can each take a portion of him. Slurp!" The silhouette responded with this.

"Keep talking like I'm not right here," Gustav stated with a slightly offended tone from the side.

Unknown to both of them, he had was building his energy internally in accordance with his plan.

"This isn't up for debate! He is mine!" Glade totally ignored Gustav's statement and shouted out to the silhouette.

"Slurp! Not if I have him first," The silhouette voiced out as it clasped its hands together.


Darkness suddenly started spreading out of its body.

"Carpet of darkness!" The silhouette voiced out as it stomped its right foot on the ground.

The shadows in the vicinity suddenly started swirling and expanding.


In a few seconds, on the ground, a radius of over seven thousand feet had been covered in darkness.

"You can only escape from this if you have flight ability, but even with that, hehehe, slurp!" The silhouette made another slurping sound as it spoke.

Gustav wanted to take a step forward when large black arms suddenly shot out of the ground from his right and left sides.

The palms of both hands were so big that their height was comparable to the pillar-like rock Gustav was hiding behind earlier.

Glade's eyes widened as she saw it and dashed forward with all her might. Gustav also leaped upwards to dodge the concentration area, but before they could move further than a foot...


Both hands clasped together with immense speed and force, covering Gustav's figure in an instant.


"No!" Glade shouted out with a look of fury.

It was still suspended in mid air but with the amount of force at which both palms clasped together, all his bones would have been broken and would have probably turned into mince meat by now.

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